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Can you give me an easy, straight forward way of adding rss feeds to this.

In a file MobileNews.php you have method called _construct. There you adding Your feeds.

CNN example, first unique ID, then Title on accordion.

$cnnSource = new FeedSource("cnn","CNN"); First link, then Link title: $cnnSource->addSource("http://rss.cnn.com/rss/edition_world.rss","CNN sports");

And then you have to add this source variable to FeedSourceCollection class.

$this->feedSources = new FeedSourceCollection(); $this->feedSources->addSource($cnnSource);

Just check out _construct method (MobileNews.php) there you have pre build examples.


Can this be used with YouTube Channel RSS feeds?

If YouTube Channel RSS feed is in valid atom or rss can be used. But this script does not take pictures and I suppose you would like to take picture of video from feed.


I uploaded your exact files and directed the url to the folder on my mobile device and it gave me an error loading page when I tried clicking on a feed.

Can you post url to the error. In most cases its unvalid rss feed.


why pictures are not shown… are you planing to add this feature?


add picture functionality to this and i will buy it now. and im very sure lots of people would. so pls add pics asap. :)

Can this support RTL (Right to Left) languages?!

hi did you updated this script