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hello, Possible to use this gallery in native webview app on iPhone ? All source code provided ?


Sorry this is a web app’ It’s not designed to run as a native app that’s using a different language.

Hi is this able to receive/accommodate any size of pics?

Does it automatically format or arrange the pics so I don’t have to arrange the sizes of my pics.

Yes it is, the max size can be defined from the config file. And on the front end the viewer adapts to any picture size ;)

Hi before I purchase I would like to verify if it supports all image formats. I’m using png, jpg, jpeg, bmp and gif

Yes it is :)

Thanks for your reply, I have purchased and works now.

I have a request is it possible to have a direct link to a gallery?

I wanted to share different the albums via tinyurl per gallery

No problem.

For the direct link would need some customization for it since it’s AJAX based there is no way currently yo access inside pages directly other than passing through the main menu. Please contact me through my profile page for an estimate, thanks

Does your plugin works with newer version of jQuery mobile like 1.4.x? Thanks.

I never tried it. It’s working with the included jQuery version :)

The backend support photo upload. Can I use my phone browser to upload photos?

I don’t think that would work, a computer would be still required for the photo uploads

hi, is it possibel to download the images from gallery?

With a computer yes (right click then save image as), but using iOS for ex I don’t think that’s possible

A search functionality would be great!

Pre-sale question


would it work properly to embody this gallery in my existing Onsen-UI project on which I use Cordova for compilation as Android & iOS application and having the photos inside the app package ?

Thank you

I am not sure because this app is based on jQuery Mobile and I don’t know about Cordova

I am having an issue at the moment whereby my photos are not showing correctly on my posts when viewed in full screen oh mobile. How could I integrate this plugin so it is used for all images whenever a post is opened?

You mean on WordPress? Sorry this is not a WordPress plugin, but is an independent mobile app just to render images and galleries