MK Cookie - EU Privacy Policy Alert for Joomla

MK Cookie - EU Privacy Policy Alert for Joomla

Current version 1.0

MK Cookie for Joomla is a module that provides informations to website visitors. You can use it for Policy Cookie, EU Cookie for example, or simply give a one-time advertising to your users when they visit specific pages. This module uses cookies to store information on client side, you decide the duration for the cookie. Furthermore, MK Cookie comes with a built-in modal style fully customizable in color, effects and more!
New option: auto accept policy by scroll window event, you can also set the offset to trigger the event.

Extended Feature list:

  • Joomla! 3.2+ compatible
  • Basic style display a more discret message on bottom or top of window
  • Modal design to show a message box (if you want be sure people don’t miss it!)
  • Fully customizable with Joomla fields and build-in color picker:
    • Choose a color for box message
    • Choose a color for text message
    • Choose a name for the cookie
    • Choose cookie’s duration
    • Choose a menu item where to linke (for example for policy privacy page)
  • Modal design
    • Choose a color for the overlay
    • Choose an opacity value of the overlay
    • Choose a modal effect (10 different styles)
  • Multiple cookies can be setted!

CSS files

MK Cookie for Joomla comes with some css parameters to provide easy customization. We encourage you to find your desired configuration using the multiple options inside the module. If you need further customization you can use the mk-cookie.css stylesheet. It is located inside:


Javascript and jQuery

MK Cookie for Joomla let you choose if include or not jQuery library, from Google CDN, inside your Joomla website when module is loaded. Usually you should keep this option turned off because all latest versions of the CMS already include the library. This module uses javascript to set cookie and PHP to check if cookie is already setted.

List of provided files

Here you find a list of files as they will be installed in your Joomla website.



We work hard to make our extensions so we hope you will not need our support. But in case here we are! Please read the support information about this item and contact us by email.