MK Dropzone - Upload and Resize images for Joomla! Improve Joomla performance

MK Dropzone - Upload and Resize images for Joomla! Improve Joomla performance

MK Dropzone – The one that resizes your Joomla! images

How to automatically resize Joomla articles images?

Now you can improve joomla performance and speed using scaled Joomla photo and images. Resize on the fly when you upload images, crop them to square when you need it.

Boost your Joomla performance with image optimization. Reduce the images’ weight to improve page loading.

Tired to use photo editing softwares to resize your images and upload them into your Joomla folders? Now it’s gone, finally you can upload multiple photos in Joomla simply dragging them into the dropzone area and it will automatically save them into the destination folder in 4 differents output: intro image (thumbnail or small), medium size, large/full image (for article view) and the original one.
Notice that this is an administrator module that will be displayed in your control panel. With the new v1.4 a plugin is available to upload images directly from the article form!

Drag and drop to upload images on Joomla! has never been so easy!

Current version 1.5

You can set the MK Dropzone parameters to choose your default values the full and intro images, while the original will be just uploaded just like it is.
Moreover, you can set the compression value for JPEG images. PNG will keep their trasparency! GIF format is also supported.

With MK Dropzone you can drastically reduce the loading time of your pages. Resizing images save lot of bandwidth and your site will be loaded faster. Look below, a photo.jpg image bigger than 16M has been uploaded and resized as photo_l.jpg (large), photo_m.jpg (medium) and photo_s.jpg (small). All three photos together are less than 104Kb !!! Cool yeah?

MK Dropzone Features

  • Joomla! 3.x compatible!
  • Use MK Dropzone directly into your main administration control panel
  • Drag and drop images
  • Set max width value for small, medium and large size images
  • NEW: photo will be resized on their longer side, so now you can manage portrait and landscape photos.
  • NEW: on the fly you can choose cut to square, photo will be cutted starting from center.
  • Set compression value for JPEG images
  • NEW: choose custom suffix to append or prepend to resized images
  • NEW: change width and quality on the fly directly from the dropzone area
  • Image format will not be changed: jpg to jpg, gif to gif, png to png
  • PNG transparency allowed
  • Choose folder destination and output type (full, medium, intro, original)

Powered by:

  1. DropzoneJS
  2. SimpleImage.php

All .js and .php libraries/classes are distributed under MIT or GNU GPL license


* new improved graphic interface
* fixed a bug not allowing manager and administrator to use the dropzone
* fixed a bug not allowing .jpeg file extension
* added a string at the bottom of the dropzone panel showing the max upload size set in php.ini
* fixed compatibility problem with Joomla 3.6 version
* added medium size
* renamed sizes into small, medium and large
* added cut to square option
* Fixed warning message on subfolders 
* General code improvement
* Added subfolders into dropdown menu
* Added custom suffix
* Added prepend/append option param
* Added custom options under the dropzone
* Fixed security bug
* Improved security