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Dear Sir, I have just purchased the plugin but unfortunately after few tests I have found out it is not working as it should with Avada 5.2.3, that is, it is breaking the functionality of the theme’s modals plus cannot call the plugin via the Fusion Slider.

I would greatly appreciate your feedback

Hi there, Really sorry to hear this. I personally did not check this version of avada. However, checked some previous other versions. In-fact I had to change my code to give the support even with previous versions. Anyway, could you please mail me [] your site credential so that I can check why this problem is occurring.

Hi Modal Login Support. I have a problem with the PASSWORD RESET function.

1. When the link for “Did you forget your password?” is clicked, it brings up the “Forget Password” pop-up ok, with a message to check email for a new password.

2. When the “Get new password” button is clicked, the Login pop-up appears again. And the email is sent (shown here below) with a link to reset the password. BUT when that reset password link is clicked, it just brings up another login screen with a grey background(!?)

Please help so that users can have some way of resetting lost passwords. At the moment, there is no possible way to do this.


Someone requested that the password be reset for the following account:

Username: brett

If this was a mistake, just ignore this email and nothing will happen.

To reset your password, visit the following address:


Hey, I have found the solutions. I am updating the plugin. You can wait for an approval of the update from envato. Or give me your email address so that I can send you the updated file.

Please update the plugin from envato

Great. That has fixed it. Password reset working now. Thank-you :)


AMG92 Purchased

Where can I see changelogs?

At the end of README.txt

Nice, tidy, simple Login plugin. reCAPTHCHA works great. Support solved an issue within a few days. Happy to recommend AAA+

Thank you, a review is highly appreciated.


I bought a directory theme from this site:

and wonder if your form is compartible with that theme. Basically, I dont want the plugins to create any profile which may overwrite the built in profile containing free and paid packages; I just want a simply plugins which can create custom forms which i can place anywhere on my website; I need the followings:

-registration form -login form -reset password form -No new profile is created automatically upon registration -Email confirmation sent to users upon registration to avoid spams -Google reCaptcha

based on a user’s role(s) created by Wordpress and that theme.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Regards Thon

Our plugin does not create any profile. it just insert some html at the end of the file to load the modal, nothing else. By default it should work on any modern theme without some exception. The functionality you wanted is already there in our plugin. we have tested with some themes that we have with us and bought from envato but we don’t have any from the site you are referring. We are always here if you have any trouble after buying it.

Regards Z_Plugins Team

The only thing I’m missing is social login & registration. Any plans for this?

Social login are different from general login.and it changes very often. Its not in my mind but I will definitely think of it.

i have paid now your plugin but not work on my theme , can you refund me please its not work with my theme

Hi, I’d like to know how to insert a link to login/logout inside menu.

The shortcode is not working inside menu.

you can insert it with anchor tag. Would you please send me a temporary credential of your site and let check of your menu. Plese send me at ,I hope I can give you the desired support.

Hi im looking for a similar solution to using the Anchor tag in the navigation menu login/logout.

I have sent website and login credentials so you can see.

Also when plugin is active im getting 404 errors

GET wp-content/plugins/modal-login/plugin/assets/template/regtemplate3.php 404 (Not Found)

GET wp-content/plugins/modal-login/plugin/assets/template/forgettemplate3.php 404 (Not Found)

Tried other templates with the same result please advise.

Also is there a way to not allow it to overstep the default wp-login page?

I hope your problem is solved.

Hello I have recently purchased your plugin, can you please explain how can i add the code in the header menu, since i need the modal log in window to show when a user press the “login” button in the menu. Thanks for your help!

You can use the short-code for login/logout in the menu. But if you need to add the short-code in wp menu then use another plugin like “Shortcodes in Menus” to be able to add the code in the menu item. Hope that helps – Thanks. For further help/query pls email to

Hey, buddy, good night.

Would it be possible to leave your plugin this way? Inserting a photo next to the form

Also, I would like to know how to enter it directly in the menu? In this plugin that I point above, dapara to create a menu with a unique box that gives the option of Login, registration and recover password. This would be incredible.

I use the Uncode theme and Divi theme. Is there any incompatibility?

1. No we don’t have such template at the moment but we may add in future. Good one, we will try to give it in our next release.

2. Partial yes – you can use in the menu via class name but it will popup full screen.

3. In general it should work with all the themes, we made separate bootstrap wrapper for this to work stand alone, however, there are some themes which override bootstrap rules. Right now I do not have those themes, you can mail us the themes at we can check and let you know.

Thanks Z_plugins Team

Hello, I would like to ask if this plugin will be okay for my purposes: - I want to create a button - If visitors clicks, registration popup opens - After registered, specific email is sent out But this email should be only sent out if someone registered USING the button I mentioned above. So if someone enters the website, and registers using the usual way (for example to purchase something), they do NOT get that welcome email. Is that what yourp lugin does? Thanks!

Thank you for your interest,

I am afraid the email does not go like the way you are asking. It sends the default way that a wordpress handles.

Thanks Z_plugins Team

Ok, thank you so much for your reply!

Can this plugin be used to prevent a visitor from viewing my home page until they successfully login?

The purpose of the plugin is to login/logout with redirect option. There is captcha to prevent unwanted login or register, but it won’t prevent to going home page or any other page as it is not build to serve like that.

Hello, looking for a login/register form that ties into WooCommerce cart. Does your do that? TIA.

No, WooCommerce use different login format

Hi, is there any way to send the register url to a page vs the modal register?

its made to be the modal, page view is not here, i will try to give it next release.


ehubg Purchased

Hello! I have buy this: 35a54732-c573-4a25-bd12-bc66b09a8b34 – 6 Sep 2018 and it desnt works at all. Please help me. Thank you.

Sorry to hear that, could you please mail me a temporary user name and password of your site with site address to . Hope we can sort it out.


I would like to purchase this plugin. However, let me elaborate our requirement.

We are developing site:

We have converted products to species Currently, when we click on any of the species ‘Read More’ button it is redirecting to Registration page.

I have installed plugin: User registration & user profile – Profile Builder plugin for registration & login purpose.

Instead of going to above page, we want popup to appear.

So, whether your plugin will help us to fulfill our requirement?

If you could give me free trail plugin, I can try for our website.

Kindly reply at the earliest. Its urgent requirement for us.


Santhosh H N

Hello, Sorry you can’t load another login plugin into our popup. But ours also a login and register plugin with modal/popup feature so you can use this only.