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The 1: 1 bonus how is it paid every time you do not endless pair? Can you configure this part? Have you set up to pay? It has little information and a demonstration is very limited, do you have any documents detailing the administration and how?

We can customized as you need, for that pls mail us:

Hi I am interested in this product, i have few clarification before purchasing this .

1. In my plan upto 5 level comission amount will differ, for example

Level 0 – pay 100 level 1 get 10 level 2 gets 5 level 3 gets 3 level 4 gets 2 level 5 gets 1 below all levels the same amount, CAn i customise like this

2. Can i disable unwanted options

3. Only admin can add members, so can i disable all other members to add new members

4. Can i intergrate ccavenue or pay u money payment gateway

our system is opensource so if you are a good programmer than u can change / add / edit / update anythings as you need

Good day,

Can this software work like

Thank you

pls read details functionality…

Hello, please am still confuse about how this script works. i actually wants a website where people would be able to register and would have to make an inistal amount to the administrator through offline payment method (bank transfer) and they confirm the payment with the payment ID. once they make the payment they would be automatic be upgraded to get their refeer link to invite new user and while they got commision on every payment the user they invite initiated also they would be able to request withdraw at an inistal balance through offline payment method also.

bothd are different, but we can developed as you say for additional charges, pls contact us: or add us on skype: RIFAT636

what happened is that i would like to add additional payment method as paypal don’t works for us in our region. i don’t know if you can add offline payment method like bank transfer or bitcoins (only blockchain works for us) or can i add credit card payment method like or or please check… i would appreciate to buy this script if you could help me with any of the payments method. thanks

we can do those for additional charges..

Hi bro rifat, i allready sent you email and message on skype. please take a look. thanks

we replied..

dear friend, i follow with the instruction how to install, I changed the url based, and database credential but still appear the error with the following message:

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function mysql_connect() in C:\Users\Rattanak\Dropbox\htdocs\csi\demo\function.php:24 Stack trace: #0 C:\Users\Rattanak\Dropbox\htdocs\csi\demo\include-header.php(3): connectdb() #1 C:\Users\Rattanak\Dropbox\htdocs\csi\demo\index.php(3): include(‘C:\\Users\\Rattan…’) #2 {main} thrown in C:\Users\Rattanak\Dropbox\htdocs\csi\demo\function.php on line 24

pls try to install on server / host / cpanel

do you have a wordpress woocomemrce version yet?

wouldn’t be that hard to take your php code and create the mlm. i’ll buy it next week and convert it . to woocommerce/ wordpress

Are user get Referral Commission and Binary Commission on joining ??

can i change the code to suit our needs? ty

yes u can.. my extended version and do as u need


I have a few questions before buying your plugin.

I have a structure wwhere one member get 3 referal as his downline and each of his three referals also have their own 3. But once a member is paid by 3 referals, he has to register again to be paid by another set of 3 downlines. Can your plugin work with this structure?

And also is the system designed to automatically assign referals (downlines) to a member?

And can a member who doesn’t make payment be deactivated from the system at a given time so the upline is assigned another referal?


we can do it for additional charges, its different then we have,, pls mail: with ur requirements

hi i dont see how to add new members or how to refer new members into this system. can you tell me how?

pls read details and check demo

i have read the details and check the demo. that is why i ask you here. i want to purchase it so i would like to ask 1st to confirm.

can registered member manually register their clients? or as in the system, new clients have to open an account and manually enter their refferers?

any1 can registrared from signup page..

I am a developer. A client wants me to find out about MLM script. I need to know If your script can do the below:

1.) 2×1 Matrix

2.) Packages of 5k 10k 20k 50k 100k – Provide Help (PH) to someone with any of the above stated amount and Get Help (GH) of 100% the amount you invested in 21 days.

3.) GH receiver should be able to report a fake POP (Proof of Payment) to admin

4.) The person paired to PH to another person should be able to say I can’t pay and he gets deleted or blocked

5.) When your PH time of 12 hours elapse you get blocked

6.) Pairing or merging should be automatic and or done by admin

7.) The system should be designed that after creating an account, you have to login to choose a package to be able to Provide Help (PH).

8.) If a participant receives payment, there should be a “recycle timer” (like 12 hours for the person to reinvest/re-provide help of hE ll be deactivated

9.) If a participant creates an account and does not join a package, there should be a timer too 12 hr for him to do so or the account will be automatically or manually deactived

10.) Also looking if the person that Provided Help (PH ) is not confirmed within an hour after the beneficiary has Received Help, he can report the person he has paid.

11.) How does Admin pair members to members

12.) How does members provide proof of payment to admin incase of dispute?

13.) How does admin update the member who has just paid?

14.) Can one have several scenerios you have so we can study it to create our own scenerio?

15.) Is it possible to integrate local payment gateway?

If it can be customised how much are we looking at and how soon cant it be ready?

Hi Please let me know the working, I could not understand how your Mlm is working, please guide me.

1. i added a affiliate 2. below a i added b & c . so a should be paid. but still it is showing 0 earnings. 3. after adding referal it is showing the 1 referral but still it is showing 0 earnings.

please let me the procedure

it is going to be a month but i couldn’t start using it

pls read details, check demo. all are working


oldowan Purchased

tried installing the script, followed instructions. went to the url and got a fatal error. tried to contact authors several times. no response.

hi, please send an email to

with cPanel access, we will solve the issue and install for you

where are the plan configuration? where are the cash fund options? it is almost imposible to login using the frontend, please place both buttons LOGIN and REGISTER in the menu. It is very difficult to select it as a sub menu

where are the plan configuration? where are the cash fund options?

pls check demo admin panel, we set all options normaly needs for an MLM business. if you dont found any option you need then we can developed it for additional charges

add funds using cash is not available…

its readymade system, if u need customized solution then pls mail us


timik Purchased

Hello IdealBrothers….i have installed following your instructions but it seems there’s no css file to display the site like your demo…I have sent a mail to you and still no response after 24 hours…


timik Purchased

not true or do you want me to post my site address for everyone to see your errors? and judge if am saying the truth?


timik Purchased

Why can’t images be uploaded to other pages aside from index page? have my site details…confirm all these and more for yourself..

envato have an facility named “contact author via mail” did u know that. we always tell our clients to mail us and we answer there mail within 48 hours. but u r the president of nigeria, u dont have time forthat ? without asking anythings u come here for blame us, make an bad reviews. then u come to main point that u need help ? if u ask me this way as normal people ask, we must help u? but u dont do this? u need everythings instant? u think everyone is like nigerian, anytime spam with u ? change ur believe 1st then mail us and then wait untill we answer.. NO MORE FIGHT HERE ?? as i see u r here for flood in comments box, its just non sense activity as u r doing… just wasting time of both

Does your script allow spillover?how deep is the matrix level? can I add a payment gateway on my own?

its 1:1 binary not matrix, its open source u can add payment gateway or anythings if u have coding knowledge