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Hi there… can you send me the apk? I would like to test the app

Hi there. Thanks for the link. I have been going through the demo and noticed a few things

1)Your App is kind of slow to load some sections..there are some delays and No, it’s not my Internet connection. Since everything else on the internet is pretty first with my connection. Is there a way to increase the speed of which it takes to load some sections? Especially the SHARE button. for a minute there one might think it doesn’t work.

2) More of a suggestion: In the Artist Section I think it would be good if you guys could make it in such a way that it shows The Artist’s Bio, Photos, plus his/her Music under the Bio. Am saying that bcoz let’s say am just interested in listening to ARTIST 1 songs only and not ARTIST 2. It would be easy if I could just find all of his songs under his Bio than me having to go the Music section where it has ALL the songs of all artists in the Record Lable and start to look for ARTIST 1 songs without even having the option of Filtering through the long list of songs.

3) If you could incorporate Youtube comments under videos or native comments under Audios, Photos( to be put under Artist’s section Bio)..... that can make the app more interactive and community-based since that’s what the Labels would be looking for.. Interacting with their fans more hence making it more appealing for people to have their App on their phones

4) I don’t know if it’s Bug or what. But when one plays a Video.. then you go to Play an Audio. Both media keep on Playing. Please look into this .. When I play a Video and then go to play an Audio… It is good if the Video stops playing automatically or if I play Audio and go to play Video, The Audio should stop playing automatically so as to avoid the overlap in both.

Good day BrioNg! We value your feedback :) We will look into some of your suggestions for our next update. Thanks!

Admin painel ?

Good day Oavandre! Yes, it comes with an admin panel!

I want to see admin panel!

hello streaming radio plays AAC ?

Not knowing if you have a specific supplier you are reffering to… Can you please send us an email to: studio@rockstarmediastore.co.za & our support team will assist you with any platform specific questions you might have. Thanks.

We’ve tested your link in the app and its working perfectly. Nice music by the way :)

Hi, Is there any download option for the audio albums and videos.. I can see only songs in the audio. Can we be upload album I.e 6 songs under a group. Can we upload the videos from our server other than you tube.. Thanks

Hi Vijay129! Depending on where you’ll be downloading the songs and videos from, but yes, there is that feature in the app. Yes, you can upload songs and also pull video from your own servers… :) For anything further, we’ll be glad to assist!

I want to upload albums and videos into my server and give a download option for the users.

Hi Vijay129, that is a possibility, but unfortunately this app doesn’t support that feature, that will be additional development we can assist you with.

Hello dear,

1 – I would like to know how the audio and video live streaming? 2 – Is there an admin panel? a demo if possible for us to test?


Hi there… thanks for purchasing the app! Please look back into our communication 20 days ago when we informed you that you have to link it to the website / ticketing company that you are using for tickets sales :)

Hi, Please help me to link. I want to receive the different order on my backend with the details of the customers. Assist me !

Good day, please send us a support email to: support@rockstarmediastore.co.za & we can assist you with further development

Hello there, does this app support RTL?

Hi there! For the stream? If so, please send us a link to your stream so we can test it out for you before purchase. Thanks!

not for the stream, for the design of the app. does it support RTL languages?

Hi there, apologies for that mix-up. No, this version of the app does not support RTL languages. For now, that will require additional development work from our side.

app needs; user can follow artist and when we upload events we can send notification to user who follow this artist. And one more search button need on artist.

And one question. Can we add artist for example 20 artist? and can we add add more page on more tabs?

Hi halibrahimer! Thanks for your feedback. We’ll consider your feedback in our next update. For now, yes, you can have as many artists as you want, and you can also have as many pages on the more tabs as you want :)

if you will pay attention. There should be user registration system. User can register and update notification. i will consider now to buy your app. Thanks and it is very good work.

excellent support!

Please I want to buy the app but before doing that I want to know more about the installation process. The server and requirements

Hi! Thanks for reaching out… The app comes with an admin panel and database. The admin panel uses php: apache. You will need an online linux server. Are you familiar with such, if not, our support is always willing to help in setting this up. It’s really not rocket science :)

Hello! Please I bought the app already. How do you help with setting up the server. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks

Hi there, please send us a support email to: studio@rockstarmediastore.co.za in order for us to assist you further. We shall wait for your mail. Thanks.

Hi, is there a limit on the number of displayed audio and video files in the application?

Hi there! Yes, currently its 6, but it can be increased with additional development.

Hi, I can remove these lines of code to not request any permission and that all keep walking properly?


<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.READ_CALENDAR" />
<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.WRITE_CALENDAR" />
<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE" />
<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.RECORD_AUDIO" />
<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.MODIFY_AUDIO_SETTINGS" />
<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE" />

Hi, we don’t know cause we’ve never had a reason to do so. So test it out and let us know how it goes.

Once purchased, what software do we need to have to edit and update?

Hi there, the app uses an admin panel to do live updates.

all images and words at the template of the App must be change/edit by admin-panel! all colors in the template must neutral (black, white, grey) why these skunky colors??? – make changeable logo and app-icon via url in adminpanel please.

never open an APK

thats it

More than 15 days i send an email about help , they din’t reply, you said you’ll assist me adding download in the app. and every time i change the name of the app in android studio , the package still stay same id. this project is an Ionic base, every time i change the name and the package id, error come up. you do not have a clear explication on your documentation and you never update it, i ask myself if you ever see other peoples documentation on envato market. first: how to change the name, the package, the skin if needed…

I’m still need help about them

Try this: In Android Studio, expand MainFile /res/values – then open strings.xml and replace Global Church with your app name. Thereafter make an additional change to MainFile /res/xml – then open config.xml and replace Global Church with your app name

Sorry that was a copy from our other app Global Church… in this case… you’d look for Mmino

hi i want to purchase the app but i want to know its possible to connect it with a wordpress website

Hi there, thanks for reaching out! which features will you want integrated with wordpress? Regards, RockStar_Media.

So this for song listing is it only support Soundcloud? or i can use other streaming mp3 url from other websites?

Hi there, you can use streaming URL’s from any media stream

Is it possible for the user to register in the app? Music and artists registration? Is it possible that the user can make their own uploads?

Hi there, yes, with additional development this is possible, but unfortunately those features are not available on the version here on Codecanyon.

Will have a user record and the user will be able to register artists in the next update?

Good day, yes, we are hoping to implement such features in the next release :)

hi , can i upload my own tracks without using sound cloud , thanks

Good day, yes, that is possible

Can you work on it custom for it to enable artist register and upload their song, and users download the song? And also monthly subacription fee for artist? And then follow button which enables user to follow their favourite artist and get notification when the artist release new track?

Hi there! Not with this current version. For something like that it will require additional development. Regards, RockStar_Media.

Can you develop it just to my required taste. What will be the additional cost?

Hi there! For custom development please send us an email to: studio@rockstarmediastore.co.za