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Will the plugin work with BuddyPress Group?

So each group can have a different widgets?


Dear themall,

I’m sorry but that is not possible currently.

BuddyPress support will be added in the next version, within 1 week.

Best Regards, Ayse Dulici

looks awesome,

will you keep it updated for future wordpress versions? i am terrified about buying yet another plugin where author goes awol or doesn’t update when new versions are out…

good luck with sales, bookmarked for now.

Dear pleiadene,

Yes, we always keep updated our software. We’re playing since 2007 in the CMS world (Joomla, WordPress) with success.

We’ve not encountered any problem with cache plugins.

Best Regards, Ayse Dulici

is it possible to define more than 1 condition? example, only on tuesdays on mobile phones only in thailand

Dear pleiadene,

Yes, definitely.

Best Regards, Ayse Dulici

hi, is possible to manage also the hours for each day?

Dear marcomich,

Yes, that is possible. You should select the same date but different time in the “from” and “to” fields.

Best Regards, Ayse Dulici

sorry, i have not understand. in the “date&time” visibility filter i can set only one range of date.

I need to organize a radio station palimpsest, with some widget with a picture of the show on air. I need to set for every show a beginning and an end hour. For example: Show1 mon-tu-th… from 9 to 12/ Show2 mon-tu-th… from 12 to 14… etc…

In the “Days” visibility filter i can set only the day of the week, but not the hour range. Is possible to add this feature?

Dear marcomich,

Can you please open a ticket on our site so that our staff could assist you further on this request? https://miwisoft.com/support/tickets

Best Regards, Ayse Dulici

Hey, Great plugin!!!

Love it!


I purchased MiwoWidgets – Advanced Widget Manager and my downloads says Download not available Item removed by either staff or the author

What happend because it seems to still be available?


Just wanted to post back that this plugin is awesome if anyone is checking. It is far more robust with visibility options than any other I’ve searched for.

Definitely 5 Stars!

This works with WooCommerce Taxonomies and Products ?

Yes, it works fine.

Can I hide widgets based on role? (I want certain roles to be able to login to wp site and only be able to edit their role’s widget)

Yes, you can hide widgets based on role.

Best Regards, Ayse Dulici

Hi MiwiSoft.

Can you provide me an example of using conditional php in MiwoWidgets? I looked in the docs and don’t see anything on it, but I’m sure it is the less used feature, but I’m not sure how to structure the code in the php block.

I want to run a widget under the conditional…

if (in_array($layout_style, array('full-width-left', 'full-width-right'))) {}

I want the widget to only render if my theme layout is full-width-left’ or ‘full-width-right

Hi, A pre-sale question. How this plugin helps me to prevent product attribute in a sidebar to be shown in another sidebar. Lets suppose i have men and women watches in watches cats and i have ONLY men watches also in gift cat but when i set the watches to show on gift cats (sidebar) then the women attribute from watches cat also show in the side bar where i only need the men watches in gift sidebar.

And lots of this type of problems where woocommerce pick the attribute and shows in the side bar where we do not need that attribute to be shown in that side bar. Is it possible to set the attribute to show only in specific sidebar through your plugin. Hope you understand what the problem is. Thanks

Is it possible with this plugin to make the body of a page a widget? I have a widget in the sidebar that shows top posts, but i would like that expanded to an entire page, is this possible and is it buddypress compatible?

Hi, i have a question about features of plugin with woocommerce. It’s possible filter by author or by publishing company only the 10 names with most publishing on site?

Hi Guys,

Please response to the Ticket No : CC-732RU67A29



i have purchased Pro Version, while setting plugin it asks for Buy Pro Version

Please let me know how can i download the correct version.


I tried to login to your site, but it says: Warning: Your account requires approval before you can login.

Hello, I am interested in buying this plugin, but will it work with my latest version of wordpress? 4.7.1 ? I downloaded the free version of this plugin and the IPS do not work. thanks.