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nice job mate . good luck

Thank you

i have buy the script can i contact you on skype?

Hi, you can contact me at support@rebeloper.zendesk.com


No need to provide the purchase code :) Just making sure that you are a customer.

Don’t worry, whatever is why your project is not building we will figure it out.

Just checked: the fresh source code runs just fine on our side. I believe that you have changed the name of the project. Most probably this caused the errors. Do not change the name of the project. You only have to change the Bundle Display Name.

I suggest you download again and start with a fresh project.

If this was not what you changed in the project than please elaborate the steps you made before you got to this error.

The source code uploaded to CodeCanyon works without errors so we will sort this out, rest assured.

Looking forward to your response.

it complains that MobilePet-Swift.h has not been found…when i create this class with header-bridging.h content it gives me another error…

Now that you mentioned MobilePet-Swift.h I’m pretty sure that the problem is what I have said in the comment above.

Don’t create a Bridging Header. The code already has one. Also, the issue is the other way around anyway. The code is complaining that it cannot find an objective-c file and not a swift file.

Please start with a brand new project.

Hi, can this be built for android as well ? I noticed there’s android and mac store targets in sprite builder file


While there is a target in the project for both Mac and Android, the code is built to work only on iOS.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

thanks for your fast response.

Welcome :)

Yes, it is. We have different prices on different markets. Let me know if you have any further questions.