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My mobile website doesn’t display special characters correct

Try to switch to another charset in the config.php file. For example try to set it to utf-8 or ISO-8859-1

When I click on a page the page fade out but the new pages doesn’t display, how can I fix this?

This is probably a cross domain problem. That is because you used a different url in your config file and in the url that you use to load the mobile site. See the video below.

Example video

Can I this script when I use .html files?

Yes, that’s possible. Rename your index.html to index.php and then follow the documentation file to install the script in your index.php file.

For people like me who dont have an iphone or blackberry , how to check whether this works or not for thier site?

You can add ?mobilepro to the url to force the mobile layout to show in a regular browser. But keep in mind that Mozilla and IE sometimes render the HTML and CSS differently than for example the iPhone browser.

I’m getting the following: Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at …...) in ….. on line …

The mobile/bootstrap.php include must be the first line of code you do in your website index.php file. If that’s that case you can also try to add ob_start() before the include like shown in the following code:

include "mobile/bootstrap.php";  

Does this support iPod Touch?

Yes :)

Is this just for WordPress (or can it be used for anything)?

You can use it for all your PHP websites. So custom build PHP website but also WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and other CMS websites.

How to enable iPad mobile website?

Open the config.php file and change:
$config['exclude_device']           = array('ipad'); 
$config['exclude_device']           = array();  

What would it take to get this to work on a subdirectory like

That is very simple. Follow the installation instructions and copy the mobile site files directly in the subdirectory. Then instead of doing an include in your main site index you create an index.php file in your subdirectory and place in that file the following code:

<?php $_GET['mobilepro'] = true;
include "bootstrap.php";

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