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Very interesting solution (until Joomla will offer a more modern media-manager ;) ). Bookmarked!!

Some suggestions & questions:  
  1. Would be nice to have CUSTOM suffixes i.e. original_mysuffix.jpg
  2. Option to APPEND a suffix. Or PREPEND as a prefix i.e. myprefix_original.jpg
  3. Conversion: Are all images converted to JPG? Would be nice to have an option to keep the ORIGINAL file-format. incl. PNG with transparency.
  4. Resize: Do you offer different resize methods? OR just crop?
Thanks for listening.

Hello and thank you for this message.

1.2. Yes I am already working on this new options, suffix prepend or append with custom choice.

3. Images already keep their format, So jpg to jpg, gif to gif, png to png with transparency

4. You can choose from module options the size for small and large thumnnails. Original can be kep unmodified. Images will be not cropped, aspect ratio is used.

in version 1.1 is now available custom suffix with append or prepend options ;)

Hi, I m intersting about your extension.

I want to ask if i can choose a subfolder or only main folders.

e.g i want to save 10 images to my gallery. the path is images/gallery/cars/ and then to images/gallery/animals/

can i choose path with subfolders before the upload?


Hello. Yes it is possible althought not in version 1.1. With the latest version 1.2 you will be able to choose between subdirectories. Contact me if you need more information about

Hi again, v1.2 has been sent to approval and will be available in next 24h. Have a good day!

When is version 1.4 ready?

it is already v1.4, sorry there is a mistake in the description. You will download a package with 2 zip files. One for the administrato module and 1 for the new plugin that let you upload images directly from the article (administrator side, into the create/edit article form)

Plugin question: You already added a screenshot of the backend integration on your product page/homepage. Since core article images support frontend submission, is it possible to get your dropzone-upload in frontend, too?

Not in timeline actually :)

Too bad. However, is it technically possible?


Module is not working after joomla 3.6 update. Could you please check it. There is not any error message only not creating images.

Hello, thx for your message. The problem has been fixed, please send me an email at help@mapkcode.com and i will send you the fix. In next days this will be also available here on codecanyon.


I sent it. Thank you

Hello dears this can be possible existing image optimization?

Hello! No, you need to upload again all images. But if you use other extensions like MK PhotoSwipe there is a built-in resizing/caching system.

But for your articles and existing links to current images you will need to upload them again.

Cheers, Mark