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creative stuff! good job!

Thanks Sparximer, for the sparky complement :D

This is very cool! Great idea and well done!

Thanks Jack, it’s just a beta, much more is coming including bi-folds, books, stationary and magazine, and online community to share Mockup templates..

I did everything, opened up in google crome and the page is completely blank!

Hi cafict, Thanks for the purchase. There was some possible changes made by the envato review team in folder structure. so step 3 in installation guide is tampered, the folder “Mockup” is missing…

Please ensure the following:

1. Was the demo(live preview) on working? – to check if there is no issue with browser.

2. Open http://localhost/xampp/ in browser – to ensure XAMPP was installed properly.

3. Goto XAMPP installation directory (default is C:\XAMMP)

4. Open “htdocs” folder

5. Create a new folder “Mockup”

6. Copy all files from downloaded zip file into the “Mockup” folder

7. Open http://localhost/Mockup/ in Google Chrome- to ensure “Mockup” was installed properly

Do let me know if it worked and feel free to contact in-case of any further help required.

Best, Deip.

P.S. Folder name should be Mockup without quotes.. :)

can we have the option to add websites or visual studio templates?? or you can add it for me??? or how uch will be the cost?

Hi, You can add websites mock-ups by using: Add -> UI -> 5 inch… then you can change the screen size to your requirement..

I am quite not clear what you mean by visual studio templates.. Can you please elaborate? We will including new objects under beta testing to the new version…. You can directly email me from my profile for further inquiries…

Hey, can i input ai-files diectly?

Example trifold A4 (DL): I got 2 Sides (inner) and (outer).

I am afraid no.

It supports jpeg and png image which you can easily export from “Save for web” from File menu.

You will just need to export as inner and outer image… there is no need for traditional slice and save procedure, which is compulsory in PSD trifold mock-ups.. You can try it yourself in the chrome app demo:

The downloadable file is not the same as that available in your demo link

Is this normal? How have the new version?

And PNG images have a problem with rendering :3

Sure I’ll add thickness, It was not not available from start as paper objects were supposed to be thin as possible.

PNGs are supported but we don’t recommend using transparent PNGs. They will be black in transparent areas.

How many templates ship with full version? What is latest version include in terms of features?

So this is installed a Chrome App for users to download and use? How can I brand this to my biz? I want to have my team download this and use, but I want to brand it and add templates over time.

Not mobile optimized? Yikes!

This is not targeted for mobile. Won’t be unless designers start designing in phones :D It’s for desktop usage by designers. Moreover This is photoshop alternative for mockup creation. A 3d studio. These are neither targeted for mobile.

Regarding branding can you contact me through my profile page.

That would be a totally custom work. As we are not providing extended license and are not supporting web based solution either.

But there is a preview only version (plugin) coming up that can be used for web usage to display certain design of trifold bifold in 3d.. Similar to our another product dflip.

I’m interested in your application, but would like to know, you can remove the background to make it a PNG image?

That is not possible at the moment to create transparent PNG

Can you do rounded corners, or will that be added? Only thing stopping me from buying is I need to be able to do round corners.

Sadly rounded corners are not possible at the moment.

Definitely great work. Goodluck with your sales ;)

Wow, GL with sales


We design business cards with 1/4” & 1/8” round corners. Can mockup studio do round corners?

round corners are not possible as of now.

Pre-sale question. I have a website with lots of square inventations. Is it easy to make a template by myself. So i can use this to generate mock-ups

Sorry i mean square trifold. I found the A4 square. Is this easy to make for us

Just adjust the width and height…

Wow, that is great, thanks