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Superb – works straight “out of the box”, just needed to alter the destination website. If only scripts were always this easy to implement!

Phil :)

Thank you! :)

I’d love to leave a 5 star rating but can’t find a link!

If you set the redirect to automatic, which is what I would prefer, it seems there’s no way back to the main site. What I’d like to do is redirect automatically but allow them to click a link to go the main site if they wish. It sounds like it should be possible but I can’t see exactly what to alter.

Hi, on your downloads page you will find the download button and right under it there are 5 stars, they should be grey.

Please open a support ticket and I will try to help you make the changes.


I worked it out in the end, BTW. :)

Thank you!

Not sure if this can work… i have a responsive site, but also an app… i saw this features in another web sites.

User using android, when he lands to the web site, he is redirected to the app Google Play in order to download the android app; otherwise (user using iphone, blackberry, desktop etc) can enter normally the responsive web site.

Can I do that?... Thanks

Hi, that isn’t a default feature but the script can be modified to do that.

If you decide to purchase it, please open a support ticket after and I will assist you.


Hi is it possible to detect a site that goes smaller than a certain width and prompt the user to redirect to a mobile site?

Hi thank you for your purchase!

It is possible to that, but not with this script. This script detects the device not the size of the display.

You can contact me for custom work if you would like me to build it for you.


My website have two version English and French, can this script could save and remember user choice to redirect it?


By default no, since the script was developed to redirect from one URL to another URL, but depending on how your website works, you could either use two scripts (one for English, one for French) or modify the script to detect the current language and redirect to the appropriate URL.

I’m available for freelance and if you’d like I could take a look at your website and give you more details. Please contact me from my profile.


thx but I already found the way to do it with jquery.cookie.js

Your script doesn’t pass variables after a ”?” to the mobile site.

Example: visit blah.com/?test and when you make the setting in the js file to redirect to the mobile page, it doesn’t redirect to m.blah.com/?test it only redirects to m.blah.com

Any chance for a fix for this?

Hello, thank you for your purchase!

The script redirects to another URL, it doesn’t use the main URL to create the mobile URL, so if you want to use variables on the mobile URL you will have to add them after the mobile URL in the .js file.

For further support please open a support ticket here:

Support Link

Thank you!

The splash screen seems too small on my phone. Take a look at http://www.blakepaving.com and let me know the steps to make it readable/larger. Thanks

Hello, thank you for your purchase!

It may be related to your viewport settings, please take a look at this page:


Support for this template is provided here:



Users on mobile website should be able to get to the desktop version of the website if they want. I inserted a link to the desktop version in the menu of the site. Is it possible or is the user always be redirected to the mobile site with that script?

If the cookie is set, then they will always be redirected. But only if they check the remember my choice option.

Sorry, i did not understand. Is it possible to guide the users trugh a link to the desktop version of the website, when they are on the mobile site?

If the cokie was not set, then yes, if the user clicked the “remember my choice” button then a cookie will be set and they will be redirected automatically. You would need to remove the cookie (or alter it) and then send them back to the desktop version, but this function ia not included.

Hello. i would like to add this to my PrestaShop 1.6.1 .

for android devices i want to redirect to the google play and for ios devices to the ios play store

can it be done please.

when i use the item support its telling me invalid purchase? i just purchased it

Hello, thank you for your purchase,

Sorry for the delay.

It can be done, you will have to embed the script in the header, as explained in the instructions included with the script. Since this is not a plugin (like the one for WordPress), a few lines of code need to be customized.