MobileFront eCommerce App - Ionic, Shopify

MobileFront eCommerce App - Ionic, Shopify

MobileFront is professionally made cross-platform template which produces Shopify mobile app. It is built with battle-tested frameworks and tools such as Ionic, Cordova, Gulp and Sass.

Integration with Shopify

MobileFront plugs into your Shopify web store to bring your customers the best in class mobile shopping experience. The bundle includes Shopify Bridge NodeJS application which securely and reliably connects the mobile app to the web store. We support core Shopify features such as product lists and product details, categories, navigation and checkout process.

Guided setup

Installation scripts included in the bundle will guide you through the setup process, download all the necessary pieces of software and will prepare the development environment in minutes. Choose one of the built-in themes or easily create your own to stand out from the others.

Color themes

Choose one of the built-in themes or easily create your own to stand out from the others.

Customizable homepage

Control the look of your store’s home page with highly configurable promotional sections.


Control all labels and messages in the app without digging into code. All language resources are stored in separate files. This let’s you easily change the default wording of the app or translate it into other languages.


MobileFront template was coded with Ionic framework which offers excellent cross-platform mobile experience, has large community of developers and great documentation.


Cordova framework allows the app to be packaged for both iOS and Android with a single codebase. It supports various native device features and can be extended by means of open source plugins.


MobileFront uses Gulp as a task manager. The bundle includes many Gulp tasks that take the pain out of mundane tasks such as code minification, Sass compilation, code quality checks, livereload and much more.


Use the power of Sass to customize the look and feel your mobile store MobileFront adheres to the best coding practices, making the app code maintainable and easy to read and understand.

Before buying

A few tips before buying the MobileFront:

  1. Feel the MobileFront eCommerce app on a real device by installing the demo app from Google Play.
  2. See short video overview of the MobileFront.
  3. Read brief FAQ about our product on CodeCanyon to find answers to common questions.
  4. For detailed information about the product, installation process, features and capabilities read MobileFront Documentation.
  5. If you still have questions, feel free to contact us here at CodeCanyon, leave your question as a comment or contact us directly at

Release notes


- Using explicit Node.js version 6.9.1 during installation on Windows


- Added custom domains support
- Getting currency and shop name from the store
- Some minor cosmetic issues


- Added iOS 10 support
- Minor issues fixes