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Does the app have fully functioning checkout methods ( Paypal, Cash on delivery ) connected and to be posted to my shopify store?


Hi. Yes, all payment methods from Shopify are supported.

HI , I have bought the app, Please provide help , the catagories is not loading , it is coming as “could not load data . Please check the internet connection” . I dont know what is the problem.


Hi. Could you write us in Skype at mobilefrontapps ?

Hi Team , I will write you on Skype soon. Thanks

Please accept the Skype request , vishalmo03

Hi, Presale question: It´s possible to add customer registration?

Hi! Thank you for interest in MobileFront. Customer registration will be released in future releases but not soon.

hello.. i need to your email please

Hi, Have a few pre sales questions.

1) Do we need to get IOS developer license ? 2) Do we need google developer license ? 3) Can your application be installed on mac ? 4) approx how long would take to create a mobile app of a shopify site ? 5) My site has 2500+ products now and will be growing to appox 10000 are there any limitations ? 6) I have a custom payment gateway on shopify will it support it ? 7) How often does the data get synced with the mobile app and shopify ?

And finally, can you under take to setup and install the mobile app for us, and if ir requires developer licenses can you all set it up for us ?

Await your reply. Thanks


1) Yes

2) Yes

3) The project development environment can be rolled out on Windows and Mac. After installation you’ll be able to preview your app in the browser.

4) No limitations, the products are paginated.

5) This depends on your experience with such products and the level of customization you’d like to achieve. It can be between couple of hours and several days.

6) We delegate checkout process to Shopify, which means we open a new windows inside of the app load Shopify checkout page in it. We close the window when the user is done. It’s possible that the custom gateway will work as well.

7) The data is pulled from Shopify in real time.

8) Absolutely, please checkout our services page https://mobilefront.io/services/ for pricing and details.

Thank you.

Hey there, I’ve installed and set up – but it’s giving me ‘Could not load data. blah’ – I’ve set it all up on heroku exactly like the docs.

I can’t find the proxy set up in the back end of shopify, only on the partners app set up. But it doesn’t help. The one thing that does work is when I search, I can see the products. But the menu and products on the homepage and other pages don’t show up.

I’m getting this on the console – I replaced the actual name with MYHEROKUAPPNAME

vendor.js:12265 GET https://MYHEROKUAPPNAME.herokuapp.com/api/getNavigationLinks 400 (Bad Request)

Please help, I’m kinda in a stitch with this.

Thank you for your fast reply! Sent, let me know if you don’t receive it.

Just so everyone knows, this was solved in like half an hour. Thanks guys!

It’s our pleasure!

Apparently most of the Shopify Apps we have loaded into each store won t render in the final app, is that correct? for example upselling App or modal pop up windows will need special re coding into the theme??

Yes, the app has a standalone UI and everything except for the checkout page is not using your web store UI.


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My domain name keyclue-wholesale-store.myshopify.com While this is working domain, installer shell gives me an error message “not a valid name.” How can I fix it?


The installation wizard asks for just the store name and not the entire domain. So in your case you should enter “keyclue-wholesale-store”.

Any plans for adding a “My Account” section?

Yes, it’s on our roadmap. Authentication and order history to be more specific.

Pre-Sale Question Am I able to choose certain products, or certain categories of products or certain tags of products to show up on the app?


Yes, you can configure the app to show products belonging to specific collections. The list of such collections is shown on the home page and users can navigate to them. In addition to that you can setup up to three promotional blocks on the home page that lead to the products belonging to collections of your choice, for instance On sale, Recommended, Women fashion etc…

Hey there again, I was wondering how hard it would be to add a “Sort by Price” from high to low and low to high. I see in the sorting options, they are just sending parameters to findProducts in the ProductsService. There is already “title+asc” and “title+desc” and “created_at+desc” – I’ve tried “price+asc” but that doesn’t seem to work. What am I missing? ...

I’ve been playing with the code a lot and I’ve got quite a bit going. I’m just a bit stumped on this one. I see now that the actual heroku app only supports – [:total, :title, :created_at, :updated_at]. I think ordering by price is probably something a lot of people would want.


Heroku app uses this endpoint of Shopify rest API for fetching the products: https://help.shopify.com/api/reference/product#index

As you can tell by their documentation there’s no price filter available.

Possibly Shopify’s new Storefront API allows what you need.

I have built app, and the app uploaded to my iPhone6 Plus didn’t look right. At Home page and Poduct detail page, the pictures go uptoo much, and overlap with top banners of ios (with carrior, time, signal strangth … ) .

How can I fix it?

Actually, all of the apps on devices that I see in xcode simulator looked the same. I didn’t tested Android version yet.


You have couple of options here:

1. Adjust your image so that it works nicely with the status bar 2. Use status bar cordova plugin options to change the way it looks or even hide it: https://cordova.apache.org/docs/en/latest/reference/cordova-plugin-statusbar/ 3. Call ionic.Platform.fullScreen() to switch the app to fullscreen mode. The status bar will be hidden. You can make the call in app/scripts/core/core.config.js on line 56.

Hey, I have generated the APK file using the Android Studio since cli tool was not working properly. When I test the APK on device the apps returning to cart page whenever I try to enter Payment Information (It’s loading in webview, I guess). How can I fix it.

Resolved in the email.


I have a problem, after the installation if I launch


command the app didn’t run, but the terminal ask me to reinstall a new app.


Hi, when running gulp make sure that you are inside the directory of the newly created app. This directory will be given whatever name you’ve specified during the installation.


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I send you some emails regarding a installation error, thanks

Hi, we will contact you shortly.


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Still waiting for a solution, please check your email, Thanks