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I have been trying to change the splashscreen and the main application icon using the Ionic resources command. But everytime I use it, it shows the old ones. I even tried deleting the old files and then using the ionic resources command, still the old icon and splashscreen remains.

Please let me know how I can resolve this issue.

1. Replace the stock icon.png and splash.png with your artwork 2. Make sure that your icon.png dimensions are square and at least 192×192 px and splash.png is square and at least 2208×2208 px. 3. Run ionic resources—icon and ionic resources—splash commands 4. Run gulp -b to rebuild the project sources 5. Rebuild the app for the devices with ionic build ios or ionic build android depending on the target platform.

This one also looks an app / template.

Ok thanks


Can I easy use only the template without the Shopify integration?


Hi. In the current version of the app you need to go through the entire installation process which includes Shopify integration setup. Once that’s complete you can take a look at services and adapters that the app uses and replace them with yours to integrate with something else. In the next version to be released in December, e-commerce integration code will be moved to plugins. You’ll get two plugins with the bundle: Shopify and static data. Static data plugin, as its name implies, will return mock JSON data and will not require any Shopify related setup procedures.

Change log for new version?

Done. It’s a hotfix for new users. If you already have the app installed you do not need it.

Great thanks mate.

Hi, I need to move the node.js API instance from Heroku to another node.js hosting service. I am facing problem in extracting the code from Heroku as it has been converted to a slug. Please let me know how to extract the code from slug so I can move it to some other hosting service.

Hi, please contact us at mobilefrontapps@gmail.com to discuss this.

I am not sure why we need heroku, is it possible to use it without that.

There are couple of reasons you need Heroku ( or any equivalent server hosting to run the bridge):

1. Shopify requires the developers who would like to take advantage of Shopify’s REST API to build either private or public app (server side script) and authenticate with it to receive an access token which will allow them to make API calls. You can read more on that here https://help.shopify.com/api/guides/api-credentials and here https://help.shopify.com/api/guides/authentication/oauth

2. OK, let’s assume we’ve somehow got hold of the access token. Can’t we store it on the front-end and not use the server side? The problem here is that the apps can be easily decompiled and whatever access token we store there can be retrieved by a malicious intruder. Having the access token gives them control over your Shopify store and they can do all kinds of nasty stuff.

Hi, i’m facing problem in running ‘install-windows.bat’ (i did run as administrator ) ; command prompt keeps showing error. ””Exception calling “DownloadFile” with “2” argument(s): “The remote server returned an error: (403) Forbidden.” “Unable to unzip package using built-in compression. Set $env:chocolateyUseWindowsCompression = ‘false’ and call install again to use 7zip to unzip. Error:” etc.

Hi, thank you for choosing MobileFront. Could you please send the full output of the command prompt to mobilefrontapps@gmail.com and we will investigate the issue. Thank you!


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Hi, I already have store, can I use this app on that store or I’ll have to create a development store?

Sure, you can use existing shopify store.


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and I’m getting this error while installing app Oauth error Invalid_request: The redirect:uri is missing or not whitelisted

Hi. Thank you for choosing MobileFront. Please send the entire installation log to mobilefrontapps@gmail.com so we can diagnose the issue. Thanks!