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kojonat Purchased

hi . if i try to upload i get the following ” The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini.” what might be wrong

Hi there,

You should contact your hosting – the plugin is 1.9Mb in size, and it should manage to upload that amount. Check that you’re only uploading the plugin zip file (contained within the main zip file), and not accidentally uploading the whole zip file including documentation).


Hello, We are using your plugin Mobile Smart Pro – mobile switcher, , but we need to handle the Word Press cache.

I need to manage two templates of Word Press website: one for the desktop version and the customized one for the smartphone version.

Url will be identical.

The plugins that I’ve found they make mistakes, they cache alternately one or the other template.

Have you a plugin to suggest to us?

Best Reagards

Hi there, I tend to use WP Total Cache, or WP Super Cache. If you follow the instructions at http://www.mobile-smart.co.uk/frequently-asked-questions/ you can exclude mobile agents. Hope this helps.

Hi. A pre-purchase question: Is it compatible with visual composer? I mean, if can I use Visual Composer (wp bakery) to build a specific content for mobile devices, or if just can I use different pages.

Thank you!

Hi there. Visual Composer will only work on the main content editor – it won’t run on the mobile content editor due to the way Visual Composer works. However a number of people have worked around it by using the main editor in Backend mode to create the content, switching to Classic mode, copying the content out (with all its Visual Composer shortcodes) and pasting it into the mobile content editor. It should then display correctly. I hope this helps.

1) Is the plugin work good all on device here: http://mydevice.io/devices/
2) Example: My web was responsive, but because i change size of main widget and main contain, then it was not responsive size any more. Will plugin also auto force size website correct on each device?
3) Do you have documationtion please? or admin demo?

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Hi. I email you for sollution. Another Question: If i use plugin to create app mobile. This plugin still work on app? Which help reduce load in app ? Or the your plugin only work for web borrows load?

It will work on most apps if you embed a web view into the app, as it reads the ‘user agent’ of the embedded web view and detects it as a mobile view.

Is there any tutorial explaining how to use it?

In the part where I make the targeting for a mobile domain.

1 – Do I need to create a subdomain? 2 – Then change the Dns to the ip of the main domain? 3- Then I add it in the Aliases function?

I did this before even buying and when creating the subdomain and trying to add it in the Aliases function it tells me that it is not possible.

I followed a tutorial of yours that I found on your page. Http://www.mobile-smart.co.uk/frequently-asked-questions/

I’m afraid to buy and not work.

Hi there, sorry for the delay in responding to you.

1. In a lot of web hosting, a ‘subdomain’ doesn’t just mean a DNS subdomain, but also a separate folder. You don’t want this. You want the subdomain in your DNS only, and then to alias this. If you create a subdomain in your hosting, and then try to alias this, it usually will not let you as it has its own internal rules. Some hosting (e.g. 123-reg) doesn’t require you to alias it – it does that automatically. You should ask your hosting support how to point a subdomain in the format m.example.com to be read by the main example.com WordPress install. 2. You should create the subdomain in your DNS – e.g. a CNAME pointing to the main domain, or A record, pointing to the main IP. 3. Then you would add it into the Aliases. But you may want to check with your hosting support as mentioned in (1).

Kind regards,



MauDtro Purchased

Hi Dan, hope you are well! I contacted you about a year ago because we are using your plugin on the site http://yourplaceberlin.com/ The plugin it´s somehow working inconsistently, sometimes actually showing the mobile site when visiting with a mobile device and sometimes not. We are not sure what the issue is and we don´t understand why it just stopped working. The version that we are currently using is 1.3.13 and this is the list of the other Active plugins on the site:

Advanced TinyMCE Configuration – 1.3 Contact Form 7 – 4.6.1 Email Address Encoder – 1.0.5 Essential Grid – MailChimp – 1.5.7 Multiple content blocks – 3.2.2 My Custom CSS – 3.1 Next Page, Not Next Post – 0.3.0 Smooth Gallery Replacement – 1.0 WP Colorbox – 1.1.0 WP Database Backup – 4.3.7

Is there any chance to receive a hint from you about what could be the cause of this issue?

Thanks, Mauricio Disilvestro


MauDtro Purchased

WordPress version 4.7.2

Sorry for the delay in responding. Do you have any caching? It looks like there might be some caching enabled – either via your hosting, or a plugin (though that was not included in your list), or something like CloudFlare?

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Lol sorry, the plugin price is set.


wschun Purchased

How to switch to a different theme for woocommerce for mobile viewer? Any guideline available?

You would need to develop or purchase a theme that supports woocommerce, and then use the Theme Switcher in the Mobile Smart Pro Settings to change to that on mobile. WooCommerce will then display according to your mobile theme.


I opened a ticket in your support system there was no response after 4 days. I tell you here just in case my ticket somehow got lost or overlooked.

Thank you!

Thanks, I’ll check as I’d not seen a notification. Sorry for any inconvenience that this has caused you.

Hi Does your mobile menu is compatible with WPML?

It should be. It uses standard WordPress nav menus, but I’ll have to run some tests for you.


TC3 Purchased

Hi there, GOTMLS is hitting on two files for the plugin – plugins/mobile-smart-pro/mobile-smart-theme/tools/wspl/simplenotes/.svn/text-base/index.html.svn-base and plugins/mobile-smart-pro/mobile-smart-theme/tools/wspl/simplenotes/index.html

Just wondering if you have come across this, and if they are false positives? I’m going to reinstall and scan again to double check.

I assume I can also just delete that theme, as I’m not using it?

I came across this recently and have submitted that it’s a false positive. But yes you can just delete it as you’re not using it. Sorry for the inconvenience!


I would like to know if this plugin works with wordpress 4.7.3

Thanks for your answer

Yes it does.

Hey Dan – just wanted to let you know i think the tablet detection may not be working correctly with iPad’s – it looks like some tablet detection features are being ignored. I’ll give you more details later today.

the mobile device plugins disable for tablet is what doesnt seem to work – it still adding in mobile-tier-tabler – but its just not disabling the plugins…

Thanks – I’ll investigate. It seems to be working on my test site but I’ll confirm soon.

Looking forward to your next update! Especially separate portrait/landscape mode shortcodes for mobile devices and tablets…. Also, any word on WP Rocket integration you spoke of a while back?

Still would appreciate an update. It’s going on a year. Most themes and other plugins now that support mobile device detection have the capacity to differentiate between portrait and landscape tablet modes… yours does not :(

For us, we needed this function—and as much as it pained us to do so, we just dropped your plugin and upgraded to a theme that has portrait/landscape detection and switching. :(

Sorry to hear that Chris, I appreciate that requirements change. I’ve not had a load of requests for features so to be fair I’d let it drift a bit. I’ll take a look at this and see what can be done to tempt you back.


kmicro Purchased

I created a child theme Twenty Seventeen, changed the header image on the child theme and set it as the “Mobile theme” in the plugin settings, but it’s still bringing up the original header image of the parent theme. Any ideas?

Hi there,

Are you using a child theme of Twenty Seventeen for your desktop theme?


besfe70 Purchased

it is now not working with wp rocket!!!!!!!

Hi there, sorry you’re having problems. Can you let me know what the issue is?

bro your plugin sometimes failed to redirect , example when i try to access from pc it will give mobile theme ( settings are correct) , ive send email but no answer

Sorry I didn’t receive an email, I will check that my support system is working properly.

In the meantime, we can resolve here. Do you have a caching plugin enabled, sometimes if you haven’t set up the caching plugin correctly this can cause the issue you describe.


Hi i purchased your plug in, and i installed it in my multi site network. My network is only 2 websites (Main and Sub)

In main site, i used 2 different slide show one for mobile and one for desktop so I created 2 home page one for each. and i set your plug in to redirect mobile users to specific page.

But I noted the following: 1- its working if mobile user open url directly

2- its networking when the user clicked in home link in main menu. so i added mobile home content in mobile editor in main desktop home page but its not working well, i mean in sometimes its still lead users to desktop version.

3- I added your short code around slide show short code to restrict each slider to appear for right user. this solved the issue but i discovered that if the mobile user clicked on website logo (that linked to home of the website) domain.com without any tail. its lead to desktop version.

in addition, i noted that after i use manual switch link i added to end of the page the switching work for hours and then back again to lead mobile users to desktop !!!!

Finally, i used latest version of Word Press / W3tools for cache / Main Site Theme ( Multi News ) Sub site ( Trumag )

All copies is updated and original purchased copies

please help me to make fix this issue ASAP



Hi Ahmed,

As you’re using W3 Total Cache, please take a look at http://www.mobile-smart.co.uk/2014/12/working-w3-total-cache-mobile-smart/ to help you with your caching issue.

Kind regards,



“9. Mobile Home Page: set a different page to be your mobile home page, when you”

Homepage url stay http://mysite.com for mobile visitors?

Yes the home page will stay the same.