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Hi Rerror,

On a similar theme to Chilipal’s query above, is it possible to redirect a desktop URL that does not contain a filename extension to an identically-named page that uses the .php suffix?


redirects to

If this isn’t possible with your code ‘out of the box’, are there any lines I can add to enable this kind of redirection?

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide.

To add desktop site link, just add desktop site link in mobile page.

Hi Rerror,

I think you misunderstood my query. The site was not bringing up the correct page when being viewed on a smartphone, e.g. instead of redirecting to, it was displaying the ‘Contact’ page from the desktop version.

After much investigation, I have finally worked out the cause: the code you have provided should be inserted BEFORE the WordPress section in .htaccess (for those using this CMS), whereas I was adding it after. Once moved, it works perfectly.

Thanks again for an excellent script.

Thank you very much….

I want to know what are the benefits of this tool ?

Using this script you can redirect mobile users to your mobile version site. For eg. your desktop site is and your mobile site is, then using this tool you can able to redirect all mobile users to your mobile site.

i downloaded the file on my mac. I know by experience mac users cannot see .htaccess files, i had that trouble in the past downloading this file from a server. It is something to do with the full stop at the beginning of the name.

I have resolved this problem in the past by renaming the file on the server with my ftp client (often just removing full stop to htaccess) and downloading. After changes have done to content i reupload to server and using ftp client rename the file back to .htacces.

Is there any chance you could rename the file and perhaps email it to me. Once i have the file, i could use my trick to deploy in the server. I am sure you can check from Code Canyon i genuinely purchased the package. I have all additional documentation, the .htaccess file is the only thing missing (or perhaps hidden somehow).

If you are agreeable to my request, you can email me at

Thanking you in advance for your help

I have sent you mail… Please do check your mail.

Hi, I have just purchased 761781ff-f95a-4595-b735-63b86fdd05a1 – 16 Apr 2015 (Regular License) and installed your script on my apache server and followed the instruction to the best of my ability but the script does not redirect. My primary site is built on Joomla 1.5.

Never mind, I have found another script that has finally worked!

you have to put this script in your root folder, for more information read docs.

Not sure if this can work… i have a responsive site, but also an app… i saw this features in another web sites.

User using android, when he lands to the web site, he is redirected to the app Google Play in order to download the android app; otherwise (user using iphone, blackberry, desktop etc) can enter normally the responsive web site.

Can I do that?... Thanks

yes you can do with this script

It is possible that your plugin does the following: once they enter from mobile to my web you see my web but the web opens a new window with a mobile redirection of a company that serves to monetize?

Yes sure you can do