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Hello, please 1. how to add new item like “biology” 2. how to add new level 3. how to add a font 4.does the app support arab language?


cnuonline Author Team

If you open the excel file, first sheet has list of levels or categories. Once the new entry is added, create sheet names corresponding to that name.

It supports only two levels of hierarchical.

Currently, we are leveraging the font types installed on phone. Custom font can also be installed, we need to tweak the code (12 hours of work) We tested the app with foreign languages also, it supports all the languages where Microsoft excel sheet supports. Arab also supports.

add new features update your code.

how to add interstitial ads

we pushed a new version in codecanyon for interstitial ads & Andriod studio compatibility. You will get an email, once it is available.

add some new feature like leaderboard, and app share and rate option

hello, can you provide me with update in android studio 3 because i got so much errors, i fix one and get tons of others

Yes, we are in the urgency of fixing the Android Studio 3 issues. Meanwhile, I don’t want you to hold your progress

Please follow the instructions for the latest Android Studio issues. Couple of fixes.


Presale question

Can you send me documentation part??

my mail id bikeshbishal@gmail.com

Nice work! Shot an email for customization inquiry, thanks.

I get errors while editing java files in android studio

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projeli anrdroid stüdyo 3.1 ile açıyorum videoda belirtilenleri yapıyorum ama çalışmılor takılı kalıyor