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Wow, nice work!


My path is on a sub director and not on the root … but the “Preview” link is going to the root but there’s no pages there.

Where should the preview link to?

Also where I use the link to Flush the cache I get this error:

Warning: array_map() [function.array-map]: Argument #2 should be an array in /home/

/include/library/3s_caching/Yp_cache_file.php on line 90

Can you help please?

Yeah send me a temporary FTP access will have a look at your install. The preview should display the mobile app that’s at the root of the item.

I’m doing this locally. Can you give me any tips on where to look instead?

You may have the config files setup incorrectly and that could be the cause. I would need full details on your config files and what you see when you browse the index and admin pages. You can contact me by email for that.

Will be longer and tricky to assist you that way though. The best is that you get your installation accessible online ;)

Hi yougapi,
This file is too good and I could not buy it.
Well done fantastic work.

Thanks ! Love this item as well.

I did not see a (WYSIWYG) editor for content on pages. Is this planned in the future. How do users put images in pages or have a photo gallery?

The actual editor should be supporting HTML tags. A “WYSIWYG” editor could be a good idea for future updates yeah.

It’s possible to protect files with User and Password, index.php in the Admin folder?
it’s possible to alternative rename to admin file Index.php es. (abc.php)?

Not sure you can rename that file because some links may point on it. But you can add an .htaccess server protection on the admin folder. You can alternatively rename the admin folder, but if you do so you need to update the “api/index.php” file with your new folder name.

Thanks end great Support…

wysiwyg would make this killer and a bargain

Hi: I purchase one of your codes and I am really happy with your work, I like this mobile site builder and I like to ask you if you do free lance work, I am looking for something similar to this application. could you please tell me if is possible to contact you directly. Thank you so much


Yes I do freelance works. You can contact me from the form on my profile page (bottom right). Thanks for the nice words.

can the template/theme it renders be tweaked it doesn’t validate for mobile very well?

Yeah can be tweaked if you have some HTML /PHP knowledge.

Hi nice work, one question: can create a bottom bar (fixed for horizontal/vertical view) with icons like a iPhone app? Thanks

That should be a possible customization with some HTML /CSS knowledge. I’ve never did it though.

I tried your demopage on my Galaxy S, but it’s very picky. In 50% of the cases the site doesn’t respond well to my finger taps and shows another page than the one I wanted to see. There’s also nervous scrolling lots of times after tapping.

Is it based on Samsung Bada? This item is based on the jQuery Mobile framework, and it’s not officially supporting that operating system yet.

I don’t know what Bada is. Some OS? It’s just regular Android 2.2…

That’s weird. Response to finger taps should be device related. I cannot test but if I go to an electronic store with try testing it with the Galaxy S and see.

dude the music for your screen cast is out of this world. hard to focus on your demonstration.


Sorry if you don’t like that music, you can still decrease the volume and cut the sound.

When I add categories, Items or pages, once I submit it, it returns with no categories found, when I look at the database it isn’t created there either, it also doesn’t show up when you try to manually enter them through the database, so I know it can’t be a permissions issue, have you experienced this before?

Do you only experience that with adding categories? Can you add pages? If no you probably have a communication problem between the app and your database. I can have a look if you send me your FTP access.

I emailed you the FTP access information and domain information, but I failed to answer your question, no I can’t create item, page or categoriy

Thanks again for such a quick response!!!!

Will get a look and come back to your by email.

Fixed ;)

Wow, what an amazing program, very simple to use, thank you for the level of service you provided on the support, you went above and beyond what would be expected, Thank you for the help even though the issue was on my end. Look forward to purchasing more of your work.

Thanks !

Can this app do a split screen on tablets? Menu on the left and content on the right?

Not without a customization to make it work that way :)

and how can we do the customization? will you do it?

You can do it if you know how to develop, or you can hire us (or somebody else) to do it for you as a custom work.

Everything is working great. except when I add a category/page and preview it, nothing shows up :( the information does in fact go into the database though. Can you help?

Oh. Cancel. I fixed it :)

Ok cool

Good Job ! I have a question … It’s possible to add several input personal in the contact form ? for example : phone, and others…

Thank you .


You can add what you want in the content textarea (supporting HTML ), that will be displayed just before the form itself. On my demo you can see that I have added an informative sentence displayed above the contact form ;)