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Hi!google feeds is not suported now and don’t work in the app. Can you fix this problem?

Hello @od040491mai,
thank you for contacting me and really sorry for the delay.

I am already working to add the YQL integration for the Feeds. It will be included in the next release.

This YQL integration is already part of my new Ionic 2 App and it will work in the same way.

I will keep you updated.

Best George

Does users can edit data from wordpress database? (Like their own posts..) Event thru Gravity forms API?

Hello @Nando13, thank you for your interest in this App. I really appreciate that.

Mobionic App does not come with such integration.

Best George

Hello, we are using Wordpress Multiste with multiple instance, do your app support wp multiste? we need to load latest post from wp instances

do your app using built-in wp api in wp 4.7?

Hello @AntalyaPress,
thank you for your interest in this App. I really appreciate that.

Mobionic App comes integrated with the JSON API plugin.

I would like to inform you that my new Ionic 2 App comes integrated with the WordPress REST API Version 2 or WordPress >= 4.7 core REST API.

You can find the following implementations/integrations:

  • Wordpress Login / JWT Authentication for WP REST API
  • Wordpress Posts
  • Wordpress Favorite Posts (Ionic Storage)
  • Wordpress Post
  • Wordpress Post Preview (Ionic 2 Native InAppBrowser)
  • Wordpress Post Social Share (Ionic 2 Native Social Share)
  • Wordpress Post Comments
  • Wordpress Categories
  • Wordpress Search (Searchbar: ion-searchbar)
  • Wordpress Feature Media (Component)
  • Wordpress Pages
  • Wordpress Menus Support based on the WP API Menus

Best George

Presale question: So, I’d just need to buy this plugin, install it, and I’ll have the app built for me, with no additional cost?

Hello @themilossh, thank you for your interest in this App. I really appreciate that.

Yes that should be the case without any extra cost.

Best George

Any option to test the app before buying? or can you test the app with our URL and confirm so that we buy it here?

i have question , i do the install and when i run “grunt serve -l” i saw that the page with ios and adroid was load but its empty and i dont saw the template .. what i miss?

forget from this question is about other template

Dammm superb app..!!! Is their any backend for data feeding.. What is back end

Can I add script from GitHub and implement it? if yes is it easy to do so?

Let’s say, a script for a school bus tracker app for parents and school with the push notification?

Hello @Creativeforu, thank you for contacting me and for your interest in this product. I really appreciate that.

Regarding your question, you can add any new implementation/script at the code without any limitation. Thats also the purpose of this App – to give you a full functional basic starter for your App.

Best George

Do you have any documentation on how to implement the script, If you have I will be regular customer

Do you have a video or some guide to know how to do this: “Please set your HTTP request url (e.g. into the js/data.js file using the corresponding factory. AND ALSO THE FILE FOR the change the info at: data.js file” as you suggest in your instructions because I looked for these file at the server and I didnt find these file, then do you have a guide for doing what you suggest? thanks.