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I like your script !

it would have on PHP Script ?

This tool is built on PHP and works with wordpress and wp ecommerce :)

operates without wp ? :)

sorry, no.

Would you be coming out with a similar module for PrestaShop?

Hello, is it possible to have the option of rotating images and text?

Please email us at developers@solvercircle.com to discuss additional features :)

hello , have translation to Portuguese Brazil ? or some way to edit the language?

You can email us for language translation. Thanks :)


Can i add different products, like puzzles, pads, coffee cups?

Yes, The products images are within your control, so, you can upload your own product images there instead of mobile cases. Please also check the user documentation to get more idea about its features.

nice, thanks

Hi, I have a pre-sales question. Is there a way to customize this to work with woocommerce 2.1.x ? If yes and if you could help me with this I will definitely buy this product.

Hope to hear from you soon.

can some one tell me pleas what is the different between this e-commerce plugin to the woocomerce plugin?

i have woocomerce that mean i cant use this one? i know there is http://wordpress-expert.codeinterest.com/woo-commerce/personalize-mobile-case-design-for-woocommerce#prettyPhoto

but i really want to buy it from “envato”. thanks.

Sorry, we are selling that item at codeinterest.com only. So, please purchase from there.

i have woocomerce install on my web…. if i will buy this one here is not going to work? thanks.

You can edit in dreamweaver? thanks for the help

sorry, your question is not clear.

I can’t install it on my homepage. Please Install WP e-Commerce Plugin First. but I installed WooCommerce. Is this a bug? I’m confused

For woocommerce you should have purchased our woocommerce mobile case designer from here : http://wordpress-expert.codeinterest.com/woo-commerce/personalize-mobile-case-design-for-woocommerce

Can I return it? I thought it will work with WooCommerce sorry!

Sales and Refund is handled by Envato. So, please contact with them.

We are exclusive author at Envato. So, we can sell an Item to either Envato only or at other site.For this item we preferred to sell there, so we did not add it to envato. And the support is same for both, So please do Not worry. You can buy it from there. Thanks :)

I installed the plugin but i can’t start to use it. I installed wp e-commerce 3.8 and then the plugin and when i activated both the (MC Settings) doesnt appear and i dont know why. PLease help

Please email us with your site access and purchase info.

Hi. It’s possible to integrate your plugin with social media like Instagram and Facebook? I think you can see something like I mean at http://www.casetify.com/.


It will require custom development to integrate the FB and Instagram API for images. Please email us for a quote.


I wonder if I can change the work flow? I want to move the background tab to the 2nd place, after choose Products.

Best regards,

Yes, we can do the customization quickly for you at a small development cost. Please email us after purchase for a quick quote.

Hello there, I bought it but… when i installed it it says that i have to install eCommerce plugin. I am using Woocommerce. If it’s not working please tell me if you can refund.

Regards George

Hi there, thanks for the purchase please check the item name, it already says for WP eCommerce. So, you need to install wp ecommerce plugin first to use this plugin. For woocommerce there is a separate plugin here : http://wordpress-expert.codeinterest.com/woo-commerce/personalize-mobile-case-design-for-woocommerce

Really cool module. But without text and images rotation this can’t use for real online store, just for test. Do you have a full version with rotation options?

Please email us to get the version with rotation feature.

Hi I messaged you on the woocommerce version of this product but since i didn’t see any replies on the other comments i wanted to message you here too. I wanted to make sure that I could change the image (case) that it’s being printed on to be more modern phones? Kinda like the person that wanted to change the product images. I wanted to know if you had images like that, of blank phones or cases? And if there’s a 3d version they can rotate like someone else asked or how much more that would cost to add? Thanks

Yes, you can change the Case image and upload the Latest phone cases. Its as simple as changing the product images from the Admin Panel.

hi! i have buy this plugin from envato but don’t work! can i have a refund? i want to buy this plugin in codeinterest

codeinterest sells a different item and that is for woocommerce. And here you have bought the one for wp ecommerce. Please submit the issue and site access info at support.solvercircle.com. Our support team will check it out for you.

i have open a new tiket here http://www.support.solvercircle.com/ thank’s

Resolved :)

Hi, How can i add drag and drop to upload function? Thanks

sorry, your question is not clear. Upload image can be dragged already.

I mean How can i add “Drag and Drop to Upload” function in upload tab. So that user can just drag the image to upload. Currently user needs to “Choose File” to upload the file. I need another option so that user can simply drag to upload the image.

Ah ok, it will require custom development at additional cost. You can email us to discuss the quote.

Hi, is it possible to print 3D? I recently saw it here https://camaloon.co.uk/custom-cases/iphone-6s and wondered if it’s an option. Thanks for your time!

Actually, it is up to you what sort of printing you do. This tool is only to let the users Design the case. Then you can decide how you want to print.

http://solvecircle.com is not available at all and I can’t contact the CS. Please help! I have a bug and I just purchased.

Got the email and Opened a new ticket. Thank you for the fast reply.

Fats and great support ! Thank you guys so much .

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