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Can it be integrate into tinymce editor?

not tried yet, but i am working on integration with tinyMCE and Ckeditor. But i cant give a definite date for now!

integration with tinyMCE and Ckeditor completed. Available in current version now.

Interesting and useful If there ckeditor integration is excellent.

yes. i will try to integrate.

integration with tinyMCE and Ckeditor completed. Available in current version now.

Is better than the “Insert Media from Existing Files” as realtime updates to files that are uploaded to the realtime can be seen.

I also would ask for integration into TinyMCE

integration with tinyMCE and Ckeditor completed. Available in current version now.

Great work, exactly what we need as a starting place.

We will be using this in the near future for our media library. We will be making a lot of customisations, though.

Is it possible to hire you to make some of these customisations?

We need things such as Folders, Categories, Tags, Image Resizing (maybe), Thumbnail support (maybe), and maybe others.



Oh yes, and importantly, SEARCH!!

I will implement search and resizing in next version in near future but i dont work on hiring basis and also cant promise all the features in next version.

Demo is not working?

working now

Make a module for wordpress – to create is a current directory folder via ftp and wordpress panel, and you’ll be a hero!

Just Purchased this plugin mLIB – PHP & jQuery based media upload library (6d1ed0bc-89d2-45a3-8c09-b1163cfab809 )

How to install?

extract the contents(unzip) and there will be a directory(folder) named “documentation” with installation and usage instructions.


When integraded with CKeditor, is there any way to have the full url of the uploaded images inside the html code? In my site I’ve a newsletter which needs the full url to display the images in the emails.

Thank you

Please read documentation you will get all answer.


I recently purchased the mlib and i would like to know if there is an easy to insert the url path of the uploaded image and its thumbnail to my database?

I am using php & mysql.

Thank you for your time.

Please read live demo Example 7 – How to create,edit or delete return types and read documentation

hye,how can i upload a video file?

you can. You have to edit configuration and allow video file formats, and increase file size limit, its similar to how you upload photos


I’m trying to use it with ckeditor and still I’m unable to see the button on it. Some questions:

  • The file mlib-config.php must be only in root directore? eg I’ve uploaded/renamed the scripts folder to
  • I’ve modified init.js and CKEDITOR.editorConfig
  • I’ve included and tested the urls for js files
  • I’ve added <script>editor = CKEDITOR.replace(‘bodytext’);</script>
  • This line needs any modification? define(‘MLIBPATH’, dirname(FILE) . ’/’);

So, what can be wrong and the button does not works? Comparing with you demo only the + icon appears but not the text Insert Media. Clicking the icon nothing happesn.

you can read documentation carefully and follow the step.

Seems that you’ve a great idea about your “professional” documentation? In anycase I spent lot of time (and money to hire a professional) and finally the problem was because your script needs external connection to create Thumbs. Really why your professional documentation does not mentions it? Also don’t you know that for extrernal content you need to state it clearly in the description here?

As for the quality of the support, replying 15 days after the question, is just for laught. I rated you 1 star just because 0 star rating is not possible. And if you’re wondering why, after 10 months, you’ve just 21 sales, that’s the reason. SUPPORT.

its ok sorry for delay.i was little bit busy & thanks to give me precious rating.

The project does not work. Demo different.

i have check this plugin and its work fine.

Congratulations! Good luck with your sales

Demo is not working. Give support if i buy today?

Demo is broken. Please fix it, or remove the script. Very anoying.