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When is the fix expected for mobile devices? This plugin isn’t usable for me unless it will work on smart phones.

We are looking into the issue and would get back soon.

Update please.


We checked your site completely and it seems like there is some jquery conflict due to which it isn’t working correctly. Can you please create a login for us and send it to

I, too, cannot get this to work on mobile. Please help!


Sorry for the issue. But can you tell us for which browser and device you are getting this error. Because we had tested it on chrome and many mobile devices but did not got any issue.

Hello. I have a grid of button modals set up. When I click on a button, the background scrolls up. Is there a way to prevent this from happening? You can see the page I am referring to here:

Thank you for your help!

Also, it’s not working on mobile as well.


We are checking the issue and let you know once its fixed.

Thank you, I look forward to hearing back.


In our demo you can see its working without any issue I mean the background is not scrolling when clicked. I guess there is some issue in your site regarding the javascript. Might be it is conflicting with any other plugin or something like that.

For mobile device as you said its not working. Can you check our demo is working or not ? You can check our demo and its working without any issue.

Hey, I would like to put a Modal button for a pop up that is a contact form in the header using CornerStone. How would i accomplish this? Thanks!

sent per email


I checked your site and it seems like the id for the get_started button exists 2 times on the site. Can you change the id to class and # to .

Also I checked that you are using gravity form. Just enable the ajax mode for the gravity form so that it would function better on the popup.


I have made a modal box with a button to open an iframe but my iframe content is entirely black (and not the site it is supposed to be). Can you let me know what I can do? Tx.


Can you please share your website url ?

sent per mail.

Hi, when trying to use “element click” as trigger i get this warning “Notice: Undefined variable: shortcode in /var/www/vhosts/xxxxxxx/httpdocs/wp-content/plugins/modalbox-for-cornerstone/includes/mg-modalbox-element/shortcode.php on line 174” . It still works but displays this error on the space where the modalbox is in Cornerstone.

Seems like an issue. Thanks for sharing, we will get it rectified and send you update about the plugin.

Hi Magnigenie, any word on timing for the update?


We are working on the issue and will let us know once its fixed.

hi- i purchased your item only to realize that it only works with your visual builder. So unfortunately I can’t use it. I’m wondering if you could please process a refund. Thank you.

Okay, Please apply for a refund and we will approve it. But before that if you could add a review that would be great.

Hi Guys,

I was hoping for a little modal help. I added a modal window to trigger on page load, which is working properly, but I only see an option for the X to trigger the window close.

Is it possible for me to add a button, via shortcode (or custom code), at the bottom of the modal window that will trigger the close?

Best regards,


It’s been sent. Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi, any updates on this request?

Hello, Like many other users on here I am unable to get this to work on Mobile devices. It does not matter what phone or browser they are all the same.

There are no Javascript errors in console so it does not appear to be a JS conflict issue.

When will you release an update with a fix?

Can you please test it on our demo ?

It works correctly on the demo

Would you be able to send your website login ? We would have a look and see what’s problem.

The video is full width no matter what settings I put in the modal width or height.

I tried 800 or 800px and it goes full screen width



Can you share your website url. So that we can check the issue.

Hey, I’m having a bit of trouble with iOS support, the modals won’t open on iPhone devices. The site is live at

Cheers, NGNY


Can you check our demo on your device and let us know whether you are getting the same issue or not.

Hello. I am using a few pop-ups in a row but every time I click on a pop-up the main page in the background move up by 30px or so. How do I get it to not move the background page? Thank you.


Can you share your website url so that we can check what exactly the issue is?


I have installed your plugin on the page below. The pop w/ ninja forms only works on the first button all other buttons do not show the form.


We had replied you in your email.

Hi, I wanted to make sure this plugin was still being updated and maintained before i buy. Thanks

Yes, It will always get updated whenever there is any issues or improvements to the plugin.

Hello, I too can’t get your plugin working on IPhone. You keep asking people if your Demo works. The answer is yes and no. If you look at the demo on the code Codecanyon website at the following URL:

This doesn’t work. However if you try and load the link you provide :

Then it does work.

Can you explain ? I get the same results as the codecanyon site.



Can you share your website url so that we can check and let you know what is the exact issue.


It seems your site is in coming soon mode so we can’t check the issue. Can you send us your site login details at so that we can check the issue and let you know what exactly the issue is.

Hello, does this work now on mobile? Also, can it be troggered with a simple text link? Thanks, regards, J.


Yes this works on mobile. If you want to check then please check our demo. Regarding the modal box trigger, currently it works with buttons. But if you want that would work with a simple text link then a small modification needed and it would work.

Tahnks for the fast response! Can you provide instructions for the modification or is this something I have to figure out on my own?

Actually you have to provide some specific classes to the text which you want to be trigger and the modal box would open.

Hi , i am using external booking system, they provide booking form code, which is in javascript formate. can i put those code in popup ? see example


Can you share us your product purchase licence key so that we can validate the purchase and help you in the right direction?

its pre-sell question, actually i already purchase a modal plugin, but i am not satisfied, so i asked if is it possible i will purchase this plugin. see example how i want same exactly

If you have any shortcode for that then it should work but if you want to use normal javascript code in the popup then it might not work as it should. Also remember its a cornerstone addon so you have to any how install cornerstone to make this working.

I love love your modal box. I’m having trouble with resizing it though, the modal height and width won’t respond to any number I type in. It just stays on auto. Any ideas on how to fix this?

Thanks for liking our plugin. I think there might be some conflict with the theme that’s why it’s not working.

Please share a link to your site and we will have a look.

I just upgraded to xtheme5 with the latest cornerstone and threw a fatal error
PHP Fatal error:  Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function csl18n() in /home/xxxx/public_html/wp-content/plugins/modalbox-for-cornerstone/includes/mg-modalbox-element/controls.php:24
Reading about similar errors on the xtheme forum it was suggested to replace the use of
which I did and that seems to have worked fine. Does this change seem appropriate to you? If yes then hopefully this comment will be helpful to others. If you have a better suggestion do let me know. Or if this change will interfere with an uncoming update then also let me know that too. :)


We have released an update for this plugin which will be available for downloads after envato approves the changes.

Hi! Can I add it on button in my theme “Massive Builder”?


We have not tested the plugin in “Massive Builder”. It is just a cornerstone addon. So you have to install cornerstone first. Without cornerstone it would not work.