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Great job, I really liked design.

Thanks! :)

when u says “Gesture”, does u have to touch screen or done without touching screen?

Hi! You have to touch screen. :)

Is the music from the web or from the phone?

Hi! From your phone. :)

I might just buy it for the design, but consider to be able to pull the songs from the web.

I will develop an application, thanks for tip!

its a great idea, but it would function best or the app would do best if it had a built in browser to download songs on their own and use those to play music and use those gestures. if that is available i will buy.

Hi! Thanks for the feedback :)

you can add feature support admob ads and in-app purchase remove ads?

Ok, Thank.

Hi, When Next update?

HI! Come soon

hi, can it support Multi-Peer Connectivity? so two users can connect to one device and share music via bluetooth?

Hi! unfortunately not

I love the app! I just have a couple suggestions. First, is there a way you could enable AirPlay/ChromeCast functionality? And second, it would be awesome if the end user could also post what they are listening too on Twitter and/or other network services using iOS 8’s share extensions. Thank you for a solid app!

Hi! Thanks for your suggestions! Novelty in the next update.

Does this app allow users to choose music from the iTunes music library on the device?

Hi! Yes, you can select music library on the device.

Hi i am interested in purchasing, but can this app be made to only play songs uploaded from an admin. So lets say I only wanted to have 5 songs on the app , and I can add more as I please and I can only play songs through the app that I placed in it?

i hope you will make a code app play music from a link http://domain.com/music.mp3 that good

Hi I need a custom music player for IOS If you are interested,please contact me on management@playmee.org Payment will be done before you give me the code.

The app looks great! Does it meet Apple’s 64 bit requirement?


it’s 64bits.

hi!!! have mailed to you… can we by anyhow make this for android also.. and also i need some customisations.. please reply… i will pay more

hi!!! looks awesome…. i will buy this but will you please add some features to it? i will pay you more???


_inclr Purchased

nice, got it working.