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the application is in version 2 of ionic?

no, it’s 1.3

HI, I want to buy your app but please let me know what is ionic version?

Hi, Ionic v1.3

so will it be any problem if we use this? I want to integrate shopify app

This product will create a Shopify mobile app.

is it possible to control which collection or product to show on the mobile app ?

Yes, absolutely.

Thanks for the good job you have done Am having npm err I passed the step of naming the app and email then after that it took a long time extracting files or something of that then suddenly it shows a message click on any key then when i click it just close the window

Hi, please contact me in Skype: mobilefrontapps

I just purchased the code. I am trying to install on Fedora platform. I cannot see install file for Fedora, its available only for Ubuntu and Windows. Can you help?

Hi,the latest version supports only Windows and OS X.

I did run it on my Mac. It went upto the question select ecommerce plugin to install. But after that it exited. It built the code directories though, but never asked for my Heroku key and Shopify store

Please contact me in Skype: mobilefrontapps

Question prepurchase. Hello, I’ve a very interest in to buy this app, only one question, I have a shop in Shopify and I like to change the homepage this app, I can change the homepage in the settings of it’s only for the code? thanks.

You will be able to change the promotional blocks of app home page from you Shopify admin. The collections shown below the blocks are also pulled from Shopify as well.

after I put the heroku key it just open a tap in the internet and it said localhost and the title is app after nothing else happen please help

Answered in Skype

Hello, I’m trying to install the app but in the step installation page of MobileFront for obtain the token, show me the next error. Error: Server Error The server encountered a temporary error and could not complete your request. Please try again in 30 seconds. Any help? please.

Hi, please try again as it asks. It might be a temporary service unavailability that caused it.

Thanks, done.

Hi, does it support social login and any payment gateway in spotify? Thanks

Hi, it doesn’t support social login but does support every Shopify payment method.


rsibu Purchased

Hello, I’ve changed my icon and splash but when running the commands ionic resources—icon and ionic resources show me a message The resources command has been renamed. Dou you help me? please. thanks.

Hi, the correct command is: ionic cordova resources

Really love the product! Check your inbox for an email from ‘justin@mydigitalsauce.com’ thanks!

Answered in email.

Purchased the code . Found the documentation was old. Few help required. Andriod Keystore needs more details. please check and guide how to go with. Also I dont want the automatic Homepage collection menus coming at the bottom . Let me know how to remove it.I like the way it comes on top and i can add multiple Banners like that. Is there a way to set a banner to a page. Also is there a login page to set?


Android release details:


Homepage collection menus can only be removed by modifying the source code. See app/scripts/home/home.html for the relevant HTML code.

Currently, you can have up to 3 homepage blocks. Please consult “Promotional blocks” section of the doc on how to change them.

There’s no login/registration in this product.

How soon can we expect an account section on this app?

There are no direct plans to add it any time soon. Note, that user can log into their account during checkout.

We have purchased this and it mentioned Phonegap compatible but we didn’t received phone gap file sin it. Please check and confirm quickly.

Hi. The end result you will get after following installation instructions is a Cordova project. It’s not directly compatible PhoneGap build compatible. However you can find some instructions on making Ionic projects work with PhoneGap here:

https://forum.ionicframework.com/t/building-ionic-2-beta-7-apps-with-phonegap-build/53253 https://forum.ionicframework.com/t/ionic-phonegap-build-getting-it-to-work/22600