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You have a very unique plugin, please keep upgrading with adding new features, so visitors do not feel it is outdated plugin, you can just add new features every 3 months even if it is a simple one. JUST SUGGESTION, I know the feeling of the new buyers when they see that the last update of the plugin is one year ! just do regular updates even if it simple updates


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Thank you for the update, I hope you can update the changelog it is still showing 29 Jun 2016, please try to add some videos on youtube, and other topics on some forums, this plugin is very creative and unique, it is just need more visibility over the web, I just like this plugin, it helped me lots that is why i am so interested to see more sales of it

Changelog is updated, thanks for the reminder. I will look to do some videos on YouTube, good idea.

And thanks for the positive feedback!


I have this installed on a multisite wp site(10 sites). The 9 out of 10 sites work fine, there is one which Mobile Smart Pro does not work at all. It will always display the desktop site no matter what. It is network activated so its activated across all sites. It should be working. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

Hi there, do you have caching on that individual site? If not, could you drop me a line at www.mobile-smart.co.uk/support and send me a screenshot of your Mobile Smart Pro settings. Dan

Just bought the plugin… It helped us immensely and it’s rightly priced. Touche’.

Thanks :)


I have a opened a ticket since 3 days 18 hours, and no reply for the group support. Is that normal?

Ref: #74

Thanks, Nicolas

So sorry I missed your message. My sincerest apologies. I am out of the office today but I will respond this evening (UK time)


I have a presales question. Can I use this plugin to create mobile specific web pages instead of creating responsive Wordpress websites. Are thee instructions on how to set this up? For instance, do I need a separate .mobi site?

Yes, you can create mobile-specific web pages, by creating alternative versions of home pages, and other pages. You don’t need a separate .mobi site, though that is an option. There is documentation included in the plugin, but please do ask if you need any more information.

Hello what a beauty function “Mobile Plugins” . Can your plugin also disabled plugin basic on user role?

Admin used a few plugin to track google analystic, admin manager plugin… It should not load in same time for visitor, eidtor, subcriber role….

Editor they also have some specical plugin used for them to track there job, so this plugin should be enable when they login. But should not load for subcriber or visitor

Can you consider update about this function. Which is save tons data loading and faster website when disabled load plugin basic on role

Hope to hear from you.

Hi i found solution for you
Please check code of Maintenance Mode plugin. These Maintenance Mode used disabled all plugin and theme for visitor. Also they had advanced disabled maintain mood for which role (editor, subcriber….) LOGIC : Enable Maintenance Mode = disabled all plugin
From this LOGIC. You used the same but a little opposite.

Step 1: Admin page design (Please check to checkbox to disabled plugin by role)

Colum1-List all plugin II Colum2-Visiotor II Colum3-Subcriber….all role list Plugin abc…...................Checkbox…..........Checkbox…...............Checkbox

Step 2: Advanced if you available , disabled plugin by page (Maintenance plugin also available disabled maintain mood by page, example fixing woo plugin issue, so only put Maintenance on shop page, single shop page. right? so post /page should not load woocommerce plugin.. should super light weigh loading)... The same LOGIC , if you can work will be great

I used Maintenance Mode and cheked. After put ON, the score of web (vistor disabled all plugin + theme) = 93% GREAT right?. OFF only 65%

Hope this help

Hi i found plugin “Plugin Organizer” It do all function as i description and also your mobile plugin. But this plugin free version, poor support, even used defaul theme of wordpress and none install any plugin also not available use in my case. I don’t know why out there people can use and rating. I would like use paid plugin better. Please check it.

Certainly something I can look at, thanks for doing the research!

Hey there!

Pre-sale question:

We want to create a different homepage for mobile and tablet users.

Is it fully compatible with visual composer? Can we add ads etc?

Thank you in advance for your feedback

Hi there,

There are two ways to create a different home page for mobile users: 1. Create a separate page – which works great with Visual Composer – then in the Mobile Pages section of the Mobile Smart Pro settings, assign that page as the mobile home page. You can do this for a separate tablet home page also. Or 2. Retain a single home page, but add mobile content in the Mobile Content editor. The Mobile Content editor doesn’t display the Visual Composer editor, due to the way Visual Composer works, but you can paste in the content from ‘classic view’ into this editor, and make any changes, and it will then be rendered correctly via Visual Composer.

Hope this helps,


Hey, thanks again for your answer. I prefer the 1st way of doing it since like you mentioned, it fully supports Visual Composer.

So, we can create separate home pages for mobile and tablet as well…

Can we assign domain names to them? For example domain.mobile etc? Is this possible? Instead of specific pages in WordPress?

Also, with the second way, you said above, Is it possible to create a different post page for mobile and tablet? Or only for mobile?

Thanks again

You can assign a separate domain to the mobile version of the site (which can include tablet traffic if the setting is enabled). So when people hit your site, it will detect if they are visiting using a mobile and can redirect to a different domain (though underneath it is the same web site, just with the alternative theme and content).

It isn’t yet possible using the plugin to assign separate domains to mobile and tablet, though if this was desired functionality, I could look to add this.

With the second way, it is currently only possible to create a separate home page, not a separate post page. Of course, if you develop a mobile version of your theme, you can choose to switch to that theme when the viewer views with a mobile device, and therefore display the look and feel of that page differently.

Hope this helps,


Hi, this plugin looks pretty cool. Just a pre-purchase question. What I want to do is to redirect all mobile users to the mobile site (m.mysite.com), and redirect all desktop users to the desktop site (www.mysite.com), regardless which site (any pages or posts) the user was trying to enter. In short, send the right user to the right site in all cases. Can your plugin make this happen? And I hope there is no confirmation required from the user to choose to redirect or stay in the current site. Thanks.

Hi there,

1. Mobile Smart Pro will redirect from the main site URL (in Settings -> General) to the mobile domain (m.example.com). You would normally use DNS to direct www.example.com as well as example.com to the same URL. Then when it hits the website, your site should already redirect example.com to www.example.com (or the other way around, whichever you have decided as your root domain). Then Mobile Smart Pro would detect your main site URL, and redirect it to m.example.com if on a mobile device.

2. Use the ‘Always redirect domain for device’ on the ‘Domain Switching’ tab.

Kind regards,


Hi Dan, thanks for the reply.

1. My main site URL in Settings -> General was set to www.example.com, but mobile redirect still doesn’t work if try to enter www.example.com from mobile device.

2. I configured the setting based on your instruction above, but if entered m.example.com on desktop, it still goes to the mobile site, not desktop site.

Are you able to login to my wordpress and have a look? Thanks.

Yes – can you drop me a line via the form on http://www.mobile-smart.co.uk/support and we can work through this to get the settings right.



im a bit confused your changelog says the 2016… i think it should be 2017

Aha good spot. Yes, 2017, I’ve clearly gone back in time!

Hello, a quick question…

How does the plugin update? It doesn’t appear to get new versions like all the other ones around here (automated with orange circle update from wp-admin etc)

Thank you in advance for your time and feedback.

- duplicate -

What about all the settings? Do they stay saved or i need to re-apply them.

Thanks again for the fast answer!

They’ll stay set, so it’s just a matter of replacing the plugin with the new one.


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Dear, I would like to be sure to fully understand the functionality of your module. :) I would like to create a home page especially for mobile and tablet and an another home page especially for pc. I will use the same domaine. For the rest I use the responsive product categories, responsive product page of the theme. is your module automatically detecting the display and adjust the home page ?

thanks best regards.

Sorry for the delay, I’ve been ill.

Yes it will detect a mobile device and display a different home page on mobile (if that has been set).



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Purchased user here. I don’t get how test/dev mode works.

I want only logged admins to be able to switch to mobile theme. I don’t want usual visitors to auto switch.

Dev/test mode will work only if “Mobile switching” is enabled. But it also make regular user switch to, which is I want to avoid, since I have to develop my mobile theme first.

Disabling “enable theme switching” will disable Developers test mode. Thank you for the clarification !

And great work btw.


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Update : upgrading from 1.3.15 to 4 fixed the issue. The developer checkbox will now enable theme switching for logged admins, even if “mobile switching” is not checked. Thank you Dan

Glad it works. :)


Great plugin, we’ve been using it for a while and it seemed to be working previously but we have noticed that when the plugin is active we are getting an error message on safari on mobiles (iphone).

‘Safari cannot open the page because too many redirects occurred’

Do you know what could be causing this?


Sorry to hear you’re having problems. Are you using domain redirects? If so, can you check the settings there. Please do drop me a line with your Mobile Smart Pro settings to the support page at www.mobile-smart.co.uk/support Dan

Am a bit confused. Here it says it was last updated in October 2017 whereas on your website it says last update was in 2016? What is the current status? What’s the latest version for PRO edition? Am using 1.3.6.

Apologies, I will make sure the website is up to date. It should be 4.0

Apologies, I will make sure the website is up to date. It should be 4.0

hi, I am routing my mobile (m.domain.com site to the desktop site (domain.com) with domain switching, how can I access the m.domain.com backend from desktop? Can I NOT route the backend somehow?

thank you

Hi there, your backend will not switch on mobile, you will see the same backend for both.

Hi Dan, Have you got my email request? I’ve been waiting for a while to get my switching problem fixed. Thanks. Ning

Hi sorry we’ve had problems with network connectivity here. I’m back and able to fix problems, I’ll check the support portal. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi Dan, just wondering when you gonna have some time to solve my issue?

Looking at it now

do you receive my letter in the support page??

Hi sorry we’ve had problems with network connectivity here. I’m back and able to fix problems, I’ll check the support portal. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi, are you still supporting this plugin?

Hi sorry we’ve had problems with network connectivity here. I’m back and able to fix problems. Sorry for the inconvenience.


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Hi, When I enable the domain switching on the mobile domain and the only chrome had Access-Control-Allow-Origin error with woff and ttf problem.