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Just bought this and implemented. However, my problem is that the window does not resize to take up the full iPhone screen. You have to zoom in to read and press the button.

Hi ClintonPo, thank you for your purchase!

That depends on how your website is configured to be viewed on mobile devices.

The redirect window adapts to the size of the website, so if your website is zoomed out, the redirect window will be too.

You can make some adjustments to the “viewport” if you wish.

Can you explain more about the “viewport” what we really wanted is for it to look like an ios popup so that it looks like part of the OS but I have not been able to find anything like that as far as wordpress plugins go.

Hi, here is a link that may help you:


Feel free to open a support ticket for more help (from the HELP file or by clicking the button in the item’s description) :)

I want to purchase this plugin. Can it skip step 2 (confirmation) & directly send the user to the site with out asking?

Hello, yes it can be set to redirect without confirmation.

You can change that from the options page so you don’t need to edit any code.

The number of days a cookie lives dont work please help

Hello, please open a support ticket using the support form and I will assist you. You can find it in the HELP file and on the item’s page.


Its not page-by-page basis?

Hi, the script will be added to all pages.


when someone click on “www.domain.com/this-is-awesome” on google, and it just shoots it to “m.domain.com” without the subfolder information

is there a way for the plugin to go to: “m.domain.com/this-is-awesome “automatically?

I updated the plugin and it now offers more options, along with the option to detect the page on which the user is on the main website and redirect him/her to the corresponding page on the mobile website.

You can see all the new options in the item’s description.


wow, you’re the only one that will do this for your own script.

other mobile redirection script will just say “no” or, “I’ll do it for extra charge” because your script is the only one in envato market that’ll do redirection with these options available.

Buying now

Thank you!

Let me know if you need help setting it up by clicking the “Open A Support Ticket” button in the item’s description or the “Support” link in the documentation file.


Hi Guys, Please, Must i do the following : 1. create a sub domain under http://www.hekko.com

to be: http://mo.hekko.com

and then redirect the sub domain when my visitor will open the site on the mobile devices to the foLlowing URL : http://www.hekko.com/SHOP/

Can i do that with your plugin?

Best regards A.J.

Hi, here are some examples:

1) you can create a sub-domain and use it to redirect users to it

2) you can redirect to a URL like you mentioned

3) you can configure the plugin to detect the main page and redirect users to the corresponding page on the mobile website (e.g. hekko.com/shop > m.hekko.com/shop)

A complete list of options can be seen in the description (options panel image).

Let me know if you have any other questions!


Thanks a lot my dear, You are great.

Hello, is it possible that only the home page redirect to another page ?

Example: domain.com -> domain.com/mobile and if I go on domain.com/shop , I do not redirect to domain.com/mobile

Only your plugin seems to get closer to what I want , thank you :D !

Hi, it’s not a default feature but the plugin can be modified to do that.

You can change the enqueue function so that it enqueues the JavaScript file only on the home page.

I’m available for freelance if you want me to modify it for you.

Thank you for the very quick and clear answer, I think so buy this plugin !

Let me know if you have any other questions!

Can the plugin be configured to work on only iOS devices? I saw the other version had a default list of devices, but wasn’t sure about the WP version here. Thanks!

Hi, by default this plugin also offers a list of devices that can be extended.

You would need to edit a file and remove all other devices to make it work only for iOS devices. I could help you with that.

If you decide to purchase it, feel free to open a support ticket (there’s a link in the documentation and on the item’s page) and I will assist you.


Pre-purchase question:

I need to setup redirect on my page based on these rules:

- All traffic visiting that page using any desktop device will get redirected to url1

- All traffic visiting that page using any mobile device will get redirected to url2

Can i achieve this with your plugin?


Right now all visitors that use mobile devices will be redirected to another URL while desktop users will remain on the initial URL.

The plugin could be modified to redirect desktop users to a secondary URL, but it’s not a default feature.

I’m available for freelance if you’d like me to modify it for you.