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stakan Purchased

please answer the questions

Hi, We will respond today and my developer will be back from vacation

Hi, I have just purchased this script. After importing the project and i did a build, clean and Rebuild it returned the error below.

Error:A problem occurred configuring project ’:app’. > failed to find target android-21 : C:\Users\kaytush\AppData\Local\Android\sdk Install missing platform(s) and sync project

Please Advice how to fix this.


Hi kaytush, Please update the Andriod SDK with API 21,22 x versions.


kaytush Purchased

Thanks Author for your prompt response. After the update process as you have directed. I did a clean and Rebuild process, Build failed with the error below returned.

Error:Execution failed for task ’:app:processDebugResources’. > com.android.ide.common.process.ProcessException: org.gradle.process.internal.ExecException: Process ‘command ‘C:\Users\kaytush\AppData\Local\Android\sdk\build-tools\21.0.0\aapt.exe’’ finished with non-zero exit value -1073741819

Please guide to resolve this error.


hi Kaytush, we saw this frequent issues whenever the new Android studio released. 1. Import the project and do Build -> Clean Project 2. Build -> Rebuild Project 3. If still issue persists, please change the Android SDK to 23 and target as 23 and sync it . 4.If still issue persists, please send a email to support@kloudportal.com and share the skype id or teamviewer info

Hi, I’m interesting in this app, so I wish to ask you some questions before I buy its.
1. Can it random question and answer such as I have 50 question but I want its to random 20 questions for player and random swap answer order too.
2. Is it support android 6 and more in future?
3. Is it have in-app purchase ability such as unlock no-ads, no timer?

1. Random questions are not yet available in the purchased package, however we can help you to provide the enhancement. 2.it supports Andriod 6 also 3. Nope, we don’t have feature of unlock ads .

so, I can get income from ads only?

how to setup admob ads appear on bottom of the page

Please check the fragment XML ’s from scorecard and quiz xmls , copy & paste the admob entries to the bottom child . if you have any questions, please reach me @ support@kloudportal.com

hi ,

If we need to add new set of questions , do the users need to update the app(from playstore) or it is done by a refresh button on top right corner directly from our server.

we want to update app with new questions every week so that the users which will be students in our case will user this app as much as possible.

Making a new build every week is not a good idea.

Hi Tushar, We don’t need to rebuild the app for every week. All we have to do is , update the questions in excel sheet and once we press the refresh button, it should be fine.

Nope, currently results tracking is done on local cache of Andriod and not from any server.

how did the user gets this new excel sheet ????

do the app download this excel sheet from our server automatically or user have to download it from a website ???

also can you make a custom app with result tracking option for us .


When user clicks on refresh button, it pulls the new sheet and loads it. We can help you for any custom development . please reach us support@kloudportal.com .

please provide push notification option

We are working on it. Will provide the option in next release.

We are working on it. Will provide the option in next release.

when will provide the next releaSE?

Hi, I need to add inapp purchase ?

hello can i used in eclipse or not ? because i have not android studio

Andriod is not supportive using eclipse due to max method count issues, we recommend to use Andriod studio .it takes 5 mins to go through the YouTube video and you are going to love it. The workspace is compatible to Andriod studio.

hi, I have a problem with the app, when I change the questions in the Excel sheet, the questions won’t change when I re-launch the app, What’s the problem?

Hi Abid, can you please share the purchase code to support@kloudportal.com . We will respond to your query.


zhaapps Purchased

Hi i have purchased this item, it working prefectly when url is https://onedrive.live.com/download?resid=2B70A9A9AB59B867%21111 and No error but i have create new excel sheet as same as your sheet and put in activity there is error Still just loading no data is there

log cat error W/System.err: java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to invoke virtual method ‘int com.aspose.cells.zbsj.j()’ on a null object reference W/System.err: at com.mobiquiz.materialdesgin.MainActivity$4.run(MainActivity.java:253)

I have followed the read me file It isnt working.

My excel sheet URL is https://onedrive.live.com/download?resid=6A9E1973BC20D868!18400 password is 123456789

please help to solve this issue

hi Zhapps,

https://onedrive.live.com/download?resid=6A9E1973BC20D868!18400 is redirecting to login page instead of download file. Looks like it not made as public.

If you have difficulty to use onedrive, you can use dropbox. Please the support link of FAQs or readme file in the workspace folder.


agayzjr Purchased

Do you have any update which supports Android 6.0-6.1 ?

Hi , this has support for Andriod 6 ,6.1

do i can use it offline, so i just upload it to any website{just to examine} students

Yes, you can use it offline and excel sheet can be uploaded to any site.

what you me by upload,,, i just want to use it offline for my students, everything offline

After the install, first time he needs to be in online. From their onwards, user can go for offline at any time and works fully offline.


I am waiting

I will buy it after redesign it.

when you are publishing new design mobi quiz app. i am waiting


osariz Purchased

I get an error even when I try to publish without setting or changing an application. Please either explain in detail how to set it up or return the money. Prepare a content that describes the installation in detail.

Can you please go through the Readme file which has detailed steps. Extract the zip and Reade me file, sample etc sheet will be available. If you still get any error because of Android studio versions or any other errors, reach us support@kloudportal.com and we will help you through Skype.

Pre-Purchase Question: At the end of the test where you have the score displayed. Is it possible to add a Comment/Note about the correct answer? Test taker will like to know why or how the Answer is correct.

Hi, Thank you for responding. Final screen has placeholder for the reason of correct or wrong answers. It has placeholder in excel sheet also.

Do you plan to release the IOS version someday?

IOS is planned sooner. Every one is requesting us on the same feature. Appreciate your feedback

hello, there is q documentation for the product, because i have no knowledge in programming

one other question, how to change the image size in the application? i make a image but it’s look so small. and if it’s possible how to show just the image without the text filed?

any answer??

In the excel sheet content, add the height & width param’s of the image.. ex: Smiley face

I want to use google drive. Is it Possible?

Yes, it is possible to choose Google drive instead of Dropbox

I can see alot of people having issues with this app. I got this error message when I tried to import “The path ‘D:\sdk’ does not belong to a directory.”? Android Studio will use this Android SDK instead: ‘C:\Users\MyComputer\AppData\Local\Android\Sdk’ and will modify the project’s local.properties file. What should I do. is it possible to modify this app? rename the package and reskin? I.m new to Andriod Studio

Okay. How do I fix the issue of random questions? I want question to be displayed randomly.

Also, can the app accommodate upto 500 or more questions?

Yes, it can accommodate 500 + questions.

Random questions is customized feature .We need to change the logic while displaying and showing results. Please reach support@klouportal.com for a quote

are you active account ,will you reply questions ??

Yes, we are active account and released few products in last week also. For any quotations, please reach support@kloudportal.com