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What is MobileFront?

MobileFront is professionally made cross-platform mobile app template, built with battle-tested Ionic framework. MobileFront comes with built-in integration with Shopify eCommerce platform.

I have an existing Shopify web store. How will this app connect to it?

MobileFront comes with a NodeJS application that acts as a bridge between the mobile app and your Shopify web store. The bridge connects to your existing Shopify store via REST API provided by Shopify and pulls all the necessary data such as categories, products, images and etc. into the mobile app.

Does it work with anything other than Shopify?

Currently MobileFront only connects to Shopify. However, we are actively working on Woocommerce integration.

Can I change icons, colors or anything else in this app?

Of course you can! You can change any aspect of the app, because you have the full access to each line of code. Also, MobileFront provides many customization features out-of-box, such as themes, which makes it easy to customize the app without digging through tons of code.

Can I launch this app in browser for testing purposes?

Definitely yes, however some features like the shopping cart work only on physical devices or device emulators. You should always test the app on physical devices before submitting to stores.

Do I need any specific software installed to modify the app and publish it?

Yes, and we’ve already taken care of it for you. MobileFront provides automatic installation scripts for Windows, Mac and Linux, that will install all the required dependencies such as Ionic, Cordova and Node.js. All you have to do is to run a single command to start installation and follow the installation instructions.

I have installed and launched everything successfully, but I see “Could not load data” message instead of categories on the home page.

  1. Make sure that your Shopify is not password protected. See these instructions to remove password protection.
  2. Make sure that there’s only one MobileFront public app installed in your Shopify store. This app should have the path set to “proxy”.
See the images below for details:

I’ve received an error when trying to add a product when running the app in browser.

Adding products to the shopping cart as well as other shopping cart related features are available only on physical devices and device emulators.

I found a bug. Will you fix it for me?

We’ll do our best to solve any issue ASAP. In most cases, you will be provided with workaround or steps to solve the issue even before the new version of MobileFront (which includes a fix) will be released.

I’ve bought the MobileFront and I am really happy with it. What is best way to give thanks?

You already did it by buying MobileFront! :grin: However, 5-star rating on CodeCanyon will help us to grow and make MobileFront more powerful.

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