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BUG very serious!

The plugin has a very serious BUG! When you uninstall it the same affects multi site network causing damage to the pages where the initial setup has been done! It does disappear not only the content of entire pages as sub menus too!

Sounds odd, all the plugin does on de-installation, is remove the stored values from the database. I don’t know how that would affect the content of pates or (sub)menus.


Baye Purchased

Dear, i’am not able to install this plugin. Could you support? the version of my WordPress is 4.5.2.

regards BAYE

Some more information would be helpful. If you send me a PM with the login details, I’d be happy to have a look.

To workaround the problem with a fixed header in IE9, 10, 11 & Edge not sliding with the page when the menu slides in, I’ve added:

offCanvas: {
    moveBackground: false,
    position: "right",
    zposition : "front" 

to around line 178 in the /mmenu/js/mmenu.js file in my plugins folder.

This works, but the changes are overwritten everytime I subsequently make edits to mmenu in the WP Admin.

Please could you add the zposition options into the mmenu WP Admin screens, so they are also saved when changes are made.

Thank you. :grin: