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Hello All, Apart from the marketing campaign function, how to send a text message to one individual at a time?

So if I understand correctly, this application is not dedicated to resellers of SMS solutions?

As a reseller of sms, my end customer must be able to send one or more sms to his contacts.

This application is not dedicated to Resellers of SMS. Thank you

Dear developer, I can see your other script sendroid supports SMPP connection but I don’t see this feature on Mobikita. Can you add this feature so that I can go head and buy your Mobikita script right away.

Sorry but its a BETA feature due to limitation with PHP and SMPP connections, It may not work with all SMPPs

Hello. Does this script support Africastalking API? https://africastalking.com/

Give direct link to the API documentation

Yes it does

Any update for your new script you wrote above?, when it will be released?

What script please??

You mentioned in another comment “we are working n a powerful marketing script, will be anounced in april at $85 per license”. Any update on when this will be available or is there a way I can get more info on the features? Thanks

Actually i do not know when they will be out.

The script is 100% decrypted ??

In the description appears easy themeable? But does not use bootstrap, do you plan to update this script to bootstrap??

a new sms script will be released soon with very similar feature but with bootstrap support. I do not know when it will be released.

The script is 100% decrypted ??

I need this script only how base to add other services and modify the sending SMS system

You will not be able to modify core systems without “Extended License” which you can purchase at http://www.ynetinteractive.com/product/sendroid

how do i change the domain of this software,?

Sorry but Mobiketa doesnt control domains., You will have to work with your hosting company for domain related issues.

I’m very interested, but your demo is offline, and your db is down as well.

its is online now

I bought the software, it told me to update the software, but now it does not work.

Please define “it does not work”?

I guess it is set to http://mydomain.com instead of http://www.mydomain.com...it works when I take out the WWW. is there a way to fix that? Also, wanted to see what the max amount of contacts that can be sent at one time without timing out. Lastly, I already have a blacklist, how do I import it to this system?

3, the license stopped working suddenly

4, there are no network issues

Please follow the “Support” link to have this resolved. I do not have resources to handle license issues. I think its more of a good thing that you are being given access to a more resourceful means of getting support directly from the authors… besides, you cant post your license key out here in the open… Ynet Interactive has a good reason for providing support via Tickets.
License issues are easy to resolve as long as you haven’t done anything illegal… I assure you that.

I am looking for instructions / manual on full usage of this app. I purchased it and need some documentation on how to use it? How to add twilio api etc…

check the documentation PDF file included in the file you downloaded.

Hello I am thinking about buying your program but I have host gator for my hosting is it okay to use this type of hosting for this program and also just was wondering if you can help with the installation for this program being that I am not so technical

Hi. Sorry for late reply…we moved our support to our main site.
Sendroid is for SMS Resellers who hope to have customers while Mobiketa is for Mobile Marketers who focus on offering marking services to clients.
Ynet do offer hosting too. See VPS plans: https://my.ynetinteractive.com/cart.php?gid=10

Okay I will review the vps hosting . I can use nexmo and also can you also configure nexmo

Configuration is very simple. Just to replace your nexmo API details on the pre-installed gateway


halleg Purchased

Hi my key is not working when tried to setup it

Have you used if before? i mean your key


halleg Purchased

Yes once on a test install to show to a customer the possibilities but we killed this instance. Now we want to use it for one project only. Can we re-allocate it to this use please?

Thats why. Kindly use the support link to request for transfer of license.

Can you use sender ID (e.g. business name) for SMS messages?

Sendroid allows that but do note that it also depend on your SMS Providers policies

We are planning to buy your script ? Can u install the sms and voice gateways on behalf of us?

If the gateway is compatible, we can do so but you will be billed for the work.

Hello, from the comments is not clear: does your script fully support Twilio and do you have more info about its configuration in the doc? Thanks!

Yes it supports Twilio. Twilio is built into it. It may not be Fully narrated on the document but if you read the fields on the gateway setup page, you will get it right
Its as simple as typing in your twilio SID and Token where required.

If you add in ringless voicemail we would surely purchase. Robocalls are dead.


I have an store that runs as (multi-vendors) for home & interior decor, the store has 3 section: 1- for me as super admin 2- for the vendor 3- the vendor who sell design service

I would like to insure that your plugin would help in such job, notify me as a super admin with each new order, notify the vendor for each new order and notify the designer who could able to design interior decors with each new order.

As you see in the description/title, this is a Bulk SMS Portal Script.
Please take a look again to be sure what the script is intended for.