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After my last message to you in regards to working with x-theme I decided to try it with Avada as you stated it worked with it. Guess what it does not. The form just loops & I have to delete the plugin to get back into the site. As it does not perform as stated I would like a refund unless you can supply me a plugin that actually works. regards Jason

As You wish. But Avada should work as I have checked it. Don’t Know about x-theme. You did not even give me some time to check it rather giving me 1star review. How can I support you??

Could you please send me the refund request.

Hello, I want to purchase the plugin but have a pre-purchase question if you don’t mind. Does the plugin work with Woocommerce?

The Register for for the woocommerce has a button to check if the user want to Register as a vendor. If the user checked that button, he will be redirected to Vendor Registration Page.


Thank you for your interest.

Woocommerce uses its own registration with additional data. So plugin will not work for woocommerce registration but will work for the general registration.

does this work with Impreza Theme?

Not sure about the theme as I don’t have it. But looking at the demo it should work.

Hello! I was wondering if I can redirect someone who REGISTERS to a different page than if they just LOGIN? I have a second form they need to fill out immediately after they register.

If they LOGIN, I just need them to go to their account page.

Thanks!! -J

The redirect is currently for login not for the register purposes. If you need that I need to customize the plugin. I can do that in my next release. Will let you know while do the update.


We just purchased your plugin and it’s causing issues with our theme. When we activate the plugin it’s causing the header images to disappear on the website. Initially we thought it was a caching issue but after spending a substantial amount of time with our hosting company they said the plugin was causing an issue (below are the comments). Also, when activating the plugin and adding the shortcode to the home page, it forced login on every page and forced us out of the wp admin section. is there not a way to just have the login show up once when on the home page? thanks

Hosting notes:

So it seems the plugin is producing this error :

ReCAPTCHA couldn’t find user-provided function: CaptchaCallback

This looks to only be showing when the plugin is activated, which indicates something related to this is causing the resources to be blocked it appears.

Have you reached out to the plugin developer regarding this?

Hi there the site address is Adamekwellness.com Thanks so much for your help

Hi, the plugin is not activated right now. Could you please create an temporary account and mail me in zea726@gmail.com

hi there just checking to see where we are at with this? thanks so much


1) Compatible with the avada template? 2) Compatible with the “ultimate-membership-pro” plugin

Thank you

Compatible with avada theme, but sure about ulimate-membership-pro

Not understood the answer for ultimate-membership-pro

It means I did not test it with ultimate-membership-pro.

Hello i have installed th plugin in my wordpress, and brack when i activate. Can you help me please?

Yes I am here to help. Could you please send me your site address in personal message or email me at zea726@gmail.com


hmv2005 Purchased

I’ve got the following error when I try to install the plugin.

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[’, expecting ‘)’ in /var/www/web/web770061/gg-gentofte.test-url.dk/wp-content/plugins/modal-login/plugin.php on line 47

What do I do? Can you please help me?

Sincerely Huan Minh Vuong

You can make button with anchor. The href should be href=”yourSiteAddress/wp-login.php”. and if the modal login is enabled it will bring the modal.


hmv2005 Purchased

Thanks! It works!



wocan Purchased

This Meets my requirement perfectly. A Massive THANKS from me. ...” Best Support” as it should be second to none.

Your are most welcome!


GillesC Purchased

HI, On a fresh WP install, just with woocommerce and a simple bootstrap structure…and the login doesn’t work at all…as admin, or client it always drive me back to the login page…I have to deactivate the extension. Thanks

I am sorry to hear that. I have installed a fresh wp version 4.8.2 and install the woocommerce along with the modal login. Its working fine. Would you please email me you site address along with a demo admin user and credential to check what is the problem actually. you can email at zea726@gmail.com

I have exactly the same problem as GilesC above. I’ll send you an email too.

Please check your email


Question before purchase

1) Could you add a function for google authenticator on your plugin?

2) Could you add a function for custom url? And hiding the url “wp-admin” and “wp-login.php” redirects to 404?

Thank you

Hi, Thank you for your interest 1. Google authenticator is not in the current plugin. I will look for it in next release.

2. There is no function like that in current version. To me if someone knows its developed by wordpress, its not that hard to find the login page.

Hello! I want to know why after doing the registration process, the password does not reach any mail. The plugin says that it will send an email with the password and what arrives is a link that returns it to the login form. Thank you

Hi, We have used generic mail function from wordpress called wp_mail(). If your mail does not go please check your mail system. If you want I can give a try to check your mail system. In that case please pm me at zea726@gmail.com with your site credential.


akirm Purchased

Hi There, I like these plugin only i have to know what i have to type start and end time, for example every 10 minutes!

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Star – time when ads show up !

End – time when ads disappears !


Maybe you wanted to ask some other plugins. Not this one!


akirm Purchased

Hi There, Please can you help me with that, Modal Login Register doesn’t work! on this website zero.ca


Hi, Sure, Please Pm me the credential at zea726@gmail.com. By the way, zero.ca is redirecting to another site called.