Discussion on m'Manager - Invoices Management System

Discussion on m'Manager - Invoices Management System

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Is SaaS available?

Hi, thanks for your interest. No, the app is not saas ready. But I have a dedicated server where I host a copy on demand. Thanks


jolona Purchased

Hi, I have some presale question.

(1) Would it be possible to use different numbering of invoices according to the customer code or prefix? Ex: CLIENT1-001, CLIENT1-002, CLIENT1-003….... and CLIENT2-001, CLIENT2-002, CLIENT2-003…....

(2) In Spain, freelancers apply two taxes on the base. I think it is possible to configure 2 taxes to the same bill. Freelances in Spain have positive tax +21% IVA (VAT) and a negative one -15% IRPF (It would be very similar or equal to a discount, but it is a tax). Can I set a negative tax?

(3) I see that it is possible to create recurring bills. How the system assign the number of bill if I have some different serie?

Thanks in advance for your answer!

Hi Jolona, sorry for the delay. The only thing it can’t do right now is the numbering per client. Negative tax is supported with the red ADD TAX while creating invoice. Thanks for your interest



jolona Purchased

Hi Eric, Thanks for your answer. I bought a license. I installed succesfully but I have a problem. The negative tax is applied to the total amount after taxes and I need it to apply to the subtotal amount before taxes. So if subtotal is 100€, IVA TAX is 21% and it will be 21€ -> 121€ (that’s ok) but the IRPF NEGATIVE TAX 15% must be applied over the subtotal -> 15€ and not over the total. Result should be 121€ IVA -115€ IRPF = 106€. Now DEDUCTED tax is from invoice total AFTER all taxes and for me (and for all freelances in Spain) DEDUCTED tax must be from invoice subtotal BEFORE all taxes -> Over the subtotal. Could you check this?

Hi Jolona, thanks for purchase and thanks also for your explanations. I added this feature based on the request of a client. If the computation is wrong, no worry I try right now what you suggest. Please email me at so I can apply the fix on your install before official release. Thanks and happy new year ! Eric

Do you have SAAS version?

Hi, thanks for your interest. I started a saas, but not ready. I can host your install if needed. Let me know.

nice demo login interface ONLY.

Hi, codecanyon iframe breaks the login page.Follow the link in the message or click here Just hit login ! thanks

I have the below requiments. am not sure your system have those features already 1.add invoice: – free input products and price. – different sales their invoice prefix is different. or they can set inv prefix freely. 2.cusomer can add quotation: the quotation form, customer can also add free items and add rows (more than 1 items) .. 3.sales summary we can get reports by staff sales. we can know total of the sales and paid amount for selelted date range. 4.invoice export we can import the invoice with the fields. inv#,.customer name,custome numer, order detail;, total amout, due amount 5….if this can be customized. i would like to pay we can set the status of the invoice (not the pay status),should be like pending shipped ,etc(i saw this in your purchase orders tab)

Hi, sorry for the delay. No, such features are not available. I note the ideas for future development. Thanks Eric I need, can’t change the provider of these two options, These two options can only be changed by the admin

is possible?

Is it possible to generate a bill excluding tax? Currently, the filed tax amount is showing 0.00 in PDF

Hi, if you are not using tax, you can edit your invoice layout to remove it. Or a better option would be to hide it when == 0. Let me know if you need more help. Thanks

Provider has login panel? i need Provider login url. I’d like to see the providers dashboard

Hi there i really liked your product it seems to work very well, but it did not support Bulgarian language/region settings. Can i help you with this task and make it compatible with Bulgarian language? I really like to buy this product.

Hi Blaker, thanks for your support. I would appreciate it if you have time to share with this project. Please email me at Thanks. Eric

License showing like this


Hi, thanks for purchase. I am here to assist. Please email me at and we will fix it immediatly. Thanks Eric

Hi, all system icons disappear after update or reinstall within the system. Clearing cookies but didn’t help

Right click on logo gives this: .../templates/darkblue/resources/assets/layouts/layout/img/logo.png?v=3.5. I checked the logo.png is in the …/img folder but does not load up. Language flag loads up just fine …/templates/darkblue/resources/assets/global/img/flags/us.gif?v=3.5

not sure where to ”...right click on theme and check paths.”

I reinstalled clean copy.

Got all excited about this app, seems to do everything I need. Then I see it has not been updated since 2020. Is this app going to be supported? If so, how long?

Not looking to place my client’s info on someone else’s server. I alone maintain my client’s private info.

@texasbiz, You see, update is ready :-)

Humm, you mean the price has been updated?

haha, I added all there. It desserves this price :-)


pvde Purchased

Hello, will there be an update soon?

Yes, I understand this opinion. I personaly hate SaaS app. But this is a real issue: I work hard for bad guys. They are reselling the app as a service up to 30€/month. I got many reports from countries all other the world. License database is full of duplicated licenses where I only have 164 people supposed to run the app. I am using a dedicated server with 2 backups for each user. A ftp access and database access is available. All backups are sent automatically to backblaze as a second security layer and kept for 7 days. Your data will be safe, at any time. Sorry, if you are not happy. This was a difficult decision.


pvde Purchased

Hello, Thank you for the latest update.

Just a small tip that hopefully will help you. Slider revolution etc. work the same way like you, but they have a routing that verifies the Envato license key to a certain domain. Which makes is impossible to redistribute the software without a valid license key.

If you want, I can share some examples with you. I will give you my logins so you can see how they do it. It would be a waste if you have to stop with the development.

Hi mate, thanks for your tip. Will be glad to look deeper. I appreciate your support

Demo link does not seem to be working. Kindly check and resolve.

Hi, thanks for reporting. Envato has a issue with the iframe, please follow this link

Does stripe payment use two factor authentication?

The payment is handled by Stripe, so all settings are applied.

I understand the payment is handled by stripe – but has your integration been built using stripe’s two factor authentication api?

this is a basic integration that redirects to stripe for payment and returns payment response. This way i don’t have to deal with security issues

I am reviewing the DEMO and it is very interesting, it adapts very well to what I need, but I wanted to ask you if there is any demo user as a CLIENT, to see how my customers see this tool.

Thanks for your interest. Just register a customer with your email address and run a test. You can later delete this customer. Customer portal is here

Thanks Eric

I have registered a customer with and 123456789, but users may change password when you test. So feel free to add a customer with your email address. Thanks

Hello, The SMTP function doesn’t support services like Gmail etc. Will this function come?

Hi, yes you can set any smtp. The phpmailer handles this feature.

Yes but how to authenticate google workspace (former Google Apps) with thie feature.

You should probably generate app token and use it as password with Google default smtp credentials

do you have saas version?

Not ready. I am working on it.

Hi, I tested your demo and I really like it. Before I buy I want to know a few things 1) Some of the parts I don’t need right now. Are you able to remove it? 2.) Can I send invoices/recruiting payment automatically via email?

Just paid. Thanks

Thanks. I am here to help if you have any problem.

The demo login is not working for me. I’m interested in this script. Thank you!

Hi, thanks for your interest. Please make sure to close the frame and hit Login. Let me know. Thanks


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