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hi is there any live example to test ? thanks

This code serve as a template and it will be part of an app. Therefore there is no independent live example.

Hello! Does this support: - local storage - internet connection detection - communication with the device camera to scan a qr code for example.

Thank you!

Yes, that’s what I needed to confirm; provided my html can do it, the wrapper allows it, just like the browser would have allow it, there are no “supported by browser” limitation; as in it should work and allow for the same html5 features as the browser would have, correct, right?

this code is exactly built using UIWebview. Whatever uiwebview can do, this code can do as well.

What are the requirements for this app? Can I customize it using my windows based machine or would it require a MAC to customize it and generate upload package?

This app is written natively using Xcode and you need a Mac to customise and upload to Appstore.

Is this still supported and working?

In WebViewController.m, look for “-(void)loadHomepage” method

okay I found this and it works… but I get this error in code when I change the URL

this line of code turns red

NSURL *url = [NSURL fileURLWithPath:path]; NSURLRequest *request = [NSURLRequest requestWithURL:url];

am I supposed to change anything in this section?

Hi, I am sorry to be a bother, but I am not sure how to get my site to show up in this plugin and the DOC isn’t very clear for me can you please help me? Thank you!

Hi, Just bought your template, and it works really good. Just one question at the moment, how do I edit “Website Title” at the top.


Go to storyboard and double click on the “website title” text. When it turns to editable state, just replace with your title.

If you encounter any problem, contact me from my profile page. Will assist you.

Thanks (Wonder how I missed it)! Fast response