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How do you display the content from the regions?

You can use wordpress shorttags [ml_region id=”some_identidier_from_admin”]

wordpress do_shortcode function <?php echo do_shortcode(“[ml_region id=some_identidier_from_admin]”); ?>

or custom php function <?php ml_region(‘some_identidier_from_admin’); ?>

Please read the documentation inside of the plugin folder for details.

I would recommend adding these details to the faq section or the description. It’s good the basics of how it works before buying.

Yeah a demo would be nice.

I added a demo website. You can find the URL and admin user data in description field.

First of all… this is a great script! I find it very useful and I haven’t run across anything like it before. Adding a plugin to allow shortcode in widgets allows this to be used in widget areas.

In a future version it would be cool to include an icon in the post/page wysiwyg editor to allow easy insertion of the shortcode. Gravityforms does this for example.

Overall, great! Thanks!


Thanks for your purchase. I’m glad you like the plugin. A new version 1.1 is released with all the features you have mentioned, and one extra.

I hope you like it even more now :)

You can try the demo on the same demo URL (check the plugin description if you’ve forgot it)

Would it be possible to rename the title of this in the admin area? Also, could it be moved to it’s own location, so a user with limited permissions (ie contributor, subscriber) could see just this option? I’d like to set this up for a few clients, but want to make it just a little bit easier for them. Thanks and nice plugin!


It’s very easy to achieve what you need. Nothing has to be moved. Only two minor things (change the name and user permission) should be changed in the plugin core file.

This is a non standard customization, so please drop me an e-mail on if you want me to send you the precise customization instructions. Thanks.

Nice plugin it works very well just a couple of things:

1. When entering the name for the region if I insert a space it would be good if it replaces the space with an underscore automatically to safe guard it.

2. When pressing the button on the editor to insert the region, rather than having to type in the region name it would be good if we could choose from a list incase we miss type the region name.

3. For some reason I can’t get the button on the page editor to be visible. When I uploaded the plugin I put it in a folder called regions and only uploaded the php file, the images folder and the js file.


First, thanks for your purchase!

1., 2. I’ll do my best to release a new plugin version with mentioned features. Thanks on the suggestions.

3. Make sure the plugin folder name is “ml-regions”, not “regions”. Hope this helps. For now, I haven’t found another couse of the problem.

Thanks it will make the plugin even better. I saw you had coded the path to the file so I changed the folder name as you said thanks and the button is working fine. Might be worth mentioning that in the read me file just in case.

I’m trying to place an image inside of the editor (in HTML view) and when the code gets inserted into the page the quotation marks are escaped.

When I edit and save it looks like this:

<img src="/wp-content/themes/whiteboard/images/image.png" alt="Avvo Rating 10" />

but then ends up in the page markup looking like this:

<img src=\"/wp-content/themes/whiteboard/images/image.png\" alt=\"Avvo Rating 10\" />


Thanks for the purchase and for the bug report.

Updated version is already sent for review.

In the meantime you can do the following:

1. Go to the ml-regions plugin folder and open the ml-regions.php file in a text / code editor.

2. Find the line number 147 and change it to look like this: return stripslashes($wpdb->prepare…..meta_value);

3. Do the same on line 159

Basicly all you have to do is to add the stripslashes function.

Hope this helps. If you will have any dificulties please send me an email and I’ll help you with it.

Thanks, it’s working now with the addition of stripslashes(); I figured that was the case but wanted to ask first before I perused the code.

AWESOME WORK ! more liberating than I’d imagined. Saving me tons of time :)

keep it up!

Awesome plugin but there is one flaw that I would like to see fixed.

There are no <p /> tags added to content, so if you add multiple paragraphs you end up with a wall of text.

What can there be done to fix this?


this happens because of the wordpress default WYSIWYG editor. Very poor editor if you ask me. You can try to add paragraph tags manually or even better solution, put some better WYSIWYG editor. Like TinyMCE or CKeditor. It’s much better solution.

I think there should be some plugin available for this.

This plugin seems to break the rich text editor on WordPress 3+ Can you please release an update for us?

I want to be able to place formulae inside a region, but the shortcode is not interpreted properly.

I’m using QuickLaTeX

Below is a link to a page I created to test it:

The page has the shortcode for the region [ml_region id=”rwtest-1”]—but only the forumula code shows. It is not interpreted by the QuickLaTeX plugin.

Beneath the ml-regions shortcode is the same QuickLaTeX code and it works okay.

I expect it’s my error, but what?

The plan is to have many questions and answers, but only one public URL , so that the user only has to to change the shortcode to display a different question.


whether this problem exists only in combination with QuickLaTeX or on any other page? As I see [ml_region id=”rwtest-1”] is displayed on the page. Which should not be the case if the plugin is activated. Can you tell me which wordpress version are you using? Thank you

I’m sorry, the plugin was inadvertently disabled. It’s activated now.

There is a similar page, using a similar plugin to yours, that allows the formula code to be interpreted correctly, except it has the social media icons from the “Social Essentials” plugin showing a second time along with its shortcode



I really don´t understand the use of this plug in, but I need to know if it this could work in a project that I´m creating. My customer needs a website for 3 countries with 3 differents sites, definined with sub-domains. So I need I main page where it will be display a menu to choose the country.

Here I send you a example: The option to choose a country is what I need. Thank you in advance! Regards,



ML regions plugin will not be helpful for what you need. But as I see, dropdown menu for choosing country is already available on each subdomain and it is working (Otros, Mexico, Brasil…).