Mobi Learn - LMS with Voice and Quiz, Exam

Mobi Learn - LMS with Voice and Quiz, Exam

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Android Mobile Application Quiz and Revision Notes – LMS

Mobi Learn – Text to Speech elearning and quiz app together for educators ,Institutions

Mobi Learn Overview

Mobilearn is a disruptive application currently coming into the market with a Text to Speech conversion. Type/text anything and click on play button. You will see all the text is played on your mobile device.

It has extensive features :

  1. Multi-language support for Revision Notes using Audio Play option.
      1. US-English
      2. Canada – French
      3. German
      4. Italian
      5. Japanese
      6. Chinese
  1. Text Support for multiple foreign languages including Arabic,French , Indian Languages.
  2. Control the speed of reading/speech .
  3. Good Readability
  4. Excellent application that can help you train/learn on the go.
  5. Take a quiz at the end of the session/chapter.
  6. Measure the completed quizzes time taken and view the report of completed quizzes
  7. You can configure you own quizzes for the chapters that were played.
  8. Zero Cloud cost , Password protected Excel sheet can be hosted in dropbox or OneDrive
  9. AdMob Integration components

You can download the app from the PlayStore

Features and Functionalities Details:

  • Mobile Text to Speech m-learning (similar to elearning) app for educators. Now Mobile education made as simple and ready to use.
  • Customize Mobile Android App with learning options and Quiz together in a single app.
  • Text to Speech (TTS) for mobile Reading app on Android.
  • Auto play option for completing the levels or chapters
  • Create Mobile elearn content
  • Text to Speech Language support – 6 languages – Mentioned above
  • Mobile Learning and Quiz Language Support – Almost all the languages where excel sheet can support
  • Easy Excel Sheet to add the content. Any Non-Technical person can manage the app
  • Preview the scores & time taken for Learn with quiz completion
  • Unique and simple Solution to Administrate every chapter and also with Questions & Answers in a Simple Excel sheet.
  • All Learning chapters/tutorials ,Questions & Answers are stored in Password protected Sheet . This sheet can sync with any public cloud.
  • Each level can have specific Time period for completing the Quiz which is configurable.
  • Multiple choice questions with four options. Supports dynamic sync for Text questions . Timer will close automatically at end of the Exam or Quiz.
  • Categorized Subjects/topics and Levels on each subjects/Topics.
  • Each Subject/topic can have automatic Alphabetic Flat icons ,all parameters are set customize for change.
  • Option to Traverse to the next level exam or quiz after completing the level.
  • Mobile learning and Mobile Quiz can work through offline .
  • Splash Screen Support
  • Zero Cloud cost , Password protected Excel sheet can be hosted in dropbox or OneDrive
  • Source code is compatible to Android Studio

Integrated with AdMod

Configurable AdMob id’s for AdMob Monetization.

Integrated with Rate Me Component

Configurable Rate me App feature which helps users to review it

Finally, Designed for any Non Technical guys can manage the App


  • Focus only on filling the excel sheet with questions and answers.
  • Every Quiz can be administered with Excel Sheet including the time required for Quiz.
  • Launch your App and make a faster move for Market.
  • App Questions can be managed by any Non Technical people also.
  • Monetize the App and customized Integrated version.
  • Full Source Code will be provided and also written comments on all code for understanding the code. Workspace compatible to Android Studio will be provided in the downloaded package.
  • AdMob Integration Steps will be provided with a placeholder while answering the questions & Answers

Android App Quiz Demo Play Store URL: For Customization , Custom Integration and any specific requirements, Please shoot an email to for a quotation.