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This script is better than SEOUrl – Easy Search-Engine-Friendly URLs ( ?

When you access a page can not be given to refresh the entire page.Without refreshing the page. If so, how?


I am using the script to generate .html extension.

The url pattern is as follows:

Need assistance to route it. Expected pattern in

“entity-detail&bID” to be replaced with “Product” and 75 to be replaced with “Product Name”


i have a question before i buy this item.

if i use the $Info->Get(“item”) tag how would i go about making it show items?

i have used other scripts and it won’t show up the way i want it to. so i am hoping yours works well. i seen the demo but it doesn’t exactly show anything different by what it shows on the link.

what i am looking to do is make categories so when visitors come to my site they see legal/rules or legal/privacy.

or if there is a way to actually add rules to the legal portion as a category i would even be happier.

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Hi, how do I get this to work? The description is very bad! I got: I want:

How to do this? Cheers, Denis

Why is there NO support????

No support since last year ? report to codecanyone, they might have solution for this ?

Hello I wonder whether I can accomplish the fallowing..?

If I have a dynamic web, and For example the Url of a page is a result of a dynamic process. And looks like

And the metadata is retrieved automatically and looks like <meta name=”title” content=”Cheap Ford Taurus in Paris” />

How can I reach that the Url will look like:


Hi, I’ve tried everyting to rewrite my URLs and I constantly get an error. Basically… when my url is it gets rewritten effectively to BUT instantely takes me to a 404. Can this help me with that issue?

You didn’t buy it. But it is worthless, if you have a site you have to rewrite everything… if I could I want a refund.

Yup, I just bought this too and am now realizing that it was a mistake. You have to rewrite a lot of new code for each page you already have to make this work … which it does. It is NOT an automatic solution to catch newly formed dynamic pages and rewrite them to URL friendly … very counterintuitive. I challenge the developer to start helping people, if you are thinking of buying this for an automatic solution like Wordpress pretty links … clear away and never return to this.

Can I use this in Magento to 301 all my product system URLs to SEF URLs?

Hi, i buy the script but don’t work,

“The requested URL /raffaella-libro/up/ was not found on this server.”

why? i have .htacces

Thanks dude. I got the script 1 year ago and now I use it in an application. Simple, fast and practical. I almost did not have to make any changes in my practice. If you have any mistakes in my writing, please complain about the google translation section :)