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Is it possible to integrate it with wordpress??

To integrate buddypress you need to make changes according to requirements. Are you looking for a way to integrate push notifications from your WordPress blog?

Yes.. It could have been good if all the functionalities were working like chat and other features rather it being a Template

It is a template and need to build back end features yourself.

Can you help with creating a page with tabs please? I want to have a dashboard page where the side-menu is still available and the dashboard page have tabs in it that load different html templates. I am having trouble on setting up the routing and getting the tab contents to show. A demo page where you start from the login page then navigate to the tabs page would be very helpful.

Can you send an email using contact form?

Thanks! I sent an email using contact form. I already solved my tabs problem but I have another question that I asked in the email. Thanks for the response!

which the message service that you use? OneSignal?

Its a template… Message service is not integrated…

Yes, you are correct…

I think you didn’t get the question properly. My website example URL where custom post JSON output is available : http://example.com/api/get_recent_posts/?post_type=listing_type

This is your code in wordpress>data.js

// friends factory

app.factory(‘WordPress’,[’$http’, ‘Config’, function($http, Config) {

var data = {};
data.getPosts = function (page) {
return $http(
method: 'GET', url:Config.WordPress+'api/get_recent_posts/?page='+page

And Inside common>app.js

app.constant(“Config”, {

"ApiUrl": "data/feed.json",
"PhotoUrl": "data/photos.json",
"CommentUrl": "data/comments.json",
"FriendsUrl": "data/friends.json",
"MessagesUrl": "data/messages.json",
"MessageUrl": "data/message.json",
"ProductUrl": "data/products.json",
"WordPress": "http://wordpress.com/",


Now my question is where do I make necessary changes to get JSON output available at above example URL?

change it here api/get_recent_posts/?page= to something like this api/get_recent_posts/?post_type=listing_type&page= Please send an email using contact form for more direct help.

Quick Question: Why can’t I view the index.html file in Chrome? I need to use Chrome’s Wed Inspector but the main file will not load. Thank you ~ Marcel

You need a server to view it… file:///F:/data/themes/ion/app/www/index.html#/wordpress/home will not work… Try installing xampp or wamp and put files in htdocs folder and browse like this http://localhost/mobsocial/

how can i change the default page run (login page) to other page?

There is a file in js/common/router.js please find please find this code and $urlRouterProvider.otherwise(”/app/login”); and replace /app/login with your own requirement…

is push notification implemented for ios?

Ios push notification is not implemented…

Hi, i am very much interested in this plugin. i have few questions before i buy. 1. Is it a plugin for WordPress? (i am a WordPress worker and do not know any coding.) so i understand plugins better than codding. 2. i have newspaper theme for my WordPress blog. when i install this plugin will my app look exactly like the mobile version of my blog? or does you provide different theme for the app? 3. does this app only show blog for the first page(home page) or can i change the first page(home page) on the app? 4. can i use it for business applications as well or is it only for WordPress blogs? 5. If i buy it once then how many apps can i create? do i have to buy licence for every app i will build or can i create many apps with one purchase?

Hi I am very interested in this Hybrid App I just have some presale questions: do you consider these (important) functions in your future updates: 1. Favorites button for articles so that it can be stored in “favorites” category 2. customised Push notification : so that users can choose only their favorite categories to be pushnotificated (example. Flipboard ).

Thanks in advance

regards, elmouad

Right now we are not considering such kind of updates…

The Add comments function in a WORDPRESS POST works fine? The Proyect follow some angular best practices or use tools like gulp, sass, bower, npm..etc?

Comment feature Not yet available…

Hello, I’m still studying Cordova. What do I need to know to turn my Wordpress blog into an app? Is very difficult? Oh, and how does it work?

It is not so difficult if you have some experience in Ionic. Using mobsocial it is pretty easy. or you can try this one https://codecanyon.net/item/ionwp-ionic-phonegapcordova-wordpress-app/13444998

Where can I add a burger menu to the left side of the navigation header? I can’t find out where I can modify the navigation header anyplace

You have to make changes in templates/sidebar-menu.html

Thanks so much it is incredibly easy :)

Thank you of the theme it is awesome. I love it.

How can I have a burger menu set on the left and the right on my views? Thanks

Got it thanks

Hello, I would like to know if users have the option to sell their own items in the shop? Thank you

this is a template. Those features are not avilable

Hello whether this theme built using Angular 1 or Angular 2 ? Since I am not familar with Angular 2 can I use this template for creation of my app using Angular 1?

This is built using angular 1.

Does it provide buddypress integration? If it comes, it would be a killer feature

Nope.. it does not have..

Support feed blogger ?

It does not support blogger…


I just purchased template. I just have to paste template files ‘www’ folder to existing project.Or how can I get template to run?

Thanks for your help in advance.

Is this supports Ionic V2?

yea… You have to just paste it in www folder and start building your original app… It doesn’t support Ionic v2

Hi There versions you mentioned in detail page is confusing with ionic version…. Why you didn’t mentioned clearly whether it’s for ionic 1 or ionic 2 compatible ?

How can I apply refund?

Hi I have purchased the app and it looks really cool and help me a lot. I would like to know how to create a new page in the app by adding a new html file? Since now I have added the page in router.js and pointed into a specific directory, and a controller in the controller.js but it is not working. Are there somewhere I missed ? Thanks for your help !

I have tried this but the transition effect between pages will be missing if I set up the pages individually, like the app.features to wordpress.blog . Would you mind tell me more about setting in main app page? Thank you !

This is what you can do…

Displaying left sidebar hamburger button in all pages. Not the best solution, but it will work. Add an inline css to button code in sidebar-menu.html like this.
<button style="display: block" class="button button-icon button-clear ion-navicon" menu-toggle="left">
Hiding back button in individual pages and displaying conditional hamburger button. Blog example
<ion-view view-title="Blog" hide-back-button="true">
    <ion-nav-buttons side="left">
      <button class="button button-icon button-clear ion-navicon" menu-toggle="left">
   <ion-content class="post-content">

This is to hide back button

Oh it worked for me, thanks for your help mate !