m'Manager - Invoices Management System

m'Manager - Invoices Management System

m’Manager is a small but full featured piece of software designed for freelancers and based on CodeIgniter 3. It will help you manage easily your business, create and send automatically your invoices and estimates, keep track of your turnover, tax and items sale performances. Many cool features are coming soon… So welcome on board ! You will enjoy it !

At the moment, m’Manager supports English, French, Italian, Dutch.The next release will include Greek and Arabic

Please note that price will be updated as we add new features.

What’s Coming Next ?

We are testing Ingenico ePayments and Stripe. Register on the forum to get involved !

We did it ! Mollie Payment is now supported

Features Quick View


Version 1.4 (06/12/2017)

2 Bugs fix
- Error on Mollie Paymnent Account
- Description not showing on products/services

Version 1.3 (06/06/2017)

New Feature
- Mollie Payment support with partial or total refund
- Secured user dashboard. User can view, pay invoices without registering.
- m'Manager runs now on any server environment, with/without Apache2, mod_rewrite enabled/disabled.
- email notification templates updated
- Improvements.
This update is highly recommended.

Version 1.2 (05-19-2017)

- Support Dutch Language

Bug Fixes
- Cron job issue. Update your cron command to wget -qO- >/dev/null 2>&1 if output is saved on server
 - Charts labels (mismatch Taxes/Charges on dashboard)
 - php warnings and notices when environment is set to development
 - Taxes duplicated values
 - Improvements
This update is highly recommended.

Version 1.1 (05-09-2017)

New Features
 - View PDF Button in Invoices/Quotes List

- Support Italian Language
- Add User Avatar
- Remove Income By Category in dashboard (will be in separate chart)
- Improvements

Version 1.0 (05-07-2017)

- Initial Release

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If you need a particular feature or want your language to be supported, please let’s know. For documentation, follow this link