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Hi, looks great app but there is no video demo or screenshot or live version please provide me the appstore link. one more thing which platform it developed objective c or swift ? and which version ?

where is the admin panel demo ?

and one more question this iPhone app is build and submit via Xcode ! or not ? because i am not familiar with AngularJS ! so kindly let me know ! thanks ! and i have to edit layout as well i know how to edit but in Xcode not in angularJS is it capable to open and working this app on Xcode ?

one more question if i buy the android version as well is it helpful to both app run on same admin panel but i want to see the admin panel demo or if you don’t have possible then kindly gave me some demo video ?

Hi mohammadkalim… here is the admin panel demo: – for editing the app, there are no Xcode story boards, we made it to be a template easy to be used by people that are not familiar with Xcode but want as iOS app. The app is easily editable using our development method and all is explained in our documentation. Yes, if you have both the Android & iOS version they’ll both use the same admin panel.

what backend are you using?

Good day Dbraxt09! The app comes with an admin panel to make changes to the app dynamically, so you don’t have to worry about back-end stuff, but if you want to bother yourself with all that, please look at the files included in the item description? I hope we’ve answered your question satisfactory.

This is Nice… I know it’s too early to ask… But is there an Android Version for this or are you planning to make one later on?

We are awaiting for the Android version to be approved. We’ll let you know once its available on Codecanyon :)

Good day, the Android version is now available and you can find it here…

Hello, do you offer customization for additional fee? Thanks

Good day, please send an email to – we are always willing to assist!

Hi- How does buying and using the app work? i see you mentioned above that “The app has been submitted to the AppStore” Does that mean if i buy i cant submit to the appstore with my content and logo?

Thx Can i do my own customization (add logo, change bg colours etc) or do i need your support team? Also waiting for the Android version… hopefully that would be out soon?

Hi… Yes, the app is fully customisable so you can change as you wish… however, if you do struggle with anything, you can also contact our support team for assistance! The Android app is now available here:

Hi, can you provide a video preview or published app with this code and backend demo? Thanks

Good day AppsVilla! For some weird reason the video preview isn’t showing on the description, in the interim we’ll upload it to YouTube up until it’s updated by Envato. The demo version of the app is currently under preview, we’ll let you know once it’s available on the AppStore.

Video preview now showing…

Live streaming shoutcast_?

Yes Guilleguate! its currently set to work with Shoutcast live streaming :)

hi, how does the artist update the app videos without sending an update and if using both IOS and android do updates have to be done separately? thanks

Good day Ambioris! Updates are made via an admin panel that come packaged with the app, that’s where you make all app updates & it dynamically makes changes to the app without having to resubmit it to the AppStores. The admin panel works for both iOS & Android, so you only make the changes once and they appear on both versions of the app. I hope that answers your question :)

I was planning on buying this template, and in fact I was going to get the android version, but upon trying out the iOS version, I encountered some errors in how the app worked. Pages not loading properly and the like. Please update the application! Thank you.

Good day DrJapan… can you please be more elaborate on the issue you encountered so that we can look into them, thanks. We are ar currently not aware of pages that don’t load properly. Yes, there is an ability to add a short logo animation after the splash screen

The issue was when clicking the info button for the featured event. The page would hang and sometimes would crash the app. I noticed an update. What did you update? Thanks!

Good day, we would like to suggest that you try installing the app, as we are not aware of that issue. Please have a look at the change log on the item description to see the changes.

Hi will you update ?

Hi there! Which bugs exactly?

Hi,how easy to add admob?

With a bit of customization you can add admob. :)

what do you mean by “NB: Create a login page for your admin panel, that way, only you will have access to it.” Could you explain how to do this. I love this app but the tutorial is missing some steps

Hi there! Apologies for the delayed response, its only for your own security purposes. Are you still struggling with anything?

Hello, my Cpanel is with godaddy. How would I get this app setup so I can start adding my own events, music and etc? Looks like a great app for any musician by the way, nice work!

Hey guys, please follow up regarding the email I sent, I have the correct credentials now for my godaddy login

Also, I noticed in the documentation it mentions editing photos with Adobe Illustrator and I don’t have this program on my mac, what do I use otherwise?

Hi there, the illustrator files are the ones we used in the design, please feel free to use your own images edited in your preferred software.

what is difference between this and your ionic music?

Hi there. The ionic version contains the source code.

I have purchased iphone / android. everything is working just fine. is it not possible to use google ads / admob on these 2 apps? if so please let me know how. im stuck there

i have bought all 3 for the ads purpose and have edited the android specific purchase and iphone specific purchase.

do you have any contact info outside of email? i love the app and the layout but the email is non responsive at all. do you have skype ?

Hi there, before we get there. Are you familiar with Ionic 1? That app was built using Ionic 1, and if you are not familiar with it it’ll be difficult for you to integrate the admit feature. But feel free to drop me an email and we can discuss this further:

Upon releasing it to app store I get

Guideline 4.1 – Design – Copycats

Upon releasing to android working just fine.