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i have few queries

1- is there offline reading available i think no i have installed your demo app. 2- i am not getting any new post notification on your app . 3- can we add external link in post and is that clickable. 4- i am not able to select text in post i need this feature. 5-is it possible if i tap on notification that open app and show same post. 6- impact on server by using json data for app. max app can be used on shared server

If it is automatic. When you post 100 articles, user will get 100 notification. It is NOT good. So we do not make automatic for it

Ok I got it last query how to implement offline reading function

Our app does not save offline data. We are find a solution for this

Does it have search function

Hi, we are using newspaper theme can we use your app? are available for basic customization? we want Andriod and iOS version

yes, our can work for every theme, also you can use this item to build it for android + iOS

how to implement this application on my website www.bantennews.co.id? is there any assistance from the developer? or can be directly automatically?

My website using a CMS wordpress

we replied another comments

The process for installation is very tedious and very hard. i have wasted internet data worth $60USD. i have requested for refund and author have refused to refund me. instead author gave me another link to were i will pay more money to enable him install for me.

i will advise anybody who does not have high technical skills not to bother purchasing this application because the process is tedious and i regret making purchase as i am now behind schedule.

This is the worse purchase i have ever made on Envato Market.

yes, but We are ready if our app has any issue, We do not FREE support for installation or customize, we need COST for our time !!!!!

like i told you before, i will not reply your comments. since you want to be very hard on me.. its okay.. i will take adequate precautions thank you

if our app do NOT have any issue, sorry we do not more time to reply your comment !

I only use android studio. As I can change the color, language, logo to your app, I want to buy it

you can install Android SDK, and use command line to build APK file, please read our document, read more: https://ionicframework.com/docs/guide/publishing.html

i use windows and this for linux

this is windown command line (CMD), not linux

i regretted purchasing this extension and will not advise anybody to make the same mistake i made. they refused to refund me.

by declining my request. hhahahahahahahahahahahaha….. since i can not use your application… i will upload it online for all who care to download and see if they can use it for free….take my 22 USD… but i will make sure more than 100,000 online wordpress users get it for free….... thank you

since you are not a sincere person, i will help you out and teach you how to be sincere. thank you


Please nobody should purchase this product, i bought it and i have tried uploading it several times and i have been finding it difficult. i will upload the original file codecanyon-18649715-mobile-application-for-wordpress-blog-news-website-wordpress-mobile-app.zip to drop box to who ever cares to download and see if it actually works,,, thank you… you can also send me a mail to info@skytechng.com and i will send it to your inbox directly. thank you

Did you open a ticket in my website? now is NEW year, so our country have a short company. we did not work in a few days in NEW year

like i told you, its remaining 4 Hours 30 Mins, if i do not get a refund by then, i will take an action you will not like… i have been on this case for more than 3 weeks now and will not tolerate it. thank you

replied another comment

Hello I want to know if your android template app is lnked to firebase notification ?

this is FULL APP, not a template. also notification included in this app, we are using onesignal for this

We have tried your demo app. The comments in individual post are not scroll-able in android device. Can you please fix that.?? Also Is there a way to implement admob native ads in this app.??

We have just tested, it is working. When you scroll down, comment will be AUTO loaded more, okay?

Hi. What’s difference between this and BN News apart from price? It seems to be a very good product. Does it require installation on the WP – is it a plugin? If my site enables people to post on it, how will this work with the app? Conversely if the website users don’t post, does your app allow for this? What’s segmentation targeting and how does that work? Thank you. JD

Does this use AMP technology?

2 app same functions…hmm…..I’ll think about it. At least they have support from developer – very important.

Our item is Mobile app, not mobile website. you can upload this item to Google Play or Apple Store and download it from your mobile. so We do not use AMP technology

Also we are ready to support for any your problem !!!

Hi, i use social login/registration on my wordpress site, we can use it on the app ?

our app logged in with Wordpress user.

offline reading available now?

not yet for this. We included some solution but it is not good. so we did not included them to our app

Hello, Have some questions:

1. Can I use the app with this theme – https://themeforest.net/item/dream-city-city-portal-government-municipal-wordpress-theme/19398021?s_rank=1

2. Can I also have a menu that links to an external site within the app.

3. Can I have a menu for displaying woocommerce products within the app, so that app users can order for my woocommerce products within the app.

4. Can I have a directory feature within the app to enable app users have access to the directory of places posted by admin or authors in the directory section.

5. Can I have a complaint and reporting feature within the app so that app users can report an incident with pictures, location, description and other app users can see and comment on the complaints posted within the app.

Please indicate how long it will take to have the custom features done and pricing: samuelsontech@gmail.com

thanks. Are you ready to buy it?

Yes I am. Can you help recover my ticket ID so that I can see your reply to my list of customization.

ionic is easy to edit?

hi, you can try to research: http://ionicframework.com/

Hello, please can you check if you can implement these customizations for us:


The first change is the CSS of the app, I want to be able to display different colours for different menu backgrounds, like in the app, the only background showing for vertical menus is red, I want to change the bg color of each menu/sub menu to different colours for each menus.

And also the colour of the horizontal tab menu below the logo, I want to change the bg color of each menu tab to different colors too.

Just to see how I can make it show in block style UI like microsoft windows mobile layout style.

1. Polls (I need to display polls within the app so that users can vote on opinions).

2. Forms – Can I display a form within a page for public users to see within a page, so that I can create different forms and easily embedded them on pages. and use a menu to just link the category having the contents of forms. (we can use gravity forms to manage feedbacks of filled forms.)

3. Utility payment. I need some menus within the page: - Pay Your Bills menu (should link a page or category where users can see pages that have embedded widgets from gateway service provider, there is no integration involved here. Gateway provides the widget code that we can copy and post which renders on page). - Recharge your Phone (should link a category contents where widgets can be embedded).

These menus will link to page where I will display a widget that will be supplied by the a service provider just for users of the mobile app to able to access the widget within the page of the menus for “Pay Your Bills” and “Recharge Your Phone”.

- Submit Complaints menu. This menu will enable users to create a page without logging posts to the site and the content will queue in the admin for the , but will not be published until approved by admin.

3. Users to be able to advertise on both sites ( DeltaConnect mobile app and G2B web app.

4. I need another custom that links to an external website.

5. Then I also will need menus that can point directly to pages within the app and now categories, which I should be able to change the link to either category or page in the wp-admin.

6. Custom menu “Complaints”, this menu should link to categories of posts submitted by public users, and also display a button at the top that says Submit Complaints. And below it, posts of comments that have been posted by other users. So, public users can post to this category.

7. Display woocommerce products of the site on the mobile app, using a menu, on the page of the menu, woocommerce products shows and users within the mobile can click and order the product just like website.

8. I want to be able to hide/show menus on the app, especially the custom menus and also add more custom menus that link to either category page, external link or a post directly.

We will also need technical support during the implementation of the mainsite, for setup and testing with the mobile app. So, we will need support for you to be able to attend to issues like display of articles and functionality off features identified during testing and deployment to android playstore and IOS store.

I replied on the ticket.

We replied. my time is GMT+7. so your request is mid night in my time

Yes, it is the same app