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What are the SMS company APIs does support? I have entered my mobile number but I have NOT received the SMS? WIll you integrate to my laravel application? Thank You

Hello, its based on our own API, and yes we can integrate it in your Laravel application. please connect us at , we will assist you there

SMS verification is done successfully. Good Job.

Can we use it signup form like name, number and other details sent to company owner mobile after the submit button…

Connect My Support team for this on

Thanks !

Hello please reply asap… >> 2. You need to buy the sms package from us , so after purchasing you can contact >>> What is this the sms cost is how much if we require 25-5ok sms in bulk. Please reply asap…

And if we want to integrate our sms gateway from indian server so is this possible or not ?

It will cost .15 paise , and this script is only for our SMS gateway

Dear Kamlesh can i use this code on my website which is developed in php, html5, css and js.

yes you can , but you need to buy sms plan

Hi, Pre-sale Question: Can this be integrated with Contact form 7?

yes it can be

Hi,,,, I am willing to buy the script now,,, but in how much time can you respond to let me buy sms package. I want both to be finished today.

We can do it today !

demo not working. Any plans to add other countries?

right now we dont have plans for any other country

I need to purchase it but demo is not working. I want my users to verify their mobile number prior displaying a particular page. If the number is pre-verified(already in our database) then we redirect him to page-1. If the number is not pre-verified we send him the verification code and after verification, we redirect him to page-2.

can you please connect at , we will do this for you

Demo not working ???

Hi, please connect back to the Support team at

Hi, demo is not working?


We have developed a portal on Codeigniter. Can we configure this module on that?

Also, will it work for Dubai market if we purchase SMS gateway for Dubai?

Please recommend so that we can purchase this module.

Thanks, IC

How will this plugin work with woocommerce ?

Please connect our support team

can it run in codeigniter frem work

yes it can

can i add to checkout form in woocomerce ?

Hello @afifosh, You need to custom code that, by default it will not work with Woo-Commerce, but can be done.