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Hi, you mentioned in another comment “we are working n a powerful marketing script with such feature, will be available in the market Net Year at $85 per license”. Any update on when this will be available or is there a way I can get more info on the features? Thanks

I cant tell… still a lot of documentations and testings to be done

Hi, any update? Thanks

Will be announced along with Sendroid X1 in April

Do When a customer writes a message is converted to voice automatic way?

Grandfather did it in beta version

Demo way concerted voice automatic ?

Demo option Voice SMS ??

Sorry but I still dont get your question please

ok..nice script..i want to buy…but before i buy i have one question…will i be able to create resellers….people that can buy sms from me to their account and they can resell to other accounts under them

Yes. Thats what the White-Label Reseller feature offers.

hello, i just bought your software yesterday. i like the layout but havent been able to send out any messages. It gives me an error that says “failed to connect to gateway”. i have been on the line all day with my sms provider and everything is working on their end and i have the gateway setup properly. I even tried several different versions of api. Could you please advise. thank you.

could you send your Mobiketa URL with admin login details to us via https://codecanyon.net/user/ynetinteractive

How do i set it up so that a client receives incoming messages for a certain phone number. I see i can set senderid for client. but when i just tried to text the number it only shows up in my admin side not their side. i need the ability for clients to see incoming messages for only their numbers.

You need to assign that number as default shortcode to the client. You can do so also by assigning that number as default shortcode of one of the clients marketing list.

okay perfect that works

Glad i could help

so far so good, just when i try to add the voice gateway it wont let me save, because it wants me to fill in the additional parameters section when those should be optional

use some arbitrary parameters like ID, Token, etc…. just to let you save

I have any question? - My customer able to send via api or not?

yes.They all have API information on their portal.

Hi Sir,

I am not able to install voicesms portal to my server . I am getting error “Unable to validate your code. Please check your internet connection and try again.” But I have checked my internet connection its working fine

Hi. Its not your fault. Sorry about it. We are maintaining our server. Pls try again after 12 hours

Please answer these questions in detail if allowed

1. Does the design Responsive smart mobile devices ?

2. Does supports RTL ?

3- Do you support ssl ?

4. Do you support the Arabic language or multilingualism ?

5- Is it open source code or encrypted? Can I customize whatever I need to fulfill my requirements? I mean, adding custom features or removing some unnecessary features etc ?

6- I have more than one company, I must install it separately for each company ?

Sorry but the script isn’t built for what you need. Read description for details

Kindly refund this sale. The script is not what I wanted. It doesnt have several features needed to run sms business.

Hi. We described what the script can do and also provided a Full demo for trail to avoid cases like this. Getting your refunds depends entirely on how well you are able to make a case for it.


We had tried to install the application on server and it was installed successfully but due to some unavoidable reason our server got crashed and now we have to reinstall the application.

And now we are not able to reconfigure it again. It is asking purchase code, while i entered purchase code it shows the message “unable to validate code please check your internet connection and try again” although our internet connection is working fine.

Please resolve the issues. Quick response will be appreciated.


hi. try reset you browser cache and try again.

The demo user name and password does not seem to be working

try after some time… should work

hi sir, I have installed mobiketa to my own server but i am not able to login dahboard. Please guide me how to login this dashboard

open the url to the path of your Mobiketa installation, it should take you to the login page. If not, confirm that you have actually INSTALLED the script as directed on the quick start

I need details documenatation of this product . Because i facing lots of problem to operate it

Available documentation is included with your download already. Have further question? please specify.

Dear Sir,

I had tried to configure Mobiketa on Centos 6.8 i am facing following issues, 1.At the time of installation where User Name & Password is shown it display only User Name – admin and Password is blank Screenshot – http://eitfaridabad.com//mobiketa/error1.png

2. After setting up by reset the password from database i logged in and while making a new campaign i didn’t get default value in field it shows only php variables Screenshot – http://eitfaridabad.com//mobiketa/error2.png

Please let us know how could we resolve this issue, as we are facing lots of issue and also getting late to complete the work.

For you information it is working fine on windows server,

Please treat it on urgent basis.

Quick response will be appreciated.


Hi. Am not sure exactly whats the issue is with your server but what i can think of is that your server isnt compatible with the scriptr or not configured properly….. Try disabling PHP Strict mode, mysql strict mode.
If the problem persists after that, I recommend you get a Server Administrator who really knows the ob so he can tell why shot tags are not working on your server

which script is best of yours? Sendroid or this one? Sendroid has app. I need software this month can’t wait until X1 comes out next month. Thanks.


mtaalam Purchased

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mtaalam Purchased



mtaalam Purchased

and to make some customization

and how to use 1s2u sms API to mobiketa platform? www.1s2u.com

No sure i get what you are asking

Any update on when your new script will be available?

Not yet

Hello iam interested in buying your web based sms marketing portal , before purchase i have a couple questions to confirm and then proceed to purchase

1st : is there any ready guide to add my SMS API ? because the SMS API I want to use that is currently not supported

2nd: is there any extra charges if i like you to add my SMS API code as my default SMS gateway in my installation ?

3rd: I would like to know if a buy and ask you to implement this new gateway how soon can you do this? I can provide you the API details for this gateway for testing and development purpose.

Hope to have a feedback soon Thanks & Regards

Hi. To your last question, how soon depends on when you place the request. 12 – 48 hours.