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Hi, great plugin! I am using WP Layers. How can I set up my form so the button I use in WP Layers just pops open your form? The short code doesn’t work in my case.

Thanks for purchase.

Would you try post/page metabox ?

Thanks again,

my only option is “BUTTON LINK” http:// “BUTTON TEXT”

Some how I need to make the button appear in the “Button Link” but it only seems to be a HTTP:// option .

I’m not clear about your question

Here is button and image modal image link : http://e-plugin.com/modal/?page_id=133

Please let me know .


Is there a way to add a sentence at the top of the form above the fields?


Thanks – I’m also having trouble getting the image link to work with this code in a text widget

[ iv_form_modal_display form=”iv_form_modal_2” link_full=’\\’ ]

I end up with some of the shortode displaying.

In fact it displays as above on my site

Can I see the site ?

Please give me detail here : aktar567@gmail.com



Is it possible to change the width and height of the form ?


Autoreply is not integrated with MailChimp.

Can I check the autoreply issue?

Please send your site info here : aktar567@gmail.com

BTW, is your email server working properly ?


contact form 7 seems to be work but unfortunately, I do not have access to hosting c-panel to check more info rather that that I send to you

Fixed. Thanks

Hi, does this integrate with getresponse?

Thanks for interest. No.

Hi.. Why does the plugin only load correct every second time ? check this site http://fressbee.com/?page_id=50399


Hi Dennis,

Thanks for purchase.

I open the site 1st time and submit a post and all are working fine.

Please let me know if you get any issue.

Thanks again

Great plugin. Due to security issues, do you plan to update this plugin. Thank you.

Maybe. I have fixed the issue. Now It will not make any problem.


What if I want to use the plugin on another site, I will then have to reach out to you again, which is extremely odd. Searching through the comments, there have been numerous situations where you’ve had to go into the back-end.

I simply want to know what the conflict was because I am concerned.

Thank you.

If you use the same copy(my edited version) on your current server then It will work.

File : modal-form/admin/pages/create.php

Line : 125

Old Code : var loader_image = “’ />”;

New Code : var loader_image = ‘’;



I have buttons generate by my them, how can I include your shot code there.

Here’s for example the code generated by my theme:

[button size=’small’ border=’’ border_color=’’ shadow=’with_shadow’ color=’’ background_color=’#0B71B9’ font_size=’’ line_height=’’ font_style=’’ font_weight=’’ text=’REQUEST A PROPOSAL >>’ link=’http://emazedesign.com/contact/' target=’‘]

Where can I include your shortcode?

Please, check my website: www.emazedesign.com you will see the buttons “Request a proposal” there.

Thanks for your help.

sorry can’t paste the whole code

Can I see the page ? Please send your site info here : aktar567@gmail.com


Code is working. Please check the page : http://e-plugin.com/modal/?page_id=133#

Can the form redirect user to another location once they’ve submitted their form?


Is this something we can work on today, because I need to lock down the site from hackers, which may block your access.

Yes, I will work on today.


Hi, it’s possible to add a feature to add some labels in the form? I would like to display a engagement title and a footnote saying what the user will receive.

Unfortunately no, But “Form name” will display on top, so, you can change the title here.


Hi! I am about to purchase this, just want to know if this plugin pops up also by clicking on Wordpress Menu link? Also, does this plugin allow me to use my own content (example, text, or shortcodes from other plugins)? Thank you for your response!

Thanks for the interest.

No, it will not support Wordpress Menu link.

You’re great with support! I still will consider your plugin for its core uses.

Thanks for your kind word.

Hi, I have a question. Our modal forms aren’t being send anymore. When you click the send button it’s stuck on the loading gif animation. No email is send. It used to work fine. https://www.klinktgoed-gehoorbescherming.nl/contact/#iv_form_modal_1

Please go form edit -> Save and test.

If not work then send your site admin access here : aktar567@gmail.com.


PPQ: Sorry if my questions is really doll… But I havent been requested this before: My client wants a sign-up form. Not for email and such, but like an application form for a contest/ competition. Based on the applicants they choose a number who go to next round.

He needs e-mail notification upon every new sign-up, as well as he need a database/ list where he can just pull the data as E-mail or CSV or Excel-file upon request, and/ or when the application deadline has been met.

Does your plug-in provide such?

Thanks a bunch Peter

No. Thanks

ALMOST WORKS? The problem I’m having seems to be an extremely common one from reading the other comments and despite you writing over a year ago that you would fix on next update…..still is not fixed!! :-(

So here is the issue. I just want to have the window triggered by clicking on text. Now this will work, by making the form’s title the text I want them to click on. However that “Title text” also shows up on the top of the form. This is not a desired effect. Is there a way to have Form Title not show up on the form?? This at least would let us create a text link ( Contact your agent to a free consultation) or what ever….and not have all of that or even something simple like “CLICK HERE>>>” show up at the top of the opened form How can we simply make text on the page turn into modal link?

OK…Again I do not want a button link….or an image link. I simply want to type CLICK HERE>>> or some other text into a page or post and have it turn into a link which opens the form. Now yes this is achieved by making the “Form Name” CLICK HERE>>> but as you know then when the form opens up….it looks like shit because CLICK HERE>>> it written across the top. :-) Did you not make this to function with simply a text link?? something like href=”pps-button-popup-45”>Popup Link

Sorry for late reply.

Please let me try.


I have created a sample link for you, Please see here : : http://e-plugin.com/modal/?page_id=379

Code :

[iv_form_modal_display form=”iv_form_modal_1” link_full=’CLICK HERE ‘]


Hi! Can I add it on button in my theme “Massive Builder”?

Yes. You can check the demo : http://e-plugin.com/modal/?page_id=133

Thanks for your interest.

Hi! I use “Massive Dynamic” theme on my site. I try to use your plugin but I can’t.

That’s part of my code with button:

customize_messenger_channel="preview-0" customize_changeset_uuid="c9630f33-8fe6-40b7-9a16-b51d7dd00d24" button_style="come-in" button_text="Увеличить конверсию" button_icon_class="icon-empty" button_color="rgb(118, 8, 170)" button_text_color="#fff" button_bg_hover_color="#9b9b9b" button_hover_color="#FFF" button_size="standard" left_right_padding="0" button_align="center" button_url="#" button_target="_self" md_button_animation_speed="200" md_button_animation_delay="0.0" md_button_animation_position="center" md_button_animation_show="once" md_button_animation_easing="Quart.easeInOut" align="center"][iv_form_modal_display form="iv_form_modal_1"]    /md_button[/vc_row]

And I can’t understand how can I add your modal window on my button. Where I should paste this code: [iv_form_modal_display form=”iv_form_modal_1”]

Help me please.

Please send your site admin access here : aktar567@gmail.com

Please let me check.




I have implemented modal forms in our website. Unfortunately, when pressing “send” nothing happens. Any clue where I went wrong?

- www.somafilm.ch (use arrow LEFT, then click on MAIL ICON) - wordpress 4.8 - slider revolution - modal form is called by clicking on mail icon, which is triggering the shortcode for the contact form.

I am also not clear to how the notification system works? will the contact form requests be emailed to my email? Then where would I enter my email?

Thank you for your help. M

Can I check the issue?

Please send your site admin access here : aktar567@gmail.com


I don’t know what your roadmap looks like but it would be nice if I had the option of not showing a form to subscribe to a list for people already on the list. Very well explained here: https://thrivethemes.com/leads/smartlinks/


Gik Purchased

H! Doesn’t work on my site http://vidguard.ru/. I put this in my text module and it doesn’t apear on click. The first big blue button.

[iv_form_modal_display form=”iv_form_modal_2” link_full=’Оставьте свой номер телефона ‘]

Please send your site admin access here : aktar567@gmail.com



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Hi I’m licensed template I want to explain the installation


promtad Purchased

Hi I’m licensed template I want to explain the installation

Would you write detail?



promtad Purchased

Possible explanation of installation

1. Log in to the WordPress Administration Panels.

2. Select the Appearance panel, then plugins.

3. Select Add New.

4. use the Upload link in the top links row to upload a modal-form.zip copy of a Plugin that you have previously downloaded to your machine.


1. Upload the Modal-form unzip folder into wp-content/plugins/ by file manager

2. Plugins-> Active the plugin