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kojonat Purchased

hi . if i try to upload i get the following ” The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini.” what might be wrong

Hi there,

You should contact your hosting – the plugin is 1.9Mb in size, and it should manage to upload that amount. Check that you’re only uploading the plugin zip file (contained within the main zip file), and not accidentally uploading the whole zip file including documentation).


Hello, We are using your plugin Mobile Smart Pro – mobile switcher, , but we need to handle the Word Press cache.

I need to manage two templates of Word Press website: one for the desktop version and the customized one for the smartphone version.

Url will be identical.

The plugins that I’ve found they make mistakes, they cache alternately one or the other template.

Have you a plugin to suggest to us?

Best Reagards

Hi there, I tend to use WP Total Cache, or WP Super Cache. If you follow the instructions at http://www.mobile-smart.co.uk/frequently-asked-questions/ you can exclude mobile agents. Hope this helps.

Hi. A pre-purchase question: Is it compatible with visual composer? I mean, if can I use Visual Composer (wp bakery) to build a specific content for mobile devices, or if just can I use different pages.

Thank you!

Hi there. Visual Composer will only work on the main content editor – it won’t run on the mobile content editor due to the way Visual Composer works. However a number of people have worked around it by using the main editor in Backend mode to create the content, switching to Classic mode, copying the content out (with all its Visual Composer shortcodes) and pasting it into the mobile content editor. It should then display correctly. I hope this helps.

1) Is the plugin work good all on device here: http://mydevice.io/devices/
2) Example: My web was responsive, but because i change size of main widget and main contain, then it was not responsive size any more. Will plugin also auto force size website correct on each device?
3) Do you have documationtion please? or admin demo?

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Hi. I email you for sollution. Another Question: If i use plugin to create app mobile. This plugin still work on app? Which help reduce load in app ? Or the your plugin only work for web borrows load?

It will work on most apps if you embed a web view into the app, as it reads the ‘user agent’ of the embedded web view and detects it as a mobile view.

Is there any tutorial explaining how to use it?

In the part where I make the targeting for a mobile domain.

1 – Do I need to create a subdomain? 2 – Then change the Dns to the ip of the main domain? 3- Then I add it in the Aliases function?

I did this before even buying and when creating the subdomain and trying to add it in the Aliases function it tells me that it is not possible.

I followed a tutorial of yours that I found on your page. Http://www.mobile-smart.co.uk/frequently-asked-questions/

I’m afraid to buy and not work.

Hi there, sorry for the delay in responding to you.

1. In a lot of web hosting, a ‘subdomain’ doesn’t just mean a DNS subdomain, but also a separate folder. You don’t want this. You want the subdomain in your DNS only, and then to alias this. If you create a subdomain in your hosting, and then try to alias this, it usually will not let you as it has its own internal rules. Some hosting (e.g. 123-reg) doesn’t require you to alias it – it does that automatically. You should ask your hosting support how to point a subdomain in the format m.example.com to be read by the main example.com WordPress install. 2. You should create the subdomain in your DNS – e.g. a CNAME pointing to the main domain, or A record, pointing to the main IP. 3. Then you would add it into the Aliases. But you may want to check with your hosting support as mentioned in (1).

Kind regards,