MLM STUDIO - Multilevel Marketing Software MVC 5 Open Source Application

MLM STUDIO - Multilevel Marketing Software MVC 5 Open Source Application

Mvc MLM Studio (Multilevel Marketing Software)

MLM STUDIO - Multilevel Marketing Software MVC 5 Open Source Application - 1

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Our MLM Software contains a comprehensive set of tools required to manage and organize MLM accounts. A web-based and user friendly MLM tools allow you to track your customers and recruits, as well as organize and report day to day sales, revenue and profit. It is the simple and user friendly interface which is one of key aspects of our software.

Our MLM Software has features to define products from which the marketing Firm is doing business for MLM software facilitates to define user commission and generate commission reports. Complete downlink can be seen in a tree view by our Online MLM Portal by the members. All users can have access into a system and they can view / modify only their downlink. Every member will collect their own bespoke self replicating web page, with a fixed plan, Downlink, Payment Status and Reminders. Our MLM solution is web based enterprise level management system. Thus, you can easily collaborate with your associates. We provide a number of features for your benefit. Its web based application run on windows hosting. You can easily customize these features and can make your own changes. Features:
-Mvc 5 (Code first)
-Role Based
-Menu and Menu Permissions (User and Role Based)
-With Full Source Code
-Datatable Jquery Integrated
-Bootstrap Design
-Separate Login and register page designed. -Create any type matrix like 2×1,2×2 etc.
Application Modules:

  • Role and Menu Management (Role and User based)
  • User Profile Information (bank detail, personal info,contact info etc.)
  • Product Management
  • Invoicing
  • Small Accounts Management
  • Rewards Management
  • Pin Request
  • Donation Management
  • User Tree and Tree legs
1. Extract project downloaded file and Rebuild application.
2. Change you connection string from web.config.
3. run database script on your ms sql database
4. your application ready to use now.

Online Video Demo:
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System Requirement.
Windows Server or Windows Hosting.
IIS7 OR above
.Net framework 4.5.1 OR above
Sql Server 2008 OR above

Update on 16 feb 2020
Fix some bugs new changes.
Update on 21 Aug 2019
Fix some errors
Update all Packages
Make dashboard for User Account
Make Menus for users and he will manage his self data and tree etc.
Update Tree views as per user down line list
 Updates: 13 march 2017<br />
1 all application coding refine<br />
2 Create graphical dashboard ui ,chart etc.<br />
3 Make tree like Organization tree, simple parent child tree<br />
4 ePin Request and Generate Pins<br />
5 User management dashboard with chats<br />
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