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is this android studio Project?

Yes, this is for android studio compatible workspace

Good day,

Great apps.

Please what is the difference between Mobi Learn – LMS with Voice and Quiz, Exam and Mobi Quiz – Practice Test, Evaluate your learning , Exam App.

Is it just the voice?

Let me explain what I want to be certain your apps can do them

My client wants to teach maths to students (live) and the have quizzes as well for them.

Are these possible with your any of your apps above?

Thank you

Thanks alot for the info

Please will also like to ask if it is easy for a client, who is not an app developer, to be able to add tutorials and quizzes?

Do you have sample backend or a screenshot?

Thank you

If your client knows the excel sheet , he can upload the info to Dropbox . First time, he might need help for packaging and uploading to playstore. ( We have a package for one time help and yearly package to update the security issues, new devices compatibility).

hello Can we add the germany in the voice who read the text ??

It supports 6 languages including Germany.

Multi-language support for Revision Notes using Audio Play option. US-English Canada – French German Italian Japanese Chinese

But i can’t find German language, when i want to select language i find just (UK US ENGLISH FRENCh CANADA CHINA FRANCE)

We didn’t noticed German language is missing on the upgraded version. We also see Spanish is missing. We will try to address it in next patch .