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after buy this product it is showing fatal error on my local host so i am unable to run it and after send the problem to support after 48 hour i have not received any response (Fatal error: Class ‘CI_Controller’ not found in C:\Program Files (x86)\EasyPHP-Devserver-17\eds-www\mlm1\system\core\CodeIgniter.php on line 234)

We have responded in our support email. Thanks!

i have purchased this script today, http://localhost/zi-mlm/ works well and open login page .but when i open http://localhost/zi-mlm/MLMadmin it takes me on xamp main page

Its working now…:) Its my fault

Alright. Thanks

Hi Author,

I’m interested buyer and i have few questions.

1.) Is your script will do 2×3 forced matrix (auto filling)?

2.) I’ll be having a php base website, is this mlm of yours will work in php environment?

3.) I’m planning to integrate your mlm script to our php base website as add on. Is this possible?

Please reply.

Thank you.


The script does not support forced matrix, you may need to customise from our base tree / genealogy structure Yes its PHP 5.6 / Code Ignitor Yes definitely possible


Please i have purchase this script, it’s working fine on my locahost. I uploaded it on my web server and it’s also working fine but i can’t login with my correct username and password. Even when i try the administrator url with this MLMadmin it said 400 bad request Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand. Please help, and i have configure my .htaccess very well

I’ve fix it

Great! Thanks :-)

When do you expect to release your next update for your MLM script?

Unfortunately, we do not have a date yet. :-(

Do you think you will have a revised update before the end of the year? Will you be updating the UI and UX and creating a landing page? I look forward to your updates :)

Presale questions : You said this is not a forced matrix but i saw this in your feature ”- Network / genealogy branch limit (width) control ” can you please explain it. cos if there is limit there is spillover and i think that is forced matrix

There is no spillover provided, however there is control on your network width.

There are too many variations of MLM compensation plans and their naming differs from place to place, therefore its best to try out the base script.

Most of our customers get the this script to customise their own plans. Thanks.

I saw you have automate Commission payout.
  1. Which is the payment gateway this pays out from
  2. I cannot find in admin or affiliate where is the trigger for auto payout.
On another note, what framework is this written in laravel?
can you please help answering this questions?

Paypal. Commissions are automatically calculated but for withdrawals its manually handled.


Vito227 Purchased

Do you have any updates in the works yet?

hi can this be used for a Binary MLM solution (left and right legs in other words) and can percentage be set gor compensation – thnx

Yes, however we encourage testing our demo first as binary plans has lotsa variations too.