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Hello, how to decrease the sizes of 2 buttons

would be great if if’ts possible to make the mobile version open in a new window or tab, so I could use the script for more purposes

didn’t work on a Samsung galaxy 3 – i scanned the bar code nothing pops up

Sorry, had a server crash

Waste of time. Scanning didn’t open a different page. Entered URL manually and saw same thing. Doesn’t work.

Tried now with Samsung Galaxy S4 and latest version of Firefox.

Mobiopt popup only showed on my site if i change to demo mode

if ( ! ) {

Is it any bug or so ? Is the resolution to big on the Galaxy S4 for the script to guess its an mobile?


Not sure if this can work… i have a responsive site, but also an app… i saw this features in another web sites. User using android, when he lands to the web site, he is redirected to the app Google Play in order to download the android app; otherwise (user using iphone, blackberry, desktop etc) can enter normally the responsive web site. Can I do that?... Thanks

You need to update this does not work on new mobile devices

is this PHP 7.0 compatible ?