Mobile CRM Customer Relationship Management App on your finger tips.

Mobile CRM Customer Relationship Management App on your finger tips.

CRM on Finger Tips and Fully Native Android App

Designed with Passion & love and every feedback is special for us.

TRACK YOUR LEADS! Good News- Fully Desktop Web Application and Android Mobile application

CRM that helps you to keep track of your leads on various Sales Stages

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Login/Password: / admin123 Company: demo

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List of Mobile Features

Functional Features:

  • Quick View of Current Leads and their Status
  • Track & add activities of each Lead
  • Manage Quotations and support for MultiCurrency
  • Manage Tax , Discounts
  • Approval Workflow for Lead Quotation
  • Lead Reminders for followup’s
  • Events & Notifications for all the update activities. 
  • Possible Lead Report: List of Leads based on various channels and who are interested.
  • MultiLanguage Support upto 94 languages

Technical Features:

  • Fully Native Android App Code
  • Leverage the Notifications
  • Monetise with your application name and Logo.
  • Supports to Latest Android Studio 3.0.
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Try Play Store Demo

Login/Password: / admin123 Company: demo

Detailed Documentation from the downloaded package.

PreRequisties for Backend Admin Panel 

Click to > CRM Web Control Panel and Desktop Web Application

What is available in the Downloaded package

  • Fully Source code Android studio workspace
  • Instructions for configuring the app
  • Instructions for monetization

Source Code Change Log

* 01 Sept 2018 Added New feature Create Quotation , add discounts, tax rule selection
* 4th May 2018 Added new UI screens and Mini Edit Lead
* 14th April 2018 Support for Mobility integration and hot fixes
<br />*  2nd April 2018 Added the Contacts on the right menu item