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Thanks so much for helping me get this problem resolved! You guys went above and beyond to help. Thank you so much!!

Hello…. I’m very interested in purchasing your script. Whats your email as I have a few questions. Thanks

Thanks for interest.

I am interested to buy this script. Can you please send me your email I have some questions on customization of currency. Do you accept Debit Card Payment from MasterCard? If you accept Please Send me the link to process the transaction.

Thanks in anticipation for your timely response.


Do note that we do not provide customisation services. Here are our emails :


razi17 Purchased

I am interested to buy this script. Do you accept Payment getaway from europay?

We only included the most common international gateway, which is paypal. The rest differs per country usage, thus its up to your programmers to configure / customise.


Hello ! I’m very interested in purchasing… I only need 2 things in the system: 1º: 3 types of plans with 3 different prices. 2º When the customer chooses a product can only visualize the product that he bought if he buys a lower value he can not see the highest value product (my products are ebooks and video). Can I block videos and pdf files so people do not dowload? can i put other language ?

Best regards !

Different plans with different prices are already supported.

Your product requirements definitely needs some customisations. You may purchase our script to save work. However unfortunately we dont provide customisations.

Hope this helps. Thanks

Does this system have any kind of automated withdrawal system? Does it support paypal API for automated or export bulk payment? Or must every payment to members (user withdrawals) be processed manually?

Supports Paypal, but withdrawals are handled manually.

Please write a CHANGELOG in the description page to know the changes you made anytime you make an update. Just to be sure if it worth downloading again.


hi, is the script support MySQL?



am making a decision on buying this script now,however i need clarifications on some things cox i had bought a script that didn’t suit what i wanted.

what i need this script for is just for managing downlines of marketers who work with me on freelance. i pay them on commission bases,and the mode of payment is a bank check that is raised in the office by me to the user.

1.does this script need to be attached to an online payment gateway during installation before it can generate referral link for users or work perfectly? users need to have an online payment account before they can signup?

3. can packages be created without sign up fee, and with payment option set to direct or manual bank credit and will still allow users to signup for such package.

i need this answers addressed before making a purchase because all i need this script to do i just keep records of my users,create a unique referral link for every single users,also user to be able to view their downlines and payment made by directly bank credit.These way admin can keep track of generations and pay accordingly via manual calculation.

Thank you.

1.does this script need to be attached to an online payment gateway during installation before it can generate referral link for users or work perfectly? No, but of course payments cant be made. users need to have an online payment account before they can signup? Nope.

3. can packages be created without sign up fee, and with payment option set to direct or manual bank credit and will still allow users to signup for such package. Yes, just put the fee at 0 and choose manual payment.

We suggest you test out the demo to ensure it fits your requirement before purchasing.

Thanks for interest!

Good afternoon, does the system have a daily bonus option? Example, do you buy a package of a thousand dollars and get a 1 percent bonus every day?

Nope, we dont have that function in now however with the current structure you can customise that (via a developer of course)

What is the link for the user area demo. The only link dropped is for the admin area demo. Thanks

does this script support anyother currency other than $?

thanks so please how do i change that to Nigeria Naira once i bought the script .?

I cant seem to find where to change the currency in the demo and does the script support MLM with product?

It can be integrated with a eCommerce product platform but this script does not include that part.

Hello, great job. I bought the script already, but it keeps on logging me out whilst trying to login. Sometimes after login, when you click on a link, it logs you out. Some other times, it just doesn’t log you in. And some other times, it logs you in, and before the page loading time is over, it log you out. Please, how do I fix this ASAP?? Or help me fix it! Thanks


Please send exact technical error to our support email So far we have not received such an issue from our other users.

It could be due to your local / hosting environment, therefore for such cases contacting your host would be the best way forward.


dayo_a Purchased

i sent you a mail but no reply , i still havent figure how members withdraw their money , no amount is displayed on their ewallet, withdrwal request are not being fulfilled when initiated despite being due , also the referral name field is blocked , you cant enter your referral’s ID . please attend to this . thanks

Withdrawal requests are handled by your company via your own system / payment gateway / bank / manually.

As for other functional questions please read our user guide included with the package.

hi do u do customize?


Sorry for late reply. No we dont customise.


Hello guys ! Have some pre-sales questions.

I have a local store, i want to allow multi-level business. So i want to let people promote my products and earn commission.

This is how i planned to do it:

When someone first register, he will have 5% on each product he sales and the person who refers him will have a 2% commission on each of his sale. And that’s set.

By this i mean, admin will manually enter the amount of sales with the username of the vendor and the system will calculate the commission of the vendor and the person who refers him.

Each user will have a view to see their revenues and can ask for payment.

The system will calculate the ammount of sales in total and the amount of commission for users concerned

Can your system handle this this way ? If not, is there any way it can be customized this way ?

Thank you !

It has the modules and functions to handle the commission calculations and disbursement, however your requirements definitely needs customisations and development work.



avissou Purchased

hello, I have installed all script locally on mampro but unfortunately. At the end of the installation when I try to connect to the admin interface after filling the username ( and the password (admin123). the Form does not move I am blocked at this level. Can you tell me how to do since a week has not happened to make the scrip. Thank you

Have you sent in the error code at our support email ?


savelahu Purchased

Please Help me about PayPal config, Now can install But can’t use PayPal.

We are supporting you via our support emails.



mcvitus Purchased

I have installed the Zi-MLM website into my server but am unable to log into admin. The .htaccess file is copied into my public_html folder. Do I need to make any changes in this file? I ignored making any changes to it because my website is not a subdirectory


mcvitus Purchased

Thanks for assisting me in resolving the issue I complained. It was my inexperience that caused it.

Welcome :)