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i made a fresh installation but the application is not working, siteberry.co please advise

hi again, please let me know if there is any news regarding my issue, appreciate your kind support, regards

Sorry for the delay, have just answered to your email !

Thanks a lot for you support , and for the update, the application is great and working fine

Hi there,

thank you for updating the script. After clicking around in your demo i discovered a bug which i hope you can fix.

When opening a POI and opening the Streetview and clicking on the backbutton on the top right the page links to a blank page: See here:


Any idea on how to please fix this?

Best regards

Thanks for the info ! Fixed it already and can be fixed from the “include/js/map.js” file, by setting the “enableCloseButton” to false instead of true

Hi, I’ve already implemented your system about a year ago with a lot of data. Now that the updated version is available, how do I upgrade the app? There is no instruction for upgrades.

What’s the procedures and files to look out for? Is the database structure still the same? Just complete overwrite the whole app or?

No change to the DB structure, so it should work with the new version just straight away. You can install the new version, and configure it with the same DB, and see

Setup is done. But how do we access the admin backend? previous version we had a file to config the username and password. This version it’s gone. Please point me to the file to set the username and password.

It should be in the new PDF documentation

Doesnt work with PHP7, you can do fastfix MysqlTable.php file.

Change this function MySqlTable($tableName='') { to function __construct($tableName='') {

Hello! I bought these files long time ago and it’s great to have a new update! I have two suggestions for improving these files. I wish that the users could register to enter the url, and then could save your favorite stores, is possible? Thanks and regards.

Currency no it would be a bit more complex for the current app, but can be done as a customization or in a new pro version one day ;)

After updating, the app no longer ask for locations on mobile and doesn’t list outlets by nearest distance. On desktop, even if it did ask for location, it no longer display nearest outlet once accept the location request, only until you click on Next, then only it will show nearest. Please check and resolve.


It’s not supposed to work without https:// – If that’s working that’s great but that’s not the standard :)

Is there any way to bypass and be able to work on http://?

That’s a web standard, meaning it’s a default thing that cannot be changed by programmers – The other way around would be to use IP addresses or other service that are less reliable and may change or end their services

So i wen to buy the other one but say this one that said mobile and look at most of it then went to load and seeing once I came back on the bottom it had a link to the “wordpress” i thought that was what I was buying- i have no use for this purchase I need the wordpress plugin- how do you want to go about getting me this? refund then repurchase or what- I have no use for this at all so if you can send me the WP thats fine if not I will need a refund then re purchase-thanks

You can go and purchase the WordPress plugin, then send a request to ENvato for a refund for this one, explaining the reasons

Hi, presale question, i already have an online directory, based on wordpress appthemes.com i need something like this, can this work in my site? im using https:


also i see it says “mobile”, is this also an APK? for android?

Please let me know for buy this

This is a mobile web app composed of php, HTML and Javascript/CSS. No APK files since it’s not a native Android app.

Hello, do you have the apk to test it? how is the admin panel working?

Hi ! This is a mobile web app, not a native app (Android or iOS) !

Hi, I’ve upgraded my host to using Php7 and these message appear. Could you make a fix to remove the warning message? Thanks!

“Deprecated: Methods with the same name as their class will not be constructors in a future version of PHP; MySqlTable has a deprecated constructor in /home/xxxx/public_html/xxxx/reseller/include/db/MysqlTable.php on line 4”

Sorry for the delay. I have the updated version of the “db” library. Please shoot me an email and will send you a link. Just need to replace the existing folder with the new one to fix the deprecated messages !

Hi there, please send them to alexallied@gmail.com Appreciate your prompt action!

Just sent !

Hi , Pre-Sale question : is the gecode limit by google still apply ? is it possible to cache the results to bypass google maps API limits ?

The geocoding is done client side, and not server side, so you shouldn’t have issues with the limit


extrem Purchased

Hi , Pre-Sale question : When will the next update come? I us PHP7. I will buy ist.

Out server is using PHP 7 actually, and the app continue to work fine on it. To answer your question though, we don’t have a date yet ! But will be done whenever necessary for the app to continue working