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Your demo not working on galaxy Note 7000

pl. send/DM error log

Im not sure how the real coding will work, if the demo is not loading properly. will send you soon.

pl. DM error log

Demo not working on samS3 and S4

pl. send error log

Do i have to reskin the templates of mirrors or jist change the icone?

just change the icons but name should be same of icons files

It perfectly loads on Samsung galaxy tab 2 but not in Galaxy Note N 7000 Please rectify it as it opens on all devices.

Pl. send DM of error log. It is not possible to check otherwise

Hi Nice app, The app is working good withe HTC ONE but it crashes withe Samsung note 3 any suggestion what to do or is their any thing need to be fixed in your part ? Thanks.

pl. send us the error log

Can you take pictures and share on social networks? Also are the frames editable?

For modifications in software pl. send Direct Message