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Hi, I know that your plugin does a redirect for all – or redirect based on role. Is there a way it can do re-direct based on a url passed into it?

I need a modal login that will re-direct the user after login to the page they were trying to get to in the first place. So I would like to pass into the modal call the url they were trying to get to, then only if no url was supplied would it default back to the system wide default redirects. Can your plugin do this?

Thanks. David

Hello David

I would recommend you to look at the newer and better White Label Login for WordPress (http://white-label-login.righthere.com/

Are you referring to redirect to the URL the user came from? I’m not sure what you mean. You can do a default redirect at login and logout or a redirect by user role.

Try and access http://white-label-login.righthere.com/admin/ then you will see that it adds the redirect URL in the browser (where you wanted to go), but it shows the modal.

Hi! Thanks for getting back to me. Yes it looks like the White Label one might be the one I am after, but just to double check…

I have pages on the site that are restricted to registered users, and if a (non-logged in) person clicks on a link to try to get one of those pages I want the model login to appear. They fill in their credentials and when they click “login”, I want them to be taken to the page they were trying to get to in the first place. There are six different restricted pages, so I can’t have a blanket redirect onlogin because they would inevitably be redirected to the wrong page, so what I need to do is supply the relevant redirection page to the login so that they get redirected correctly.

Looking at the White Label version it looks like it might be able to do this – am I correct?

Thanks for your help. David

Hello David I don’t know which plugin you use the restrict access to the pages. However that is how it should work. If you try and access a restricted page and don’t have the proper user role, which is allowed access, you will trigger the login. And it should redirect to the page you tried to access after you login.

Biggest pile of rubish, Honestly I can not even be arsed contacting you or claiming a refund. I am sick of having to contact plugin developers because there plugins do not work out of the box from codecanyon. Just realy rubish!

Happy New Year to you too!! I guess you didn’t see the big message at the top saying STOP.


Did you really not see this? I suggest that you request a refund and get the White Label Login for WordPress instead. It is a much better plugin.

Why is this even for sale if the plugin is not upto the job. The image saying stop just looks like its drawing attention to this plugins image. Useless.

The plugin still works and some people like the style of styling that it offers. However due to the fact that it is based on Bootstrap and a lot of themes also use Bootstrap this often causes conflicts. We have provided a very extensive Troubleshooting tab with multiple solutions to potential issues that can occur. When the troubleshooting settings are used correctly this often solves the problems.

I have problem with modal login and I buyed it on 5 January. Please help!

Thank you for buying the plugin. Did you not see the notice about taking a closer look at our White Label Login for WordPress? Which is a newer and much better plugin than Modal Login. Modal Login has been tested on the latest WordPress and should work, but I would definitely recommend to get the White Label Login instead. If you submit a ticket at our Help Center. We can take a look.

Guys i bought it too… you should make the “STOP” image more clear… or just remove the plugin… how can i ask for a refund?? i bought the White Label plugin btw.. thanks

How big do you want us to make the STOP image? http://cloud.righthere.com/133R1816231F

Submit a refund request and we will review it.

Good morning, Please I’d a request: When user and password are wrong I want to redirect to another page. But it doesn’t work. I wrote in help desk center. Please I have to solve this problem.

Ps I wrote in my php function this: add_action(‘wp_login_failed’, ‘_login_failed_redirect’);

function _login_failed_redirect( $username ){

//get your page by slug and then its permalink
$post = get_page_by_path('errore-login');
//Or you can get your page ID, if you are assigning a custom template to a page.
$redirect_page = !empty ( $post ) ? get_permalink ( $post->ID ) : site_url();
$user = get_user_by('login', $username );
  //Username incorrect
  wp_redirect($redirect_page .'?login_error=1');
 //Username Password combination incoorect
  wp_redirect($redirect_page .'?login_error=2');

} Thanks. It’s very important!

I see that you have also submitted a ticket with this information. Please notice that we do not provide programming help, but I’ve asked our lead developer to review this and give you some advice.

Hey. When authorization through the plugin is redirected with the addition of the link attribute ?nocache = 14900 …. How is this removed?

That sounds strange. Have not seen that before. We will need a URL to review your site. You can submit a ticket at our Help Center.

Hi, I have trouble with my website and this addon. I can’t access to admin backend, when I try to log, I have this error message: “Could not verify request origin, please reload and try again.”

Can you help me with this ?

Submit a ticket at our Help Center. This sometimes happens when you have multiple windows open with the website. One where you are already logged in. However, submit the ticket and we will take closer look.

Hi, I submitted a ticket and still get no answer. It’s pretty important that I can have access back to the admin backend. ID Ticket: #8269

We are debugging this and the problem is an incompatibility with your theme. We’ve added some comments to the ticket.

I have a problem, when I log into a page with hidden content I do not update the content, I have to refresh the page to appear.

Not sure what causes this, but how to hide the content. That doesn’t sound like it has anything to do with Modal Login. However, you could have a javascript conflict on your site. We will need to take a closer look. Submit a ticket at our Help Center.


ragots Purchased

No updates in 2 years ?

These are the latest updates to the plugin. The plugin is compatible with the latest version of WordPress. We released a new more powerful plugin called White Label Login for WordPress.

Version – November 19, 2017

  • Bug Fixed: Some sites show a Javascript on the login page and the login doesn’t load properly

Version – June 24, 2016

  • Bug Fixed: Reset password/lost password not working. Always returning error about password confirmation missing.

Version – May 16, 2016

  • Bug Fixed: Ajax crash on pre WordPress 4.3
  • Compatibility Fix: Change classes where the constructor has the same name as the class to __construct (PHP 7 compatibility).

You can update from inside wp-admin if you have a valid license key. The latest update will be uploaded to Codecanyon within 48 hours.

How do I update this plugin!? The downloaded version is 1.4.4,, your latest is apparently Version

I have numerous problems with it, which are apparently fixed according to your change logs – but how the hell do I download the update?

I entered my purchase code into the Options, went to plugin updates, but only get the error “Update Failed: Update package not available.”

This is from our demo website loaded on my iPhone. http://cloud.righthere.com/3I09042Q3W2G

Hi, thanks for your prompt response – I shall double check my themes CSS and see if I can spot any conflicting issues. Kind regards

Submit a ticket to our Help Center and we can get our CSS Specialist to review.