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This is webview app ? i think like a titanium ? or responsive web ?

It’s an application with Cordova.

Hi, looks good – needs some work on this… 1. Reports – Can it have a line in the chart for break even point – (a red line) so when you sell 10 units goes through it etc… [ I will then have broken my target etc… ]

And most important – 2. Orders – There is currently no where for a “Shipped” or “Refund” button…. (plus a listing for these…), Passing back details of customer email address or Name to add into the Order List…. And a way to search the Orders…...

A bit more customizing on the Orders and I will be purchasing this code… Cheers Simon

Thanks for suggestions. I will implement them.

Could you show screenshots from the iOS version? I don’t want to expect something different. Thanks :)

Sorry, I found out that the video is the iOS version, my bad. By the way, is this full native? Or is this a web view that displays web content?

Nice app. GLWS!

Thank you.

What about shipping? It is calculated in the app? How to handle it?

It’s not calculated, I will add this soon. Thanks for suggestion.

I think the description is wrong, this is the ios version, right?

Oh, thanks. I changed it.

what i need else beside this app to make it happen ? say like if i have a website http://www.upoharbd.com , what resource do i need to use for this?

You will need to install the web interface and add products. Also you need to compile this iOS application and publish to Apple Store.

I like the app but I don’t see how you add the PayPal button?

The PayPal button is integrated, you don’t need to at them.

Hi there,

I don’t see on the web interface an Edit button both for categories and products. Let’s say I forgot to add an image or just want to change it, or just I typed a wrong name. How to do it?

Hi, I can help you over teamviewer. Please add me to skype: daniftodi

Possible help me in the installation of the application on my website ?

Possible contact me By TeamViewer

  Now Offline Are you Send id and pas

I don’t received your ID and PASS, where have you sent them ? I’m available on skype now: daniftodi

ok Wait

So there is no option to EDIT the product or category via WEB ADMIN ?

I’m implementing this, you will receive free update soon.

Please help me Sent you a message on e-mail

Please verify your email.

You make updated To the x code 6

If it worked run Shows 11 error

Please update for XCode 6.1 and iOS 8.

Can i integrate WooCommece with your app. If yes, how much work involved. Will there be Push Notifications.

Please let me know on that.

I’m working on a plugin for Wordpress. Now you can implement by yourself if you need.

Is it updated for iOS 8? and xcode 6.1

Not yet, soon I will do update.


Great Work

Does it cashes products?


Does it runs when the device is offline?


Thank you. It cashes products but don’t run offline.

Hi The demo is missing. Would you upload it please. And also for the android version. Thank you

hello did you customized some apps for my real time app delivery services with google map.please send me a reply if your service is available..thanks


I can customize apps.

Hey I got this error when attempting to run the code on xcode 7.3.1 -fembed-bitcode is not supported on versions of iOS prior to 6.0