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I am interested to buy this app script but have a few questions.

1. You commented lessons can be uploaded using excel spreadsheet in your discussions can you provide me a full information how this is done using dropbox and how the content gets to the app if a teacher creates a lesson on excel spreadsheet what does the teacher do to get the information uploaded to the app since it seem not to be a backend.

2. Can images be uploaded in lessons prepared by teachers.

3. Can each Chapter have sub menus under thesame chapter?

4. Can you have both male and female voice added.

5. I also downloded the app for trial and changed the language to French but the voice still read in English and text was still in english how does the translation work.

6. Whats the difference between Mobi Learn and Mobi Quiz?


Warning:The `android.dexOptions.incremental` property is deprecated and it has no effect on the build process…How do I fix this?

Hi , please change the quiz_item_sublevel.xml , alignment from center to left.

I checked through the quiz_item_sublevel.xml and I did not see anything like alignment. I only saw android:gravity=”center” is where the changes will be ?

Yes, also you can search with center in the XML files only. You may also want to align the results text also.

have you IOS version ?

IOS version is not available. Planning to release iOS in the next 45 days

Does it require to reskin the app before google can approve?

hello, how can i change the version on android studio?

thank you

hello, can i add audio question to the quiz? if yes how to do it?

Layout is not compatible to audio and video quiz.

how fix this problem Error:Execution failed for task ’:app:processDebugGoogleServices’. > File google-services.json is missing. The Google Services Plugin cannot function without it. Searched Location: D:\codecanyon-10925449-mobi-quiz-practice-test-evaluate-your-learning-exam-app\MobiQuiz\app\src\debug\google-services.json D:\codecanyon-10925449-mobi-quiz-practice-test-evaluate-your-learning-exam-app\MobiQuiz\app\google-services.json

hi Susanta, We kept this issue in the support link : https://codecanyon.net/item/mobi-quiz-practice-test-evaluate-your-learning-exam-app/10925449/support

Again placing the solution.

Facing following error .File google-services.json is missing. The Google Services Plugin cannot function without it. Searched Location: This is Google push notification feature.

You need to generate google-services.json by login into firebase web page.

If you are using Firebase APIs go to the Firebase console. If you are not using any Firebase APIs, go to https://developers.google.com/mobile/add. Follow the steps to set up your application. At the end of the process you will download a file called google-services.json. Copy the file into the app/ folder of your Android Studio project, or into the app/src/{build_type}folder if you are using multiple build types.


built apk file but does not open it. how to fix ?

Can you please share the error to support@kloudportal.com . Did u change the excel sheet url ? is the url can be opened in inCognito window of browser & download the file ? Please go through the instructions in ReadMe file

hello, is it possible to make question with no answers options? just the question and time for each question?

MobiQuiz don’t have feature to do it. We have to do custom code.

Note: MobiLearn app has option to read the preparation content and questions also together.

How to fix this problem Error:Execution failed for task ’:app:processDebugGoogleServices’. > No matching client found for package name ‘com.mobiquiz.materialdesgin’

Please check the firebase json file which created for push notifications. Make sure the package name matches with Android manifest XML file

I use package name com.mobiquiz and json file shown as below but nothing help, the error still occurred..

"client_info": {
      "mobilesdk_app_id": "1:600261887423:android:fa36eaae942c3723",
      "android_client_info": {
        "package_name": "com.mobiquiz" 

my mistake json file package name should com.mobiquiz.materialdesgin, okey thank you for your support

How to edit app tittle name in Navigation drawer ???

@susanta, replied to your email .


chobix Purchased

Hello , your apps looks so great and i want to get a one ,so could you sir add intertial ads to app

Only few clients require interstial ad. if you need it, please email to support@kloudportal.com and will share the info.


chobix Purchased

so bad to bought the app and to make a deal with the support to make some changes but they let me down,so bad

Apologize for the delayed reply. We will respond to your email.