MK Store Locator - Geolocation and style maps for Joomla

MK Store Locator - Geolocation and style maps for Joomla

MK Store Locator – Maps and Geolocation

Display your Joomla! contacts on Google maps.

Try the demo page

The MK Store Locator works with your Joomla contacts, simply configure it with lot of parameters and choose amongshow all, filter by and Geolocation options.

Current version 2.0

Create Google maps modules on Joomla! has never been so easy!
Choose your style, create amazin coloured maps!

You can set a default marker simply dragging it on the live map on your panel administration.

How does it works?

Simply add latitude and longitude to your contacts in contact details or use the included plugin to drag and drop marker directly on map.


  • Joomla! 3.x compatible!
  • It works with the default Joomla contacts component
  • Drag and drop your markers
  • Clustering for markers
  • Filter contacts by city, nation, postalcode or custom field.
  • Dinamic search
  • Geolocation: your visitors can be geolocated, only nearest contacts will be displayed on map.
  • Fully responsive
  • Works with mobile devices
  • Animated markers
  • Contact photo inside info window’s marker
  • Easy configuration thanks to the MK admin panel


* added API key field
* added dynamic search field
* 1000 icon markers included
* general code improvement
* First release