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Hi there,

Just purchased and hope I’e made the right choice with Mobile Smart Pro.

I am using The7 theme and Visual Composer and Gravity Forms to build a new solicitor website. I would like to keep things simple for mobile users, and show a basic alternative homepage with a few buttons (opposed to a detailed homepage).

1. Can I build 2 home pages (and swap on mobile and tablet detection)

2. Which page will show up and rank on Google desktop or mobile), and will it affect my SEO if I duplicate SEO keywords and content?

3. Do you have a video showing operation?

Hope I this helps!!

Hi there,

Thanks for purchasing Mobile Smart Pro.

1. Yes – you can assign a separate home page under the Mobile Smart Pro settings -> Mobile Pages screen for mobile and/or tablets.

2. The ‘HTTP Vary: User Agent’ header option is added by default, which means that the GoogleBot will understand that there’s a separate mobile site, and will crawl it separately with the Mobile Googlebot. The plugin also adds canonical links so that your duplicated SEO content won’t negatively affect your SEO.

3. Sorry, at this moment we don’t have a video, but that’s a great idea, and I’ll look at getting one soon.

Give me a shout if you have any queries.

Great. Nice that you’re in the UK too, for a fast response. Do you have any sample sites I can check out, please?

I’m British but actually now living near South Africa, but on almost the same time zone :-) The only sample site I have at the moment is – view it as mobile to see the changes.


We’ve tried to disable your plugin as we no longer need it on one particular site, although are still happily using it on a different one. Problem is, once I deactivate it, the layout of our site changes. Is there something obvious that could be causing this?

Apologies also, I’d given you the original support link slightly wrong:

No worries, just sent you a message. Actually do you need the sites login details?

Please send that through the support link – you should get a ticket email which you can reply to in order to add info.

Can you redirect a page for tablet and for mobile so for example the home page would have 3 pages total, Desktop, Tablet and mobile ?

You can have three versions of the home page – desktop, tablet, and mobile.


LCGF Purchased

Tried contacting the author, haven’t heard back. So…

I created separate mobile pages for each main page. When a mobile device user opens a desktop page, the Mobile Smart Pro script redirects the user to mobile pages. Problem is, when the desktop user stumbles on a mobile-specific page, the page opens on the desktop and obviously looks terrible. Is there a way, or can a script be added that redirects desktop users from mobile pages?

You can force mobile pages to redirect back to desktop by going to the setting pane ‘Domain Switching’ and ticking the ‘Always redirect domain for device’ checkbox.

hi your support website isnt working. I’m seeing this message every time i am updating any of my other plugins

Notice: Undefined index: mobile-smart-pro/mobile-smart-pro.php in …./plugins/mobile-smart-pro/lib/wp-updates-plugin.php on line 45

All updates have been completed.

Thanks for the notification, do you have WP_DEBUG enabled? I’ll investigate from my end.

Turns out hosting supplier had closed down hosting without notifying me. Website will be up again in the next week or so, sorry for the inconvenience.


I have activated the plugin on two domains, one uses W3 Total Cache and the other WP Super Cache. With WP Super Cache I don’t have any problems but the domain with W3 Total Cache requires manual clearing of cache for the mobile version to show. Is the plugin not compatible with W3TC?

Hi there,

It does work with W3 Total Cache. You will need to follow the instructions here: (my support website is down at the moment, apologies). Hope this helps, Dan


Are you sure you uploaded the latest version of the plugin to themeforest? The version is still 1.4, and the files are the identical from what I can see.

Thank you in advance.

So? everything ok? If not, can you please upload the latest version to codecanyon? Thanks :)

Hello! Any news on the files uploaded? Is everything ok with wordpress 5.x? Can you also pre-check it with wordpress 5.1 beta? Thanks :)

Hi yes this has been checked and re-uploaded to ensure. This works with WordPress 5.2

We want the desktop version to show our static homepage and the mobile version to show blog page with a different theme. But when you view the site on mobile, instead of showing blog page, it shows “access denied” and pulls up contents from other pages. This happens only on blog page. How do i fix this

Please can you send me a support request at – thanks.

hello. i develop few pages just for mobile users and and also i add a mobile menu plugin for mobile users only. menu is working fine but i am looking for a mobile redirect plugin that will only redirect mobile users to a specific page not the homepage of my website. is it possible with your plugin? because i already try many free plugins they only work few hours and after that they didnt u have any limit of visitors? your reply will highly appreciated. Thanku

There should not be a limit to the number of visitors.


The website I’m operating uses Mobile Smart Pro, and for the most part it’s been quite helpful. However, the mobile version of our homepage will not update. Going to the homepage with a desktop will still take users to the most current version.

Turning off Mobile Smart Pro seems to help, however that causes a variety of formatting issues with all pages on our website. Is there a way to fix it so that the mobile version of the homepage stays current with new changes?

For the time being, we’re redirecting mobile users to a separate homepage designed for mobile.

Thank you!

Sorry to hear this. I’m looking into this.

hello, i have a website and and i want to redirect the mobile users to a specific page. is it possible with your plugin to redirect all the mobile users to a specific page?

You can currently redirect home page to a specific page, and provide alternative versions of pages, but not all mobile users to one page only.


ABFS Purchased

Hello, I have enabled domain switching…used different domain for mobile version but on product detail page Live auction getting CORS issue for admin-ajax (Access to XMLHttpRequest at ’/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php’ from origin has been blocked by CORS policy: Response to preflight request doesn’t pass access control check: No ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ header is present on the requested resource.)

Can you please help me to sort out this issue?

Thank you!


ABFS Purchased

okay thanks..I will check and let you know


ABFS Purchased

Hi, I have added code in htacess still facing same issue. is the desktop domain and is the mobile domain.

Ok sorry about that. Can yoI contact me via the support page mentioned above and we can carry on the investigation.


ewcity Purchased

Just bought and tested.The plugin is great, but I feel like I need support for multilingual translation, which isn’t hard to implement.Hopefully developers will consider it.thank you

Yes I am building in multilingual support at the moment, will be a release in the next two weeks.

Hello team, actively considering your plugin purchase. Question is with this plugin, will the mobile configuration also benefit my android mobile view app as well? Thanks in advance.

Hi there,

Yes it will detect the Android mobile view as Android, if that’s what you need to know? The rest depends on how you build your app.

Kind regards,


I dont use this plugin, and its not I wanted.

PLZ refund

Sorry to hear. Refunded.

I need some content and menu to be available only in webview app can this plugin detect that? I mean webview app not mobile browser

I have just purchase this plugin and couldn’t find where to setup webview user agent, CSS style on mobile or user agent etc. Please I need support.

Please respond to my ticket Your plugin not working as expected. I have asked you before puchase if it can detect webview and you assured me it does, but it’s neither working nor have anything related to my need in the plugin setup

Discussed via support.

Hello, let’s assume I have 2 seperate themes. 1 for the mobile, 1 for the desktop. When I install your plugin, I am wondering if I am able to reach both theme’s administration interface to customize the themes? If I may not (only the current selected theme’s admin interface is reachable), how do I do the theme customization? Thanks in advance

This is currently a tricky issue to solve.

The best way to do it, is to enable the mobile theme temporarily, access the customisation screen, do the customisations, then re-enable the desktop theme, and usually the theme customisations remain.

I am still looking to see if there’s a way to build this into the Mobile Smart Pro plugin, as use of the customiser has massively increased in the last year.

Hope this helps.

i want to purchase this plugins but i have doubt 1) i m using wp-bakery page builder and i used many shortcodes in my site so this plugins is works with this shortcodes ?

Yes it works with shortcodes and I use it a lot personally with WP Bakery. It’s worth noting though that the Page Builder will only activate on the main editor rather than the mobile content one, but you can have content appear only on mobiles by using the shortcodes built in to Mobile Smart Pro.