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Hello Author,

I will like to purchase this item, but the demo is not working.

Please what can i do?

only youtube demo

Hello, I just bought a licence, can you provide some documentation? I don’t see it in the downloaded file


lurless Purchased

Hi, I could not find the documentation in the downloaded file after purchase, can you please help

I think your software is fit to what I need. But to make sure, can you give me the demo link? It will make me sure about this software. Thanks.

youtube demo only please

Hi, Is Multilevel Marketing Software available in Spanish?

No english

The main screen stop to work a few days after installation.

error or something other send me in skype: singh.mvc@gmail.com

Hello , I would like to buy this script , if you can provide a working demo. Thanks Cdt,

video demo see on youtube please

Can we set daily limit for pair earning like a person joined and left right pair is 5 so after 5 pair commission not added on that day and after second day he will be able to earn commission, means totally like caping system on per person….

Can we integrate payment gateway like ccavenue or pyumoney in this on time of registration ?

Please reply asao…i am waiting..

Hi , Currently cant reach you . We aggreed one project and now you not respond . Can you ping me from skype please . Why you act like this cant understand .

ping me on skype with your name

It’s a total fraud deal. Mr. Sonu (the script provider) left some bug in the script to run like default page is not available in the script & when you try to contact him he asking for additional charge without checking the error. means he know better that what is the bug & the charges to solve this he asked is 30-40$....Total Fraud Deal

Its your lack knowledge ,403 FORBIDDEN is server error , not a script error.

Hi Author,

I’ll be having a php base website, is this mlm of yours will work in php environment? Please reply.

Thank you.

yes we deal in php, for further talk come on skype: singh.mvc@gmail.com

Hi Author,

Thanks for the reply.

I’m planning to integrate your mlm script to our php base website as add on. Is this possible? Waiting for your reply.

Thank you

yes possible we have php script ,but you have to buy from our side, and hire any php codeigniter developer from any where and customize script as per your need from.

Hello MrSonu, After i am Purchase, I want to ask. Is it possible if I am only use affiliate bonus and not need level. and Is it possible if the reward bonus added the claim button on member area. Example: If the member has earned 1000 affiliates, they will get a bonus handphone, If 2000 affiliate they will get a motorcycle, if 5000 affiliate they will get a car. After they have claim reward, affiliates will be reset to 0. Thankss

talk on skype: singh.mvc@gmail.com

im very interesting to buy such as system but 1- it’s the first time to use this application system & i want to make an project using MLM so i’m not technical i need fully support from installation to everything 2- I want to make some changes on the tree like add more than left & right for example user can add 5th then every 1 add 5th also after completing level 2 , jumped into another tree to add more 5th , is it possible to make an edition or not .

your fast response would appreciated

talk on skype: singh.mvc@gmail.com

Is this script available with source code?


I just joined an MLM company with binary system. I need only a website for my downline recruitement. I need a website that have geanology tree, admin can also add member manually. The website need no ewallet or commission system. Just a simple web autodownline. Please contact me at nikazmi1970@gmail.com for more info. Thank you.

ping me on skype: singh.mvc@gmail.com

Can I do a matrix 3×10 with this?


How can I do that? On the Youtube I just saw a binary plan. I’m interesting in your product but I need a matrix 3×10.

its parent child tree just add child user even you can 10 under 3 or even other matrix.

Hi, why do U not have a demo so I can try it? I like to try before I spend $58 :)

video demo only.

ok then I will search for a other script. remember that if U add a demo then U will sell more, but its ok for me I will found a other I can try it before I pay so much money for some script.

ok, you may search other script ,right now we provide only video demo.

Iam bit confused with this…please explain Without Source Code Compiled With Full Source Code. which one should normally choose?

simple if you want to full source code than-Extended License ,other wise ,without source code-Regular License

Hey Sonu, thanks for your fast reply. with Regular License, can i change the code as per my requirements.

no ,only Extended License you have change code asp per your need.

Hello Author i am interested in your SOFTWARE but i ave some concerns which i will need your answers by each point.

1. Can your software be made to customize a MULTI-LEVEL MARKETING SITE with Geneology from 1×6 ?

2.Will i need to design another section of Home page, about us write up, e.t.c > Does your template support added website pages..

3. If there is no web pages included in your software how do i integrate this into the website either with wordpress or html.

4. Can i easily install the software on a server even though i don’t have experience to do it?

5. Does it work like web template drag and drop design customization?

6. Can i add a chart that displays 1×6 genealogy tree? does your software have this feature?

Please reply me on time to make purchase asap.

Thanks a lot for answering my questions

talk on skype: singh.mvc@gmail.com

I dont have skype what about whats app?

I sent you a mail


fynboy1 Purchased

Hello, I just bought this. How do I get the documentation on how to install? Thanks

What is this: Installation: 1. Extract project downloaded file and Rebuild application. 2. Change you connection string from web.config. 3. run database script on your ms sql database 4. your application ready to use now.